Impacts of Using Dojo Monsters in videos to Teach Growth Mindset by ClassDojo

ClassDojo is set at improving the education sector innovatively. During its launch, the founders weren’t so sure where it would reach, but it has surpassed their thinking, and they are on a better trend. Currently, since it has been accepted by various schools around the globe, it is extending its services to a wider market. ClassDojo is on a mission to change the mindset of the children through the use of video monsters.


ClassDojo has made communication among the parents and the teachers much easier and informative by its application. Parents can track the activities that their students are doing at schools making the app a tool that is growing the education sector in making secure means by which the parents can obtain certain information. It is creating a class to be a close-knit community through the use of photos and video and messages.


Teachers are supposed to take pictures and also snap videos about given activities at school, and then post them to the app where the parents will download them and receive the necessary information that they need. It also eases the process of trying to know how they will train their children when they are at home.


ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don to improve communication in the education sector. They are currently facing competition from various Ed- Tech companies, but their innovative has superseded the competitive products that are in the market. ClassDojo is working closely with educators, and most of the staffs are drawn from fields of technology and education. Such a combination is the best to offer the right products to the market where each and every individual feels appreciated and work positively.


Children at classrooms are supposed to think positively and have the right attitude towards learning. ClassDojo in conjunction with Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) by Stanford Institution is in the process of researching the best ways of inputting videos and at the same time teach kids about a positive mindset.


Every activity starts from the mind. When the right attitude and thinking is instilled in the students, they are motivated towards achieving the best in life as compared to when they are discouraged and feel that they are not worthy anymore. Class Dojo using the ideas that they have received from educators will use the mindset growth videos to prove that intelligence and the capabilities of students can be improved if the right words and actions are said over and over again.


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Midas Legacy Wants to Protect Your Investments

The Midas Legacy is an investment advisory company operating in Florida. The Midas Legacy website targets individuals seeking early retirement among other investor types trying to protect their nest eggs in a volatile and changing market. Education is a necessary ingredient of making money, anywhere, at your job, or investing and saving for the future. Knowledge is power and those without a financial interest, or general knowledge of investing practices and possibilities can not fully succeed. The Midas Legacy offers help by presenting information, and the company even offers a free textbook to improve a subscriber’s chances in the financial world. The name of The Midas Legacy seems fanciful but consider another investment advisory firm, The Motley Fool, operating out of Virginia that offers investment advice to subscribers and has a reputation for fair dealings and astute financial advice.

It may be worth remembering that Midas’ touch, which turned everything to gold was, in fact, a curse that was proved when he touched his beloved daughter turning her into a golden statuette.

Investors need all the help they can get especially in a market that may be headed for further collapse. Investment gurus like George Soros are moving out of American stocks and toward the most stable of all investment vehicles, gold. Others are suggesting betting against the upward rise of the market in anticipation of a fall or decline. This type of investing, shorting a market, is dangerous because the general direction for any market follows the direction of the economy. All markets should rise. All investments should increase in value over time but in times of economic upheavals, no one can know in which direction the market will go. Many investors are concerned about losing value for their investments and investment advisory companies like The Midas Legacy will serve a valuable purpose, especially if the market falters.

While it is not the time to build a bunker house in Idaho, it is definitely time to analyze your portfolio and examine it; taking special care to note how individual investments have fared in the past under extreme duress. The lessons of the economic crisis of 2007-2008 should have been learned, but harsh financial memories are short lived and sweet dreams of success, usually, prevail.

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The Manse on Marsh Is The Best Place For People To Get Senior Care

There are a lot of options for senior care when people need to help their elderly loved ones, and they need to start coming to The Manse on Marsh to see what the facility can offer. The facility is a great place for people to come when they are trying to get the best senior care, and the family can come visit to see how good it is. It is something that the people in the family need to see for themselves, and it is something that all the people in facility can demonstrate as the family visits.

The family will see that there is a great security team, and they will also learn that the people who work there are committed to senior care. The seniors get their own rooms, and then they will learn about all the things they can do when they come to live there. There is a big activity schedule, and the schedule also helps people make sure that they are going to have the things they prefer to do over things they are forced to do. Every senior in the facility will be able to stay active because of the way that The Manse on Marsh is run.

The medical staff is there to make sure that all the seniors are given a chance to have their medical needs met, and any special medical need is dealt with right away. It is something that all families can feel comfortable with, and they will learn that they can change their fortunes so that a senior does not have to live at home anymore. The family can come to visit at any time, and they will be welcomed just like their loved ones. The Manse on Marsh is a great place for people to house their elderly loved ones in safety and comfort.  They continue to win awards, and their Yelp reviews are second to none.

ClassDojo Connects Parents to Their Child’s Classroom

ClassDojo’s recent fundraising venture broke $20 million, and the innovative educational technology company already has big plans for the investments. ClassDojo leads the pack in educational technology and their communications platform is the first free, comprehensive, accessible tool for collaboration between parents, students, and teachers.

ClassDojo founders aim to put ClassDojo in the hands of every parent, teacher, and child who wants it, and to this end they’ve promised that the program will always remain free to teachers. In the future, it’s possible that micro-transactions will be permitted, allowing parents to make quick, online purchases for lunches or field trips, without having to send cash with a child.

The program is focused on empowering and engaging parents, especially those who have been difficult to engage previously. The app can translate messages into 40 different languages to assist in communities where English is not the first language and since much of the content is visual in nature, non-native speakers can still enjoy and share in their child’s learning experience.

Teachers can share daily activities on a common area in the app called the “Classroom Story.” On this page, parents can check in to see text, pictures, or video of recent classroom activities or announcements. The idea is that this will create a sense of community between parents, students, and teachers, but will also foster at-home conversations about education and learning as well.

Giving parents regular (even daily, or more) glimpses into their child’s education can stop serious problems early on and help avoid surprises at progress report time. Teachers can easily post homework assignments for parents to see and can even directly (and privately) message parents with concerns or accolades.

Beyond that, the “Classroom Story” gives parents a starting off point to discussing a child’s day and talking about new lessons learned to reinforce educational material. Teachers report a significant increase in parental engagement when using the program, and because it makes communication so convenient, it creates a far stronger connection between the teacher and the learner’s family.

Class Dojo is already used in two out of three schools in the US, and over 180 countries worldwide.


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Thor Havlorssen Uses His Voice to Help Others

Thor Halvorssen is a man that lives on a vampire schedule. From the late night emails to Wickr messages, it is clear that he is not the average man. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation. This 39 year old man launched the HRF in 2005 and has since watched it grow exponentially. He is part Venezuelan and part Norwegian and was raised in Caracas. He speaks American English and is the descendant of many head of state people. His grandfather was the consul of the Norwegian king during World War 2 and his mother is related to Venezuela’s first president. He is also related to “The Liberator,” a military leader who fought for Latin America’s freedom from Spain.

Thor feels that human rights should not be a concern for people. He feels that individual liberty should never be a topic of discussion. He has exposed government corruption during his career as a drug czar for Venezuela. Unfortunately, a Caracas prison tortured his father and his mother was shot during a anti-Chavez demonstration. Thor does not waste his time, he loves people and wants to help humanity.

According to, the people who Thor loves the most are the people who despise authorities. Thor decided to have Vaclav Havel work as the chairman of HRF until his death in 2011. After his death, he was replaced with Garry Kasparov, a Russian chess master and extreme political activist. In 2012, Mr. Kasparove was violently punched by Russian police and was sentenced to two years of prison time for singing a song banned by the government.

Thor Halvorssen has seen so much pain and trauma in his life but he continues to push on. He continues to help people and voice his opinion on what is right and wrong. He will never give up on using his voice to express his concerns and reach for his dreams.


Mary Perello Named President of Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

Mary Pirrello,Senor Vice President of Warehouse Lending at NextBank recently was appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association. The terms she will serve is for 2016-2017. She has 20 years of banking experience and has held a variety of different jobs in the banking industry. At NextBank she manages business development and relationships with the national warehouse division.

Since 2007,she has been an active board member for TMBA. She served on the MBA Political Action Committee. Ms.Pirrello was named Future Leader and received the James Wooten Scholarship Award in 2010.The TMBA since 1917 has preserved and enhanced the mortgage banking industry in Texas.

NexBank’s Mary Pirrello Appointed President of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

NextBank delivers a numbers of superior services to corporations,real estate investors, middle market companies, small businesses, and banks. They provide services in banking, mortgage, investment, and corporate advisory services. NextBank works closely with clients to provide them with best financing for their needs. They have a wide range of services designed to help customers find the best solutions to their needs.

Warehouse Lending provides clients with ways to get additional capital and funding for new lines and projects. They specialize in same day funding,shipping and wire settlements. NextBank has advisory services that smooth the transition of mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring.

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The Beauty Product for Everything: Shea Butter

Shea butter derives from the fat of a nut which comes from the African shea tree. Most people use it for its moisturizing benefits, because it is rich in vitamins A and E. Some people even use it for cooking. Its many forms include lotions, body butters, lip balms, hair masks, conditioners, and various types of salves. It is mainly used to treat skin related conditions such as inflammation, wrinkles, eczema, dermatitis, dry scalps, and stretch marks. That being said, it is no secret why shea butter has burst onto the beauty scene – it can be used for almost anything beauty related! Just about anybody can find shea butter, because almost every well-known beauty brand carries some form of it.

One woman who knew about the many uses for shea butter was Eugenia Akuete whose daughter would later name her business EuGenia Shea. Shea butter in its rawest form is most beneficial, and this company sells it at a whopping 95% raw shea. The other 5% are other natural oils such as baobab oil, moringa oil, and other fruit or plant oils. EuGenia Shea has been featured in well-known media such as the New York Times Style Magazine, MSNBC, and the Huffington Post.

Another great aspect of this company is their philanthropic spirit. 15% of their proceeds go back to their female workers in Ghana, Africa in the form of an education fund. They even partner with other companies who give back to the community such as the True Moringa company who have planted trees in the Ghana area and have increased farmers’ incomes by a factor of 10. The company name Eu-Genia means the origin of goodness in Greek, and anyone who takes a glance at this company can see that they stay true to their name.

For Great Finance & Economics Data Get VTA Publications

Growing up, most people find an interest that they can devote a career to, or at least an occupation they can stand. Of course, if you choose a great and very challenging goal, you will be peppered with negative comments from all the detractors around you. Most people give up on their dreams after only a little teasing, much less serious critiques. So, most people wonder what would have happened, if they had taken that promotion and moved to the big city? What would have occurred had they gotten serious about their art or profession, they wonder.

And thus, most people never even attempt to fulfill their early dreams. But, it is those that ignore the naysayers and commit to their goals, no matter what, that are actually able to achieve them. All that is required is a cogent plan and the will and hard work to make it into a reality in your life. The following are some general plan elements of all successful projects.

Stay in a positive mind set. Immerse yourself in positivity and in interactions with positive people. Of course, for you to succeed at the thing you love, in America at least, requires you to make money. This is where your own business comes into play. You can find ideas online and incorporate them into your overall plan for your business. Identify good locations to conduct business and in which market segments. This also requires some knowledge of general business administration, so you might need to take a few classes. There you will learn how to manage cash flow, avoid risky business, reduce business liabilities, and save as much of your profits as possible. One key item: Get an honest, hard working accountant to do the books for your business.

As a specialty publisher, VTA Publications produces learning courses for many skill areas of business, including financial management and basic economics knowledge. VTA, along with Jim Hunt, has been leading the way with information on the leading edge, since 2012. They are experts at identifying experts to fit specific customer needs for services and particular products. Another service they offer is as booking agents for events and seminars.

Andy Wirth and the Question of Winters Without Snow

You are lucky if you live in the beautiful Santa Monica area of California. Santa Monica has great surfing waves, wide clean beaches, and a robust, thriving beach environment which attracts tourists from around the world throughout the calendar year.

Santa Monica also has KCRW public radio to entertain and inform its residents and guests. Santa Monica College is the home to the radio channel and Madeleine Brand has a talk program called “Press to Play with Madeleine Brand” so-called because if you miss the live broadcast you can listen to it by accessing their website at.

Brand recently interviewed Andy Wirth, the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC. Andy Wirth is an involved, educated, concerned director of operations at an iconic ski resort visited by millions from California and around the world. He might be better described as a CEO and juggler because of the many factions he deals with in his daily work life.

Skiers are there and other resort guests, employees of the resort who must keep the roads open during adverse weather conditions, resort staff to man the ski lifts and create and groom the snow, administrative staff to make sure there is enough hot chocolate and clean beds where needed, ski patrol and avalanche teams. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Then there is a separate contingent, the residents of this idyllic ski area who enjoy the pristine conditions and cozy environment of Squaw Valley and usually are opposed to future growth and development.

Combine this with area businesses and employees who see development as a way of being able to live in this place alongside the rich and famous. Andy Wirth is a busy man, but he seems up to the herculean task of running this iconic ski resort.

Brand was very interested in the climate and specifically the El Nino effect that was producing a drought, which is concerning residents.

Andy Wirth answered Brand’s questions fully and seemed interested and educated in meteorology; he was a backcountry ranger and knew how fires could become more dangerous by being affected by the wind and weather conditions.

But the biggest and most vexing problem was centered on global warming and how it affects the ski industry. National Public Radio (NPR) and its big brother, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a scientifically based information system which for many years has presented hard scientific facts contained within its Nova series. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Wirth answered the question about how the resort is doing with its shorter ski season by saying that by realizing that the snow may not always fall in great profusion, he and the resort have made plans to alter their land use in just such a case.

Andy Wirth, seriously, feels that global warming could eliminate the ski industry. For skiers everywhere the idea of mountains in winter bare of snow is an image that is disconcerting and unsettling.
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The Benefits of Switching to FreedomPop

Of all the mobile carriers in the world, there is one mobile carrier that stands out for being both cheap as well as high quality. This mobile carrier is called FreedomPop and was founded in 2011 by Stephen Stokols. Mr. Stokols created this product to provide people with a top notch mobile service at a cheap price. Mr. Stokols believes that wifi and cellphones should not be a luxury, but should be a right for all people around the world. FreedomPop, within the last five years, has become an international plan that has been the top choice for all of those individuals who are on a budget.

FreedomPop has specifically been targeting parents who have begun adding their child to the family plan. Rather than racking up an expensive phone bill by adding on a new child to an already expensive mobile service, join FreedomPop for the mobile services that are provided for free with only a small signup fee. This mobile carrier has an interesting premise that has decided to offer products that do not ask for payment for the data connection, but instead ask for payment for the data services. The free services that are offered by this company have become famous that include over 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. With many services offered per month, these services are even allowed to roll over to the next month to be used.

This mobile service is unique as it does not rely on cell towers. Instead, FreedomPop relies on wifi hot spots that are found by the millions all over the country. This service is mostly recommended to those who are located in urban areas where wifi is more accessible. To make sure that one will get the best services with FreedomPop, ask a friend or find out how many wifi hot spots are located within the area.

All the products and devices that are offered through FreedomPop are of the highest quality that includes a plethora of phone options, internet, as well as mobile data. If Sprint devices have already been purchased prior to switching to FreedomPop, Sprint devices are now able to be directly brought over to this mobile carrier. With so much to gain and so little to use, FreedomPop has become a fast growing mobile carrier that has become an international company over the past few years of being in business.