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Madison Street Capital Releases Interesting 2015 Hedge Fund Report

Madison Street Capital, one of the top investment banking and financial institutions in Chicago, has recently released a report on 2015 mergers and acquisitions in the hedge fund industry. The overview, as noted on, is the fourth edition of its M&A overview. The report examines 42 different hedge fund ventures that took place during 2015.

Those who do not follow financial news closely might assume the somewhat sluggish economy would bode poorly for the hedge fund industry. In less-than-thrilling economies, it is usually considered wise to avoid any risky or massive deals. The hedge fund industry was a lot more active than expected in 2015. The number of mergers and acquisitions was up 27% over 2014 numbers. That would reflect a significant amount of activity in the industry.

A more-detailed examination of the scenario shows the fourth quarter of 2015 saw the highest amount of activity. So, it is reasonable to assume the number of transactions during the first nine months of 2015 would have been much higher in a more robust economy.

Regardless of how weak the volume of transactions during the first three quarters of 2015 were, the year ended on a very high note. The huge volume of transactions prove this.

The professionals at Madison Street Capital positively do understand the hedge fund industry. Those working for the company are also involved in a number of different tasks including corporate advisory, business valuation, financial opinions, and more. Madison Street Capital is truly and international company as the firm has clients all over the world.

The next hedge fund mergers and acquisitions report should prove very interesting to read. The report is not going to come out for many months, but there is probably some great anticipation for the release. If hedge fund activity remains strong, this could be a possible indicator of positive economic growth to come.

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The Athleisure Revolution

Across the United States there’s a growing tendency of Americans to eat healthy, exercise more, and just get in overall better shape. It’s a trend that’s had an influence on the technology and food industries to be sure, but there’s one other area were fitness is having a profound effect. That area is fashion, and leading its charge is Fabletics.

Workout clothes have been around for a long time, and now the clothes that you’d normally find at the gym have broken into the fashion market with full force. Celebrities have given into the new wave of “Athleisure” (a brilliant convergence of Athletic & Leisure wear), and consumers have followed suit; making it among the fastest growing trends of 2015 and the new year. What separates Athleisure from your run-of-the-mill gym clothes though, are that the products are premium quality, designed by real fashion companies (like Fabletics), and they’re selling like crazy.

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But what caused this huge outbreak into the fashion world? Everyone from Beyonce to the local soccer mom is paying up to dress down, so is really just part of America’s fitness craze? Robbie Myers, editor-in-chief of Elle, recently featured Beyonce in Athleisure attire. “The idea that Americans want to be comfortable no matter what they do certainly, you know, has permeated the culture.” he says. And he’s right. Denim sells have plummeted 5% in the past 3 years, while active wear purchases have rose 5x that rate!

General manager of the El Segundo, Calif.-based Fabletics, Geraldine Martin-Coppola, says that the company has grown an astonishing 200 million dollar enterprise in the last 2.5 years alone. The online based business offers a subscription service for shoppers’ savings, and Fabletics have many customization offers which can be made & shipped at lightning speed.

Fabletics was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, who’s promotion the Athleisure brand has fueled its popularity. While the company is based online, it’s already opened up several stores across the country; with 75 more planned to open in the next 5 years.


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Thor Halvorssen Is The Best Activist For The World Today

Thor Halvorssen runs the Human Rights Foundation to help people around the world who are suffering under tyrants, and he wants to make sure that all oppressed people have a voice. He has opened offices around the world, and he speaks out for people who do not have a voice of their own. There is a lot in the world today that is terribly unfair, and Thor Halvorssen tries to make sure that these people are safe.

He has sent letters to world leaders and met with them about problems in their regions, and he tries to inform people of what is going on in the world around them. He is an expert on what the worst governments in the world are doing to their people, and he is trying to stop the oppression of people who are not able to fight back.

Thor Halvorssen talks about countries from North Korea to Angola that have bad governments, and he is trying to make the world aware of these problems so that people will be able to make a change. He wants people to donate their money to the cause, and he needs more volunteers to help with the offices he has around the world. He is considered one of the most important people in the world today working on social justice, and he is fighting for people who are not able to fight. As evident in Forbes, he has informed more people about human rights through the HRF than anyone else, and he is trying to stay in the media spotlight so that no one misses out on what is going on.

The world is filled with tyrants who are often doing things under the radar that make them very powerful. They become powerful without anyone really noticing how bad things have gotten, and then they can take even more ground away from normal people who are afraid. The best thing that people can do is give to the HRF or offer their time. Thor Halvorssen needs people who are going to fight the good fight, and heeds to have people around him who are true believers.

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QNET Is Using Positive Thoughts To Help Change The World

As one of the biggest and most successful direct selling businesses out of Asia, QNET is trying to help people from all around the world with business start ups without costing them an arm and a leg to get going.

The model they use for business can be used by nearly everybody to start up their own business from nothing and build it into something great. The products they give us as an Independent Representative are some of the best wellness and health products within the industry and can help change the lives of the people using them. Not to mention the business opportunity of building your own business.

QNET is partnered with the RYTHM Foundation for the Positive Thoughts Project in hopes to get us to leave positive comments on specific post located on Facebook. For every 1000th positive comment that is received by QNET, they will donate water units to places such as Malaysia and Taarana. This is an amazing movement as it gives us the ability to make small but positive contributions to people around the world.

They are still accepting comments for the project though initially it was intended to last 4 weeks, with a goal of gaining 500 positive comments within the first 2 weeks. For every 1000 positive comments the RYTHM Foundation receives, QNET will donate a HomePure RED system to help school children.

Every comment will push the goal a little closer to providing fresh and clean water to those who are in need. In order to help RYTHM and QNET, start posting those positive thoughts now to help them reach their goal. This project can be shared with anyone interested, especially friends and family.

The US Money Reserve Continues To Protect People’s Wealth

Philip Diehl, the President of the US Money Reserve and former US Mint Director, is the man credited with feats that include the minting of the first US government-issued platinum coin as well as the 50 States Quarter program. In an interview for CBS19 with the host Eric Dye, Diehl recalled the transformation he brought to the US Mint in his years of service.

He points out that their efforts saw the formerly backwards agency transformed into a real entrepreneurial agency. Among the hallmarks of the efforts was a six-year commitment to the improvement of customer service. At the end of his service, Diehl states that the U.S. mint was at par with other top businesses in customer satisfaction. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Diehl continued with his efforts after joining the US Money Reserve. He has employed the same entrepreneurial principles as well as commitment to the satisfaction of customers. He strives to see the company become one of the largest distributors of government-issued coins, bars and bullion in the United states.

The US Money Reserve this year embarked on a self-directed precious metals IRA program. This program will see customers hold physical gold as a method of wealth protection for retirement, all the while benefiting from any rises in the price of gold.

Consumers are advised to invest in US minted silver, gold and platinum, as they count as legal tender that is backed by the US government. When it comes to US minted gold coins, the gold content, purity and weight are guaranteed. Owning precious metals is a proven method of safeguarding wealth in times of economic downturns. In the past decade, precious metals have proven much more effective than other asset types.

The US Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is currently the largest private distributor of gold, silver and platinum products that are issued by the US government. The company is home to hundreds of thousands of US clients that are looking to diversify their assets using physical precious metals.

These precious metals take the form of US gold and silver coins. Among the highly trained professionals serving the US Money Reserve are numismatic and coin research professionals. These professionals are well equipped with expert market knowledge to find the best and most profitable products for the clients.

The company goes the extra mile to ensure they provide exceptional customer service with a view of establishing a long-term relationship with all its customers. Customer satisfaction remains a top priority for the US Money Reserve. The commitment given to established clients is the same commitment given to first-time clients.

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Avi Weisfogel Aids Operation Smile

When the word ‘dentist’ is heard, most people imagine villains wielding sharp utensils and drills. Humanitarianism is not really expected of those in the dentistry field. Yet, the power of a smile is compelling, and so there are charities like Operation Smile that seek to aid those with dental issues and facial deformities. On March 2nd, 2016, Dr. Avi Weisfogel launched a GoFundMe campaign to donate $2000 to the international organization.

Avi Weisfogel is a practicing dentist in New Jersey. Having graduated from Rutgers with a BA in biology and psychology as well as earning a DDS from the New York University College of Dentistry, he uses his skills for dozens of activities. His passion for aiding others and knowledge in oral health care was what motivated him to open the GoFundMe operation. Similar to the mission of Operation Smile, Dr. Weisfogel believes that every child deserves care and compassion. Every child should have access dental treatment when needed.

Avi Weisfogel also helps the patients at his office. In 2010, he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, a global company that advised doctors how to establish and manage sleep labs. In 2012, another endeavor was opened—Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient—where Weisfogel lectured dentists on increasing and serving sleep patients. Sleep patients are those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, use oral appliance therapy, or are plagued by snoring. For over 15 years, Dr. Weisfogel has been active at both New Jersey’s Dental Sleep Masters, lecturing around the tristate area, and staying up to date on the latest dental and sleep disorder research.

Though everything he has done is admirable, his latest aspiration to raise money for Operation Smile is truly philanthropic. Operation Smile was founded in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee. While the first mission was aiding Filipino children, the organization rapidly spread through the help of volunteers. Now, the team has provided over 220,000 free surgical procedures. Surely the money raised by Avi Weisfogel and the attention he has brought to the charity will allow them to change even more lives for the better.


SKOUT Partners with Make-A-Wish for Superhero Day


SKOUT, the app that allows people to network and meet new people from all around the world, has been doing some heroic polling in celebration of Superhero Day. According to an article an PR Newswire, SKOUT released a poll asking people about superheroes and wound up with some fascinating results.

For example, when asked who their favorite superhero was, it turns out that women prefer Batman and men prefer Superman. Batman pops up again for another noble reason; he and Robin are considered the best super friends by over half of people who responded. People are also big into the idea of immortality, with over one-third of people saying eternal life is the superpower they’d desire the most. Just behind that were the abilities to fly, possess super strength, and possessing the speed of the Flash.

SKOUT also found out something else that can strip away some of the mystique from superheroes and allow you to see it in everyday people. According to their polling, almost half of people say that it mainly takes a sense of selflessness.

With that in mind, SKOUT has decided to contribute to a superhero of an organization. For Superhero Day, anytime somebody gives a superhero-themed gift over the app, SKOUT will make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation Greater Bay Area until one wish has been fully funded. The Make-A-Wish Foundation selflessly works to give children who are suffering from illness the opportunity to live out their fantasy for a day. The Make-A-Wish Foundation Greater Bay Area covers 17 counties in California and has granted 370 wishes in the past year, as well as 7,200 overall since the chapter opened in 1984.

SKOUT was founded in 2007 and is based in San Francisco, California. More information on their partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation for Superhero Day can be found at

A New Era of Online Business at the US Money Reserve

The 21st century has seen corporates innovate simple, quick and convenient ways to go about daily activities and transact business. Today, you can buy, rent or order virtually anything over the Internet from the comfort of your laptop or computer.

Such innovations accelerate consumer service, delivery, marketing and advertising as well as complaints handling. The US Money Reserve, the foremost authority in matters of precious metals in the United States has just jumped on this bandwagon. An article on CBS 19, see link here, revealed the new online campaign initiated by the firm to meet the growing demands of the industry.

The US Money Reserve traces its roots to the gold trade veterans who brought about an ethical standard in the trade of gold, silver and platinum. These pioneers operated at a time when the world hadn’t tapped into the potential of the gold trade. They wanted to promote the business by educating governments and individuals on the benefits of precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver. Fast forward to 2001; the US Money Reserve was constituted as we know it today.

Just like in any other trade, one cannot afford to implement rigid mechanisms. New strategies and techniques of sales promotion and customer retention evolve and companies must also change with the changing times. The US Money Reserve has been extremely successful over the last decade. It became the official distribution partner for the US government and therefore issues the best quality of gold and silver in the market.

Therefore, when it redesigned its website, it had to follow these guidelines and pay attention to every detail. First, they upgraded their headquarters in Austin, Texas with a new online shop complete with an impressive display of all its coins and bullion. Secondly, they put up more content and information on their company’s history and services as well as detailed descriptions of their coins on display. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

When it comes to security, the reserve spent a lot of money to guarantee the effective operation of the website. It’s supported by other web applications that allow clients to place orders, pay and even get their coins shipped to their exact location without a hitch. The management led by managing director Phillip Diehl could not hide their joy at the new site. They expect more reviews and first-time clients courtesy of the devolved online shop.

The firm also set out into the market with new infomercials as well as a more active and responsive Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Charles Koch May Be The First Republican Donor To Back Hillary Clinton

Political activist Charles Koch has always been a conservative even though he says he is a libertarian at times. Koch was recently interviewed by ABC News, and he said Hillary Clinton would make a better president than any of the Republican candidates including Donald Trump. That revelation is not good news for the Republican Party. The Republican establishment depends on Charles and David Koch’s support. Koch didn’t say he would support Clinton if she becomes the Democratic candidate, but the fact that Koch thinks she is the best candidate speaks volumes. The Republican Party is fragmented, and Donald Trump may not bring it together in July. If 80-year-old Koch is not onboard, there’s a good chance other big donors are going to keep their checkbooks closed.

Charles and David Koch own, Koch Industries, the largest private corporation in the United States. The brothers are worth more than $34 billion apiece, and they are not afraid to donate to causes that are near and dear to them. Charles has been giving money to conservative universities for years, and his donations to conservative think tanks are well-documented. During the interview, Koch said the rhetoric he heard from both Parties was not in sync with his political viewpoint, but he did say Bill Clinton was a better president than George Bush. Another Clinton in the White House didn’t sound like the worst possible scenario going forward, according to Mr. Koch.

Even though Charles Koch has known Trump for years, he believes the former reality star is not presidential material. David Koch travels in the same social circles as Trump, but Charles lives in Kansas and doesn’t have the same relationship with Trump as his brother. That’s not to say that David is going to support Trump either. Both of the Koch brothers are disappointed with the Republican Party and may not donate to any campaign this year.

Koch put his main objection with the Republican Party in simple words during the interview. Koch basically said that the candidates must act like Ronald Reagan and make the U.S. better rather than fighting and tearing opponents apart. This year has been a bloodbath in terms of personal attacks. The personal attacks are sending the wrong message to the people. Candidates are role models, and they should act as positive role models. The Democrats have done a better job, sticking to the issues, according to Koch.

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An IT Firm that Ranked Among the Best in Fortune 1000 Companies within a Short Period

Diversant LLC is an IT Company that was formed as a result of a merger between Info Technologies owned by Mr. John Goullet and Diversant Inc. founded by Gene Waddy in the year 1994. Diversant Specialized in offering IT services to their clients across the globe. Being the largest privately owned African –American IT, Diversant LLC offers staffing Solutions in the United States and has taken most Markets within the IT Sector thus becoming fastest growing Venture.

Diversant LLc has ventured well in the global markets and offering a diversified solution for their Fortune 1000 markets. Diversant LLc has dedicated Staff that are expertise in Consultative and staffing technique to attract clients by considering them as part of the business by meeting their needs and challenges very closely and individually. The offering of the one-on-one solution to clients has given Diversant LLc heights in the market that prompted the Company to be leading in the development of Strategic Solutions.

John Goullet is the Co-founder and Chairman of Diversant LLc. He has led the company in establishing prominence in the emerging Markets through his experience in developing Strategic Solutions that are destined to offer clients’ requirements. Prior to Diversant LLc, John was the President of Info Technologies, an IT firm that he founded in 1994 and concentrated on tapping global market by offering customized IT solution to Fortune 500 Companies worldwide.

John’s Management Proficiency in IT sector made the company make over $30 Million within the Span of five years. This massive growth featured Info Technologies to be considered Number 8 Spot on Inc. Magazines as the fastest growing Company in the lists of 500 privately owned Organization in the US. John Goullet Specialized in the development of business ventures within the challenging ever-evolving IT Markets, Proficient in appreciating network Concepts and operation, and also specialized in offering Web design and solution.

Goullet started his career as IT Consultant and moved the ladder to Staffing where he got the opportunity to expand his experience by meeting different IT deals that exposed him to new strategies. John emphasized in meeting clients’ needs individually. Mr. Goullet graduated with a Business Degree from Ursinus College.

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