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How Eric Pulier Took Over The Tech Industry

Keeping Things Afloat

For more than 2 decades Eric Pulier has created some of the greatest innovations seen in the software industry. He has produced everything from APIs to virtual desktops without breaking a sweat. Naturally he has produced a fortune from the various startups his projects, but he also places philanthropy as a high priority. His software has helped the chronically ill connect to one another and helped former POTUS Bill Clinton advance his global initiative. While so many in his position have made their fortunes and forgotten the world around them Pulier makes sure to keep those less fortunate in his plans.

A Prodigy In The Making

Pulier’s talent for software was apparent from a young age. He wrote his first programs in the 4th grade while rapidly developing his talent. By the time Pulier reached highschool he was already directing his own data storage company. Already immensely talented the time he spent studying at Harvard allowed him to really understand the potential of his talent. As soon as he started his career in the early 90s he proved his worth as a software developer. Even when he wasn’t making a profit he was ahead in innovation.

Making A Difference

Although Eric Pulier has made himself a millionaire through his startups he has made an even greater name for himself with his charitiable software. One of the most notable examples of his philanthropy is the creation of the world’s first private social network Starbright World. The Starbright Foundation wanted to give chronically ill children a chance to communicate with each other and find others who they can relate to. Pulier came through for them in strides. More recently Pulier has founded the XPrize award. Through this program he gives the most talented up and coming entrepreneurs a chance to realize their dreams through investments into their pet projects.

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Apply makeup correctly

We’re starting off with a primer because we want our makeup to last all day long. I’m applying a glowing one on the areas I want to highlight so that it looks like my skin is glowing from within. Next, Wengie is applying a matte finish foundation all over my face to turn down that glow. Then, starting from the middle of your face, blend out the product.


I’m going to set it all with a powder than will control the oiliness and shine throughout the day. I’m going to clean up my brow shape by drawing an outline above and beneath my brows. You can fill them in as well, making sure that the ends are darker than the beginnings of your brows. I use mascara to keep my brow hairs in place and make them appear just a little thicker.


Next, I’m applying a bit of highlighter along my upper eyelid. This helps brighten up this area and create an easy to blend base. Take some of the highlight color and apply it to your lid and brow bone. Now blend out all the color that you’ve applied. On the edges, sweep it up to lift your eyes.


Next, we’re drawing a winged liner with a liquid liner. This finish gives you a very clean and sharp line. Now curly your lashes and apply a natural-looking pair of lashes. I chose one that was dense but not super long. You can use mascara for this step or falsies.


Sweep contour color along the sides of your face, your forehead, and your nose in very large blocks. This will make your face look slimmer. Because it’s so blended out, it doesn’t look like you have a patch of contour on your face. It’s great for the daytime. Also, make sure you use a color that’s only slightly darker than your skin color and not super dark.


Apply highlight to the top of your cheek bones, forehead, nose, and chin. Blend it out. I use a lip liner to clean up and create a very sharp lip line.

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Geoffrey Cone’s Response to Last Week’s Feature on Foreign Trusts


Geoffrey Cone is a New Zealand-based lawyer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Otago. He also holds a postgraduate diploma in trust and tax law. In 1980, his practice commenced in Auckland, New Zealand. He, later on, moved to Christchurch where he became a partner and the Chairman of Partners at the law company. While he served as chairman of the law firm, he worked as a trust and tax advisor majoring in commercial litigation. He appeared in numerous court proceedings as a chief counsel after working as a litigator in the British West Indies, he returned to Auckland and practiced from 19797. For two years, he worked towards establishing his law firm in 1999. Cone Marshal Limited, his form, is the only law company in the country that specializes in international tax and trust planning. The law firm, under his management, provides trust and trustee management services through its companies.


One of the media coverage in a leading media company stated New Zealand as one of the tax havens. For most, this sounds like an attractive ordeal. However, New Zealand is nowhere close to becoming a tax haven. For the wealthy people, finding a tax haven with a favorable environment for business is one awesome. The truth, like other things related to taxes, is mundane.


As a matter of fact, we need to consider this issue unresolved. New Zealand, unlike other many countries in its caliber, is not a tax haven. OECD has a list of countries that fall under tax havens. When you carefully look at the list, you will not find New Zealand. For the most of this century, you will never find it there. The main characteristic that points out tax havens is that they have minimal taxes. There is always lack of transparency among the tax havens. Moreover, their procedures and laws inhibit information exchange with governments. New Zealand does not qualify as one of the tax havens.


The ultimate transparency standard set by OECD in 2002 covers Tax Matters, Model Agreement, and Information Exchange. One of the first countries to be placed on OECD’s white list is New Zealand. For having implemented the international standard taxation, the state secured its top position.


While the country continues to foreign trusts and their imposed requirements, the country has become a leader in transparency. Michael Cullen, in 2006, introduced the tax rules in the area. New Zealand, under his harsh regime, made foreign trusts present duly-filled IRD forms.



Global Festival Highlighted By The Release Of The Lovaganza Trilogy

The problems facing children and young people around the world is not something we may all associate with the production of a trilogy of movies looking to transport the viewer back to a time of greater morality, but this is exactly what the producers of the Lovaganza Convoy are looking to achieve. A planned trilogy of movies will see the profits made used to provide funding for programs on Crunchbase around the world that are planned or already in place that will have a great effect on the lives of children, young people, and adults in the future.

To achieve the goals it has set for itself the Lovaganza Foundation plans to release a movie each year between 2018 and 2020 that will form a trilogy that could expand to as many as nine more movie trilogies in the future. “Follow Your Sunshine” will be the first release from Lovaganza in 2018 and will begin the story of a young reporter who wants to discover more about a traveling show that seems to hold the key to achieving happiness in the modern world; another plot line in “Follow Your Sunshine” that will be expanded upon over the course of the trilogy sees a young priest leave his Holy orders behind after he finds the key to happiness and hopes to share it with everybody around the world.

There elements involved in the Lovaganza Convoy of movies on that will be released in the coming years, including an air of mystery added by an evil group known as the invisible hand who are looking to block the work of the young priest and the traveling show. Not only will the trilogy bring a series of new stars to the screen, but the plan is to bring people back to the morals that were found in movies from the golden age of Hollywood that are now largely missing from the cinema experience of the 21st century.

The release of the Lovaganza Convoy will coincide with a traveling show that will bring the movies to the people of the world in a way that looks back to the world’s fairs that took place through tot he mid 20th century. The traveling show will feature the movies from Lovaganza, and prepare viewers around the world for a major global event from the Foundation that will take place in at least eight locations across the globe. See:

Order-ID: 15922445 Talk Fusion: Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams

There was a time when video chat was little more than something that was seen either in science fiction movies or spy films. Now, Bob Reina has brought this activity to reality with his invention named Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is one of the products and companies that are bringing a lot of change to the internet. People have caught on fast enough to this new invention. People have gotten to experience the features that not only make communication better, but also makes it easier for entrepreneurs to market their business. Talk Fusion is something that could be used for many different purposes.


Talk Fusion has gone over so well with people that it has won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This is a good sign for Bob Reina who has taken the time to make sure that he has a product that people are going to enjoy. His product has been so successful that he has decided to give people a free trial so that they can see how well the product works for various activities. Customers that like it will pay for the item. Bob Reina is someone who has been very thoughtful when it comes to inventions.


Bob Reina loves to help people achieve their dreams. In a world where people are more about discouraging others, Bob Reina seeks to encourage others. This is one of the reasons that he is involved in many philanthropic activities. He is someone that shows a lot of love to the community. People that give back to the community and give to noble causes will find that they have more respect from people. For one thing, people don’t want to just buy products and services from companies, they also want to make sure that they are contributing to something positive in the world.

Helane Morrison is Working To Rebuild Trust

Helane Morrison is one of the most respected individuals when it comes to the financial market in Norther California. You could even say that this notion extends throughout the entire state of California and even the entire Pacific Northwest. She has a career that has spanned 3 decades in which she has worked in just about every capacity available in the financial industry. She is certainly one of the most educated and experienced professionals in the financial industry on the West Coast.

She started out her career by getting a degree in Journalism in Northwestern and law degree from UC Berkley. She used the skills that she had obtained from her Journalism degree to learn how to dig up information that she used in cases regarding SEC regulations on both sides of the aisle. Her law degree led to her first job in San Francisco.

Her first job was as a defense attorney in San Francisco where she worked to defend citizens that were being sued by the SEC for regulatory concerns. She worked in defense from the mid-80s all the way into the early-1990s. In the early 90s, the SEC had taken enough notice of her vast knowledge of SEC regulations and laws that they decided to hire her. This started the next chapter of her career.

The 90s saw her climbing the ranks of the SEC office is San Francisco. This SEC headquarters in San Francisco are in charge of regulating the State of California and 5 other states in the Pacific Northwest. Morrison started out as Director of Administration and later worked her way all the way up to being the Regional Director of the office overseeing compliance with SEC regulations. Her shrewd sense and commitment to the law made her very successful in this role.

The housing market collapse of 2007 led to her leaving the SEC to work in the private sector. She started working at Hall Capital Partners LLC, an investment group based in San Francisco. The firm is completely run by women and is one of the most successful investment firms in California. As of today. Morrison is the Managing Director at the firm. She is also the Chief Compliance Officer.

Her goal in this capacity is to regain the trust of investors after the housing crisis. Many of them had lost confidence after the questionable lending practices of mortgage bankers in the 2000s. Her clients can benefit from her years of experience and trustworthy actions in her 3-decade-long career.

Purchase your LED Lighting at Gooee

Light-emitting diode (LED) is the modern, most energy-efficient, and quickly developing lighting technology. Quality LED light bulbs are longer lasting and produce better quality light compared to other types of lighting. LED bulbs can also be customized to emit different light colors. These include green, blue, and red LEDs. LEDs produce light in definite directions reducing the need for diffusers and reflectors. This feature enables LEDs to be used in task lighting and recessed downlights. Other lighting types must be reflected in the desirable directions, and there are chances that the light may not be fully reflected from the light source.

LEDs discharge off little heat as compared to other incandescent bulbs that emit most of their energy as heat instead of light. LEDs are also safer than these bright lights that are combustion prone. LEDs are also manufactured from epoxy lenses but not glass. They are more resistant to breakage. It is important to note that LEDs are also easier to install. Several strings of LEDs can be joined without overloading power sockets.

Gooee is an online store that provides LEDs lighting manufacturers with expert frameworks to deliver lighting systems to manufacturers. Gooee features communication and control tools that integrate with business to afford retail, commercial, and industrial LED tailored lights. Gooee has a panel of expert lighting and software specialists who have a primary objective of providing excellent enterprise lighting solutions. You can contact the company at or reach the company headquarters at 360 Central Avenue, Suite 950, St Petersburg, FL, 33701

Nationwide Title Clearing’s Commitment

Nationwide Title Clearing often does everything that they can to make things better for the customers that they have. They want to work toward a better business and this means that every aspect of the business needs to be treated as well as possible. When it comes to the way that things are done by Nationwide Title Clearing, things all boil down to success.

The company knows that their clients must be able to get exactly what they need. They want to make sure that they are doing the most for their clients and that the clients can get everything that they need from their document processing services. There are many ways that Nationwide Title Clearing is able to help their clients and one of the biggest ones comes in the form of document processing. They work hard to always make sure that they are doing the most for their clients.

Since Nationwide Title Clearing has been in business, they have worked to make sure that their employees are treated right. They know the value of a good employee and know that can be the difference between a company that has a lot of customers and one that has customers who are severly dissatisfied. It is important to Nationwide Title Clearing that their employees are treated right. They have done a lot to make things better for their employees and this has made them one of the best businesses in the Palm Harbor area. It has allowed them the chance to do more than what other companies are able to do.

The Nationwide Title Clearing company does a lot of extra things for the employees that they have. They know that their employees are able to do more when they are happy. It is not uncommon for Nationwide Title Clearing to give their employees paid vacations to different destinations, extra time off and even bonuses that are nearly unheard of in other businesses in the area. This has allowed them to be one of the best businesses in Palm Harbor and has caused them to be voted the number one employer in the area.

Nationwide Title Clearing plans to grow in the time that they are in business. They want to make sure that they are able to grow their business. While they have physically expanded a lot in the past few years, they have no plans to stop expanding. They want to expand the business in both customers and physically so that they are able to do more with the business and are able to make the business even better than what it once was so that people were able to get more out of the process that they had.

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Finding A Good Investment Strategy

Investing is one of the apparently easiest ways to make money. Instead of working very hard, people have to be very wise about what they put their money into. It does take a lot of research about the different assets that one is looking to buy.

When one buys the right assets, he will make plenty of profits from his assets. However, it can be very hard to invest without the help and wisdom of an adviser. Among the advisers that are available to help people achieve the dreams that they have is Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions.

One of the reasons that Richard Blair is someone to trust with financial matters is that he cares about people. He is very ethical in the manner he handles transactions. Given all of his knowledge, he would not steer others wrong. He also recommends to people that they do their own research and get their own education. For one thing, he is not looking for people to just do what he says to do.

He wants them to be able to think for themselves and stand on their own two feet. This is one of the reasons that Richard Blair is willing to help with many different aspects of investing and finances.

One thing that Richard Blair believes is that financial strategies should change as the market changes. People have to be able to adapt to the constantly changing market. One of the things that Richard Blair tries to teach is the ability to adapt to change.

While some people are resistant to change, it is actually an inevitable part of life. It is also an important aspect of many different businesses. Businesses and financial managers that are unable or unwilling to adapt are not going to experience success. Instead, they will fall under.

Richard Blair has seen first hand the benefits of change. He sees no benefit in being set in his ways. He is also willing to note the changes that have been put forth in the market so that people will be better able to respond as they make investments.

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Dodd-Frank’s Best Provision — SEC Whistleblower Protections

Wall Street regulation and reform is a big deal during presidential election years. Each of the candidates chimes in with a different opinion on the subject. And whether or not the you believe that Wall Street should be regulated, I think we can all agree that whistleblowers protect us from financial meltdowns.

Who would know better than an employee of a giant financial Corporation as to whether or not certain activities are unethical or illegal? These are the people that serve as our first line of defense, and sometimes our only line of defense, against massive fraud and institutionalized corruption.

But where do these SEC whistleblowers turn when may unearth unethical or illegal activity? It is difficult for them to go to their bosses as the illegal activity may be institutional. They may also fear retaliation and the loss of their employment. These whistleblowers, which are so integral to our economy, have in an unenviable conversation with themselves. Do they do the right thing and risk their economic livelihood and perhaps their career? Or do they sit on the information and hope it all works out while keeping their job?

The federal government passed a sweeping regulation of Wall Street in 2010 known as the Dodd Frank act. The federal government’s hope was to incentivize whistleblowers by offering them stiff protections and alluring them with money. One of the provisions in Dodd Frank guarantees any whistleblower who presents information under the Dodd Frank act a 10% to 30% cut of any fines levied against their financial institution. These fines have to exceed $1 million in order for this incentive to kick in. That’s quite a lot a bit of money.

But there is a law firm named Labaton Sucharow that would like to extend its protection to any SEC whistleblower coming forward. And they have really stepped up their game in protecting and advocating for these whistleblowers. The head of the law firm, Jordan A Thomas, used to work at the SEC in the division of enforcement. In fact, he played a leadership role in the development of the whistleblower program found in Dodd Frank. He is the SEC whistleblower lawyer that you dream of.

The man hires a massive in-house team that includes investigators, analysts and accountants that are capable of working with law enforcement. It is the SEC whistleblower attorney dream team. If you are having a difficult conversation with yourself, you should contact them in order to receive a case review.