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Equities First Sees An Increasing Demand for Stock Loans

The President& Founder of Equities First Al Christy Jr. has been observing closely on the performance of the different stocks he owns. He is a stock lender and not a loan shark being a world leader with a great vision. One of the uncommon factors that Equities First eyes and identifies is the small business owners and potential investors seeking for working capital using alternative lending services. The company loans its clients to even 80 percent of their stock value.

Equities First stock loans come with an appealing interest of 4% and paid within 3 years. The trading model and platform established by CEO since the launch of the company in 2002 has engaged him to complete more than 400 trades and direct around $40 million in assets. Furthermore, it has given him the best approach to operate from the corner office, 30th floor of Market Tower.

“I should have been in the financial region area,” mentioned the 47-year-old Christy. There are several big business firms that provide stock based loans but the advances usually come with huge interest rates ranging from 6.5 to 9%. Over that, Securities and Exchange Commission in addition to the Federal Reserve rules compel them not to issue loans of more than 50% of stock value to customers. But that is not the case with Equities First.

Then again, Christy insinuates EFH as an autonomous association that is not obligated to comparable limitations. The Equities First clients are normally repeat customers which form 50% of the clients. EFH clients are both retail and institutional investors who seeking optional lending services for commercial reasons which range from paying private loans to diversification of the firm’s property. Nonetheless, Christy recognized that not all are rich, and loans for the most part range from $100,000 to $8 million. The loans are generally secured via stocks exchanged as pink sheets, over the counter or on Dow Jones and original source.

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Four Of The Funniest Movies Of All Time


As the French author François Rabelais toured hospitals in Medieval Europe, he came to one conclusion: laughter is the best medicine. Today, with all of our expensive medical technology, doctors are telling us the same exact thing. Indeed, psychologists have actually proven that even a small amount of laughter every day releases feel-good chemicals in our brains that can significantly relieve the sensation of physical pain.


If you are in need of your daily dose of laughter, why not watch some of the funniest movies known to man? Of course, everyone has their own opinion on what the “funniest” movie actually is. So, in this list we’ll share some of the top funniest movies as voted by both movie critics and fans.


  1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Released in 1975, Monty Python and the Holy Grail was the first major motion picture released by the British comedy troupe Monty Python’s Flying Circus. If you’ve never heard of this absurdist comedy group before, there’s no better introduction than this hilarious “re-telling” of the classic King Arthur Holy Grail myth. For those who enjoy Monty Python’s brand of surrealist humor, be sure to check out their other motion pictures and classic TV programs.


  1. Airplane!


Airplane! is consistently on critics’ “Top 10” lists for comedy flicks. When this spoof on disaster plane movies was released in 1980 it shocked the world with its zany off-beat humor. Starring Arthur Hailey and Hall Bartlett, Airplane! never fails to take every viewer on a wild ride full of laughter.


  1. Caddyshack


Also released in 1980, Caddyshack has become one of the undisputed American comedy classics. Taking place at an exclusive golf club, this sports comedy movie gained a huge cult shortly after its theatrical debut. With timeless performances from Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and Bill Murray, Caddyshack is one comedy that just never gets old.


  1. Groundhog Day


Although you might not get any belly laughs from Groundhog Day, few people who see this delightful fantasy-comedy ever have anything bad to say about it. This film takes place in the city of Punxsutawney, PA, on (of course) Groundhog Day. Bill Murray plays a weatherman who’s stuck in an infinite time-loop repeating the exact same day. Throughout his humorous experience, Murray’s character slowly learns the true meaning of friendship, compassion, and love.

George Street Photo And Video In New York

George Street Photo and Video is a popular wedding photography studio in the state of New York. Two of their locations in the state are New York City and Ronkonkoma. The wedding choreographers at George Street are intimately familiar with the area surrounding their studios and can advise brides on the perfect location that will match what style of wedding they are looking for. Among some of the popular wedding venues that the Ronkonkoma studio is likely to recommend includes the Swan Club and Vista Penthouse Ballroom. The New York City choreographers have of course a wealth of options in and around the city for brides to choose from.

Both of these George Street locations have experienced photographers and videographers that can capture all of the magical moments that take place during the wedding and reception. Both locations are very affordable as well with the packages at Ronkonkoma starting at only $1000.


Follow Tammy Mazzocco Around For a Day and You’ll Learn How to Work

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate agent in Central Ohio, and she loves her work. She started out as a secretary to a nine-person commercial real estate group, and today she is one of the leading realtors in Ohio. It didn’t happen overnight either. Lasting success seldom does, but with Tammy, it was always a steady growth which brought her to where she is today.


She works in Franklin, Deleware, Licking, and Fairfield Counties in Ohio, selling residential properties. Tammy likes to say that her motto is not to take herself too seriously but to live without fear of failure, and don’t settle. In other words, if you have fears of failure, you will never get started.


Early in her career, Tammy Mazzocco was by her admission somewhat shy. So she took action and made it a point to start conversations and each time she tried it she got better at it. Conversations then took a more natural course, and things worked out fine.


In another instance. She says that she initially had some difficulty in asking prospective clients about their financial situation. So she borrowed some scripts from some of the more experienced agents and read them aloud to herself in private until she became comfortable with them.


This shows that when we run up against something personal that we feel we cannot handle, we can seek an answer to the problem and push through it. This answers so many things in life that we all run into, yet there is usually an easy answer if we look for it.


Tammy was asked if she had one habit as an entrepreneur that makes her productive. She answered that it is important to set meaningful goals and then break them down into actionable steps. The steps make it possible to proceed. Otherwise, most of us would never get started.


Tammy Mazzocco is a great example of putting action to her dreams, and that is how she went from being a secretary to a very successful businesswoman.

George Street Photo And Video In Sunny Southern California

Two of George Street Photo and Video locations are in San Diego and Los Angeles. Both of these Southern California cities have spectacular year round weather that makes for great outdoors weddings to be held. However, regardless if you want your wedding indoors or outdoors the professional at George Street can create great wedding photos and videos due to their wealth of experience taking great photos in all lighting conditions.
Both of these locations have affordable packages that their wedding coordinators can discuss with the engaged couple. The packages at both the San Diego and Los Angeles location start at just $1595. Both locations are also currently offering $500 off their most popular package making for a great deal of savings. Whether you’re getting married at the Los Penasquitos Ranch House in San Diego or the Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles both George Street locations will provide a memorable record of your nuptials.

JeanMarie Guenot Is Leading The Fight Against Cancer


The Fight Against Cancer

JeanMarie Guenot is leading the fight against the current cancer epidemic. Cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths and treatment options available today simply aren’t able to do much about the prognosis of most cases. Guenot is changing all of this with her work at Amphivena Therapeutics. Here she is helping to advance our understanding of blood cancer and create better treatments for blood cancer. Recently Amphivena announced an entirely new line of blood cancer treatments.

Where Everything Goes From Here

Blood cancer is fairly unique among cancers in that it does not result in obvious masses that doctors can simply target and take out. It is the result of excessive cell growth and the resulting symptoms. JeanMarie Guenot’s approach to blood cancer changes everything by going after blood cancer in a way that works with the body’s immune system and encourages the body to fight back. As a result the patients suffer fewer symptoms while experiencing a superior level of treatment.



The Impact Of Amphivena Therapeutics

Amphivena Therapeutics has introduced a class of antibody therapy drugs into the cancer treatment market. These drugs offer a way to treat blood cancer using the body’s own immune system without any of the dangers commonly seen in chemotherapy. Traditional chemotherapy often destroys the immune system of the patient in hopes of destroying the cancer along with it. This results in many patients suffering from issues ranging from baldness to opportunistic infections. None of this is a concern with Amphivena’s drugs and that is attracting attention. Investors around the world are interested in inveisting in this company.



About JeanMarie Guenot

JeanMarie Guenot is a prominent researcher and entrepreneur with a focus on cancer. She has spent much of her life developing and promoting new treatments for cancer. She struck gold when she developed innovative antibody therapy options for blood cancer and decided to base Amphivena Therapeutics around that idea. Even today she continues to devote herself to researching and developing new drugs to treat some of the world’s most dangerous diseases.  Follow along with her career on Dr. Guenot’s Facebook.

OSI Group – The Champion In Food

At some point during our lives we want to eat food that is different from what we normally eat, and we want that food to be delicious. This concept is provided by OSI Group because they focus on using foods that are different and have a high quality taste.

OSI Group offers custom food processing that works with foods that have a good taste. They work with meats, vegetables, fruits, and other proteins like eggs when they are having unique demands of their customers. Their characteristics are innovation, experience, experts and modern equipment, quality and possibility to distribute custom food solutions anywhere in the world.


More than hundreds years ago, Otto Kolschowsky founded OSI Group in the Chicago area. Today, OSI Group is one of the largest privately held food processing companies in the world, based in Illinois.


Last year, OSI ranked #58 on the 2016 Forbes list of America’s largest private companies. For the third time OSI Group won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. The company also won the Globe of Honour in 2013 and 2015.

Last year, they purchased Baho Food, Tyson Food Plant and Flagship Europe. When they purchased Flagship Europe his President David G. McDonald said that the company every day are working on the new opportunity for their customers. Every day, OSI Group are searching new ways for promoting and improving theirs products with distinctive quality.

They are one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies because they have good relation price-quality.

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John Goullet Propels Diversant to Success with Excellent Leadership

John Goullet is a recognized entrepreneur and a leading IT tech staffing expert. He has a remarkable wealth of experience in both IT consultancy and IT staffing. John Goullet started off his career as a consultant but made a transition into staffing in 1994. He, however, did not entirely lose his consultancy profession and working on both sides gave John a broad perspective of the Sector. With his sharpened understanding of the market trends, Goullet Founded Info Technologies. Info Technologies provided IT staffing solution to companies across the United States. With Goullet at the helm of the leadership at Info Technologies, the company was worth 30 million dollars in just five short years in the industry.

John Goullet, driven by his visionary mind, saw the advantages of partnering up with people which he shared visions with. To this end, John Goullet merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. giving birth to Diversant LLC. With this merger, John assumed the role of Principal. As the firm’s principal, Goullet is responsible for coming up with groundbreaking strategies to help Diversant LLC face and handle the challenges in the dynamic IT sector. Goullet is also responsible for ensuring that services to his mid-market and Fortune 500 clients are always top notch. Under his leadership, Diversant has taken up the IT industry’s top experts to be part of the creative team behind its remarkable performance.

Goullet, in an interview with Ideamensch, said that he is thrilled by the fact that technology is ever evolving and growing, an increasing part of GDP and that the demand for technologists is growing every day. This is one of the secrets at Diversant LLC; they ensure that they are always competent to deliver top candidates to their clients. Speaking on his productivity as an entrepreneur, Goullet said that his productive paranoia contributes to his performance. Feeling that competitors are right up his heels gives Goullet the drive to run the company even further.

John Goullet displays exceptional expertise in his leadership. The evidence lies in the drastic growth of Diversant LLC even in the toughest economic times. He is an enthusiastic IT professional who encourages his staff to be creative, ethical and disciplined.