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The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Contribution to Human Rights

What exactly are Human Rights?

Human rights are the freedoms and basic rights that all humans have regardless of social status. There are thousands of groups all across the world advocating for these civil, human, and migrant rights. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

These groups strive to fight for a justice system that benefits everybody. The world isn’t fair, plain and simple. Immigrants, for example experience human rights abuse every day, as they are stripped of their support networks, kicked out of homes, and separated from their families.

More on Civil Human, and Migrant Rights.

Every person should be able to have basic rights. However, this is sadly not the case. Immigrants are just one group of people that are stripped of these rights and are forced to experience things like:

No Health CareLimited EducationDomestic Violence Abuse

  • No Health Care – In the U.S alone, over 12 million illegal immigrants don’t have access to any type of health care. The only way these immigrants would be able to gain access to health care is by paying out of pocket. Since most immigrants retain a low income status, it essentially impossible to afford healthcare.
  • Limited Education – In 2009, more than a 3rd of immigrants had not graduated high school in California alone. This may not seem that bad, but when compared to U.S born citizens only 8% have not received a high school diploma. This goes to show that the education system isn’t truly just, if it was a gap this large would cease to exist.
  • Domestic Violence Abuse – Non Citizens are particularly susceptible to abuse because many do not speak the English language. Therefore, not all of them fully grasp the laws of the country. Because of this, when they become victims of domestic violence and other kinds of abuse; they are reluctant to report it. They aren’t sure how to correctly approach the police to report cases of Domestic Violence abuse. /li>

DeportationLarkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

  • Deportation – Tears families apart, Mothers & Fathers, Brothers & Sisters alike are being forced to separate. It is barbaric to split families apart, and the only way to describe it is as inhumane.

Even though millions are denied their rights, It’s not like no one is doing anything to stop it. The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was created by journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin and is actively supporting organizations that advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights.

The two journalists created the fund after they were given a settlement of over $3.75 million for an unjust arrest.

These two are devoted to solving the immigration and human rights issues. This fund not only allows a multitude of human rights groups to improve the lives of those who have been denied their rights, but also raises awareness of the problem. This fund is supporting a most noble cause.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Greg Secker: The Forex Trading Guru

Greg Secker is a renowned entrepreneur who recently established the “Greg Secker Foundation”. The purpose of this foundation is to improve the lives of people across the globe. Secker uses his foundation to promote life skills and education.

Recent Endeavors By The Greg Secker Foundation

One of the notable achievements by the Greg Secker Foundation was during the recent typhoon that affected the Philippines. Greg formed an initiative aimed at rebuilding the community to enable the victims of the typhoon to have a roof over their heads and to be prepared for the next typhoon. The foundation is supporting this initiative to build 100 homes before the fall season.

How Greg Secker Ventured Into Finance

Greg got his first finance related job at the “Thomas Cook Financial Services”. After working here he landed an opportunity to work for “Virtual Trading Desk”. This trading organization was the first ever forex trading platform to deal with the kind of services it offered. For example, the company presents figures and facts in real time. Greg moved on to Mellon Financial Corporation where he worked as Vice-President of the company. During his tenure at Mellon Financial, Greg was exposed to the best forex traders and learnt a lot. His forex trading account grew tremendously causing him to resign from his job and continue with his trading at home.

A few months later, Greg formed his own company which goes by the name of “Learn to Trade”. The company has enabled Greg to expand his services to South Africa, the Philippines, London, and Australia. Over 200,000 people have benefited from Greg’s trading strategies by attending his seminars and workshops.

About Greg Secker

When you think about the who’s who in the world of forex trading, Greg Secker’s name will definitely turn up. Greg Secker is among the most successful traders in the world. This is why he has dedicated his time and resources to helping other achieve success in forex trading. Greg Secker is from Norfolk, England. Secker studied at the University of Nottingham where he graduated with a degree in “agricultural and food science”. In the last 13 years, Secker’s firm, Learn to Trade, has been involved in offering training, workshops, and seminars to over 200,000 aspiring forex exchange traders.

The Importance of Personal Cyber Security

The ever increasing number of cyber threats and attacks makes it necessary to invest in cyber security. There are many individuals, governments, and companies that have in one way or another suffered massive damage and losses as a result of a proliferation of cyber attacks. It is therefore important for individuals and organizations to put in place strict cyber security as a way of dealing with the ever increasing threat. Recent estimates indicate that the cost of cyber crimes will reach the $101 billion mark by 2018. The figure demonstrates that cyber security is a serious issue and needs some serious attention.

How to achieve Personal Cyber Security using Rubica


Being hacked is a very unpleasant horrifying experience, and the only way to protect yourself and others from very damaging hacks is by using Rubica as personal cyber security. Rubica guarantees online safety and privacy through its network that is secure and private.


The cyber security system operates behind the scenes and is known to offer the best personal cyber security. In addition, Rubica has a team of elite cyber experts that are always available to respond to all issues related to personal cyber security. All attempts by cyber criminals to collect a user’s personal information are normally thwarted by the cyber security network.


Roberto Santiago and his Exploration with Manaíra Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago, a leading entrepreneur in Brazil, is credited with the development of Manaíra Shopping Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the country. It is located in João Pessoa, Paraíba and considered to be a great attraction and landmark of the city. Santiago is considered to be a visionary by many of the Brazilians as he founded the shopping mall 1989 – it was not considered to be a lucrative business then. His innovative strategies and marketing ideas helped the mall to grab the attention from various sections of João Pessoa. Santiago also ensured that the mall is going through at least five major expansion plans to contain the growing demand for more commercial and retail space with respect to the visitor influx year-after-year.


Santiago wanted his shopping mall giving a comprehensive experience of shopping, entertainment, and fun along with a number of various services. The ever increasing quality-shopping demands from the Brazilians also helped him to introduce new additions to the shopping mall by keeping the growing expectations. Santiago added options and features to make the shopping mall a perfect destination for both family and youngsters. Currently, the building is offering a total area of 135,000 square meters with a parking space of capacity more than 3,000 vehicles. It has an air-conditioned concert hall named Domus Hall located on the top of the building with a capacity of 8,000 people. It hosts mainly art exhibitions, receptions, host fairs, theater performances, music events, and more.


Manaíra Shopping has an eleven hall multiplex run by Cinepolis, and that offers a unique movie watching experience with Stadium seating system, VIP cinema options, and more. The mall has a Game Station covering an area of 1,800 square meters, and it offers more than 200 different varieties of gaming machines. It also has Gold Strike – a bowling recreation area inside the mall with six fully electronic tracks. The mall also hosts a Strike Bar along with a themed bar that offers large verities of drinks and cocktails and ideal place for office meetings and family functions. The shopping mall has a fitness club from Smart Fit, and that offers high-value fitness programs at affordable prices. It also has children play area called Pirlimpimpim, and that is helpful for the parents to leave the children in the playground and continue to shopping.


The mall has hundreds of retail stores and food courts that offer local as well as exotic cuisines. Many international fast food chain outlets such as Amore di latte, Burger King, Bonaparte, Camarão & Cia, Capital Steak House, Douglas Burger, Mc Donalds, and more operate inside the mall. The mall also provides various services including banking, public defender, sewing, job, driver’s license, barber shop, police register, cell phone, and more. Santiago also opened another shopping mall in the city in 2013 – Mangeira Shopping. Both the malls enhanced the business prospects of the city and opened more choices for the citizens. Santiago completed his graduation in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa before foraying to the retail industry.

How Does Jose Borghi Manage Mullen Lowe Advertising?

The Mullen Lowe advertising company has been a major force in South America for some time, and it is important that the company continues to grow. This article explains how Jose Borghi has managed the company through these major growth spurts. This article shows that it has the best track record for business advertising, and there is a look at how widespread the company is across the world.


#1: The Company Has Many Offices

There are many offices of this company around the world, and each of them has been placed where they believe the company may do the most good. Customers will come to their local offices for help, and they will find that they may collaborate with someone who works in that local office. Going outside the South American market is an important part of what Jose has done for his company and more information click here.


#2: The Design Of The Ads

There are many creative people working for Mullen Lowe who produce ads and ideas every day for clients. Someone who has questions about their accounts may ask at any time, and there are many people who need a fresh perspective on their business’ image or logo. Changing the logo or coloring of a business helps everyone involved, and there are many people who benefit because they have a new look fore their company that anyone will respect.

There are many people who will be happy with the way their companies look when they have worked with Mullen Lowe, and they may consult directly with Jose Borghi on their accounts. They will build a number of new ideas that change the landscape of their industries, and they will feel a change in the way they are perceived after they have allowed Mullen Lowe to take over as their advertising and marketing partner and learn more about Borghi.

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Bob Reina: He Is Leading The Way

Bob Reina is big on the future, as he knows the impact it can have on future generations. He is always looking ahead and in his own words, he is always looking for the next big thing. He knows it is out there and he knows it exists. He wants to find it and he wants to create it. He loves to create things and see them get off the ground and become something truly special. When he created and founded Talk Fusion back in 2007, he had high hopes for it and believed in it, but I would venture to say it has passed even his expectations.


Talk Fusion is a video communications provider, which can be used on Android or Apple devices, and it features video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. One of the most richly rewarding aspects of the job is when Bob Reina gets to hear from his customers. He loves to hear from people that have used Talk Fusion and it has changed their life for the better. It has given them a new lease on life, so to speak. They thought they had no way out of their job or no way out of their current situation. Learn more:


Little did they know, something was right under their nose, waiting for them and waiting to improve their quality of living. So often, people spend time stuck at work and they work so hard with little to show for it. Yes, they have provided for their families, which is important, but they never see a raise and they never see anything that makes them feel as if they are doing anything truly special to them. Families notice the difference in someone when they use Talk Fusion and how they have an extra bounce in their step. Learn more:


That is called happiness and joy. They are doing something they love and they are doing something they feel like they were put on this earth to do. Whatever it is, they have found it and they are going to let it shine for the whole world to see. Learn more:



George Soros Explores The Global Political Landscape

The global political landscape is the preserve of politicians and a few wealthy political donors who have taken it upon themselves to help engage in the political process. One area of concern for many people who believe the democratic process should be protected at all times is how much influence major political donors have at any time, which has led to the establishment of PAC’s such as the “End Citizens United” group that has developed a growing grassroots following; George Soros is often cited as a major political donor who wields a large amount of influence on the U.S. Democratic Party and a range of global groups looking to highlight the problems of human rights abuses and democratic causes across the planet. Unknown to many is the fact George Soros is a supporter of the “End Citizens United” PAC after being left with the feeling the amount of influence that could be bought through politics was “odious”. Read more about George’s life story at

Politico reports the power George Soros gained through politics allowed him to pledge more than $27 million to the U.S. Presidential campaign of Senator John Kerry in 2004, the main reason given for the support provided for Kerry was the opposition to the invasion of Iraq ordered by incumbent President George W. Bush. Initially, Soros stated the 2004 election campaign was an exception and would rarely be repeated by him as he hoped the rise of right wing extremism had been extinguished with the election of the first African American President in Barrack Obama. In 2015 and 2016, George Soros rose again as a political donor in his bid to make sure the people of the U.S. were protected from what has been described as the “alt right”, which Soros believes had already played a key role in the “Brexit” decision in the U.K. and the misinformation provided about the refugee issue facing the European Union. Read his profile at Business Insider.

The donations made by George Soros have always been of a high level as he is estimated to have given some $13 billion to his own charitable network, the Open Society Foundations. During the 2016 election cycle in the U.S., George Soros provided more than $25 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the many different groups dedicated to helping her become the first female U.S. President. Soros was not limited in his political giving to simply backing Clinton, but instead found himself supporting Democrat and liberal candidates standing for election to state and local level positions of office within the U.S. criminal justice system; criminal justice has been a major concern for George Soros for a number of years as he feels a lack of minority candidates for local roles has led to a system favoring rich white males over all other genders, races, and religions.

Get Good As Sawyer Howitt In Racquetball

Anyone who is interested and really gets into racquetball may or may not have heard of Sawyer Howitt. Ever since he was at Lincoln High in Oregon he’s dedicated all of his time learning about the game and training for it.

If you’re looking to get good at racquetball then you’re going to have to set out time just like Sawyer Howitt did and find your motivation. You have to know what drives you and keep that with you at all times. One of the things that helps a lot of individuals out is getting a personal trainer. Not only do they help motivate you, but they know all of the workouts you need to do as well as how to do them right.

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You don’t ever have to worry about a bad stance or posture as long as you have one around. Another thing they help out with is your diet, knowing what nutrients you need and recommending the right types of food for you to eat. Once you have that down, the rest is up to you coming up with new techniques and studying who you’re going up against. Combining all of these factors will surely make you a better racquetball player in the long run.

Sawyer Howitt is definitely a great role model, not only for racquetball players and athletes but for entrepreneurs too. Sawyer always wanted to follow in his parents footsteps and start his own company. His parent’s company Oregan Chai is available nation wide and has always been an inspiration for him. He’s currently in school right now for his degree in entrepreneurial finance.

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Organizations In Defense of Human Rights

It seems that the basic human rights we enjoy may once again be under attack. Many Americans were appalled to see that in this day and age the so called “Leaders of the Free World” could place a man in the White House with such antiquated prejudices concerning race, gender and color. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Despite the best effort of Donald Trump and his numerous supporters, hatred is not as popular today as it may have been at some point. Today there are more and more organizations that have banded together to stem the tide of racism and discrimination and fought for social equality and civil liberties.

If you are among those who believe that tolerance and social reforms are the correct way address the pressing needs of the country, then you are not alone. This article will introduce to you some of the likeminded citizens who think of the future of this great country.

Border Angels

From San Diego, CA to Brownsville, TX, the border between the US and Mexico is a hotbed of activity. This is where the Border Angels are in operation. This non-profit organization works to protect the rights of migrants and refugees. They also hold regular educational seminars and other programs that work to establish a connection with people in need.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles

Called CHIRLA for short, the coalition works in the Los Angeles Area to improve the plight of refugees and migrants that arrive here each year from all corners of the globe. CHIRLA works to defend civil, humane and labor right for those in the region and also sets up programs to educate those who arrive on their right.

National Immigration Law Center

Immigrants with a very low income can take advantage of the skills and experience of the National Immigration Law Center. This group focuses on litigation and policy analysis. Volunteers give of their time and expertise when defending the rights of those in need. Check out the National Immigration Law Web Site for more information.

Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights

Not too many people are aware of the vast number of children who arrive in the US each year without parents or guardians. These children have an especially difficult challenge and the Young Center for Immigration Children offers programs where volunteers can take these needy children under their wing and provide support and guidance.

The Lacey and Larkin Border Fund

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey operate a financial aid foundation that provides for the various human rights groups that operate in the Arizona border area. The two journalists founded the Phoenix New Time and the Village Voice. When they were granted a sizable sum of money from a negotiated compensation for abuse of authority, they donated this settlement to ensure the injustices are never repeated.

In Closing

If you agree that the harsh perspectives and aggression against people of racial and social difference is a poor managerial approach, then you should know you aren’t alone. Nevertheless, there are plenty who have given of their time and skills to the promotion and institution of social reforms and fair immigration laws. Get in touch with those working to make the world a better place in your part of the world.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

UKV PLC’s Tour of French Wines

The UK based wine company UKV PLC excels in acquiring and selling investment quality wines from around the world. You can rely on the wine consultants at UKV PLC to guide your total wine experience. UKV PLC can guide you on which wines to buy, what to pair them with, or when to sell prized bottles.

UKV PLC carries bonded fine wine and champagnes, such as Bordeaux, and authentic Champagne. Clients who purchase wine through UKV PLC reap many benefits; the wine consultants impart expert knowledge on wine pairings and ideal times to make a purchase or sale.The wine consultants at UKV PLC will meet their clients at the offices, or conveniently at the clients’ homes.

UKV PLC recommends that beginners familiarize themselves with a few notable regions: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire.


The Burgundy region of France has a strong reputation for producing both red and white wines. Pinot Noir grapes produce earthy Burgundy reds, while Chardonnay grapes produce fruity Burgundy whites. Burgundy wines can fetch quite high prices, especially the unique Côte de Beaune Chardonnay.


Due to its location on the Atlantic coast, Bordeaux traditionally ships its medium-bodied red wines to different countries. Most Bordeaux wines are a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, or Merlot grapes. Prices vary greatly in this region.


Not all sparkling wines are correctly considered Champagne. Champagne wine must come from the Champagne region of northeastern France. Winemakers in this area often use a traditional double-fermentation process, due to the cold climate.


The Loire region of France spreads across 87 islands along the Loire River. These appellations produce a truly varied spectrum of wines, from Muscadet (a light white wine) to Sauvignon blanc.

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