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Shafik Sachedina, Chairman of Sussex Healthcare

As the Chairman of Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina has a busy job. No stranger to hard work, Shafik believes in giving the best every day. He is instrumental in the day to day operations of this private care home for seniors. Under his direction, Sussex Healthcare care homes strive to create a homey atmosphere where patients will feel comfortable, at ease and right at home. He insists on the highest quality of everything from facility furnishings, food served and nursing care. These homes encourage each personal resident to function at the level that they desire and can reasonably perform.

Shafik Sachedina gets excited when he speaks of his beloved care home residents. He ensures that there is always something stimulating for these residents to participate in. This includes exercise options, cookery classes, music appreciation, theater and dance productions and arts and crafts. As most of the residents are seniors, he has instituted a memory reminiscent group that aids individuals in mental functioning. These sessions often bring great comfort to residents who sometimes have difficulty remembering things from their past. In the specialised care homes devoted to dementia patients, there are also environmental cues to aid in memory work. This includes personal memory boxes where each resident can keep pictures and other items on display.

Sussex Healthcare opened in 1985. Since then, this healthcare group has expanded its physical sites and the services that they offer. There is now care facilities specially designed for individuals that suffer from brain injuries, learning disabilities and other forms of disabilities. These care homes are set up with safety instituted at all times. Special safety and security processes and devices keep the residents safe and feeling at ease. All of the care homes operated by Sussex Healthcare are gorgeous and have beautiful furnishings, properties and even gardens that the residents often use.

Shafik Sachedina has a degree in dental medicine by a well regarded learning institution. He has performed countless numbers of dental procedures and surgeries over the years. His unique medical background gives Shafik the necessary knowledge to provide exemplary medical and other care.

MB2 Dental Is Giving Dentists the Opportunity to Grow and Scale Their Businesses

MB2 Dental is a special dental firm. It is unique because they work on cultivating autonomy for their dentists. Autonomy is very important if you want to run a dental practice efficiently and effectively. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, the founder of MB2 Dental, says that technology plays an important role for dentists. Online forums and groups allow dentists to communicate with each other and support each other. They can share information about what works and what does not. Dr. Villanueva explains that autonomy is important because healthcare is, at its core, a local initiative. It is not something that should be controlled by a board of businessmen who never stepped foot into the practice and do not know a thing or two about how to treat patients. That is why unlike other dental corporations that force its dentists to do things and to work according to their rules in exchange for resources, MB2 Dental aways lets their dentists have the final say in every decision, whether it is related to the medical side of their practice, namely treating patients, or whether it is related to the business side of their practice, such as marketing. At the end of the day, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva explains, the practice is a reflection of the owner. The dentist is the owner. MB2 Dental provides resources, guidance, support, and advice, but it is up to the owner to make the final decisions regarding the thing that he or she owns, and

This is unlike a corporate group structure, which is how dental firms usually operate. In those cases, the dentist may not be able to decide for himself or herself which insurances to accept and which not to accept. At MB2 Dental, though, dentists have full autonomy in everything. By having the ability to focus on what is important to them and take off their shoulders the burden of taking care of the business side of their practice, dentists are able to scale their business and grow it. For example, many affiliates of MB2 Dental are able to open up additional locations, which would be very hard for a dentist who would need to use his or her precious time in order to focus on managing and running both locations. That is why it is so uncommon for a private practitioner to have two branches, and more information click here.

Louis Chenevert: Respected Executive from Canada

Louis R. Chenevert is a renowned Canadian businessman who later on became an executive. He was the chairman and CEO of one of the largest technology companies on the planet – the United Technologies Corporation – until he stepped down in 2014. The United Technologies Corporation, or UTC for short, is a global player when it comes to the research, development, and production of high-end technology products. They focus on several markets and industries, creating several types of machinery including airplane engines, aerospace systems, HVAC systems, elevators, escalators, fire systems, security systems, and other building systems and industrial systems that are presently used within the society. Louis R. Chenevert made the company one of the fastest growing technology firms, and under his leadership, it has grown exponentially. One of the reasons for their sudden growth was the contract initiated by Louis R. Chenevert and was offered to the United States Military. The reputation that they have made also resulted in the rise of clients who are contacting them for their products and services.

Born in Canada, Louis R. Chenevert decided to take up his Bachelor’s degree in one of the largest universities in the country. He later transferred to the United States because he has seen so much opportunity in the country. Because of his passion for working in the corporate world, he decided to apply at General Motors where he would be serving different positions for almost 15 years. He would later on transferred to UTC because of their offer, and because he wanted to share something revolutionary, that will change the way a man would live. Louis R. Chenevert worked for 12 years under the supervision of UTC, and now he is retired.

Many people around the world are in debt with the kindness that Louis R. Chenevert showed them. Under his leadership, he ordered several departments to help thousands of employees working for the UTC to go back to school and learn something new. Through giving scholarships, UTC now created their own set of engineers who are helping to make the world a better place.

Experience the Beauty of Anti-Aging Care with Jeunesse Global

While it is a biological fact that we will all grow older, this does not mean that we have to accept everything that tends to come with aging. There is no reason for example why we should have to say that we accept our wrinkles, sagging skin, or age spots. We can definitely fight back against such things if we wish to.

Jeunesse Global is the answer for those who are having their struggles with the process of aging. This company was founded in 2009 with the mission of making the lives of their customers better. It was brought into this world by two people who had been retired. However, they had a dream and wanted to share it with the world. They decided to leave their comfortable retirement in order to provide excellent beauty and anti-aging products to the masses. We are all much better off because of this decision.

The Y.E.S. or Youth Enhancement System is what Jeunesse Global bases their business model on. It is a collection of products that they make which treat the various issues that one might face when it comes to aging. Each individual product targets a specific issue that a person may face when they are aging.

Good examples of Jeunesse Global products are Instantly Ageless and AM/PM Essentials. Instantly Ageless is a cream that you rub on your face to get rid of annoying wrinkles and other signs of aging for a while. It helps to cover up and smooth out those wrinkles. This can get you through any business meeting or other important event that you need to attend without being self-conscious about your appearance while you are there.

AM/PM Essentials is a daily supplement that a person can take to help them wake up in the morning or get to sleep at night. It has special ingredients that help with these particular issues. A lot of the population as a whole could benefit from that.

If you think that Jeunesse Global products may be for you, get in touch with a distributor in your area to sell you the products you need.

George Soros And The Philantrophy That Gave His Rise

There are just countless articles you can read today about George Soros. However, how many of them can you really trust? Would you be able to get an accurate set of information about what he’s doing right now with his professional life?

It’s also relevant to put here what he’s doing with his academic and literary life. Articles that don’t contain this information could make it hard for you to understand what really is going on with his life. In this article, we will fix that. Shall we start?

The Demonization of Philanthropy

In the article from the Atlantic, it was shown that there are many countries today that have so many issues with philanthropy. They see it as something that we should be wary of, and they can be something that will interfere with the organic things that a community runs.

It is also another issue that was discussed in The Atlantic article that he got his massive wealth from a lucky trade deal in the stock market. It was also discussed in the section that George Soros claimed that he would give all his fortune in the trade to prevent the presidency of George W. Bush.

In the end, he did well to his word by donating $27 million for Democratic purposes. Right now one of the largest things that George Soros did was he donated millions of dollars of wealth for his Open Society Foundations.

The Write-up of George Soros Himself

It was also a good topic of discussion the fact that George Soros wrote in The Atlantic himself about how he wants to donate all his money to open up diversity in cultures and politics in the whole world.

He wants his money to create various truths that will not cause interference and conflict with one another. It has been his vision to make sure that money will be spent in furthering the concerns of the various citizens of the world.

History of Philanthropy

It is essential to include in this article the fact that there are now many political achievements and social progress that the philanthropy of George Soros has done.

One of them was the creation of various schools and training programs that help people understand their culture more. There is also a creation of more tolerant governments and political set-ups because of what George Soros has done.

The history of George Soros’ philanthropy may have started in South Africa in 1979, which since then has become the money that has pushed the mission of Open Society Foundations to over 100 countries.

It may also be essential to include in this write-up the series of assemblage that George Soros has built with his programs. The democratic communities have been beleaguered with challenges and with the help of George Soros, it is now easy for democratic institutions to get what they aim.

It is also part of George Soros’ philanthropy that he makes things by a set of democratic ideals. Good thing this is something that George has really mastered already with his years of service.

George Soros’s Social Media:

Dallas, Brazilian Butt Lifts & Is It For You

Feeling attractive is a great way to enhance your self-esteem and feeling attractive can drastically raise your confidence. When it comes to your bum, everybody would love to have a sexy backside. Yes, there are a number of ways to achieve this, but all ways aren’t the same. Weight-training and exercise is a great way to build a sexy butt, but exercising takes a lot of time, determination and discipline. On the other hand, people can opt for implants, which has gained in popularity over the past decade. The last option would be is to get a butt lift.

Butt lifts can be achieved in only a fraction of the time, especially when being compared to exercising. There will be some downtime because this is still a surgical procedure. Patients may be given painkillers as well as antibiotics to fight any possible infections. During the surgical process, local and general anesthesia will be applied. Patients will either choose to have a traditional butt lift or a Brazilian butt lift. The traditional butt lift will have many different incisions such as lower, upper and butterfly incisions. Tissue and fat can be removed during this time as well as the rearrangement of muscle tissue. The Brazilian butt lift is less invasive, and it does a great job of balancing out the butt. Surgeons will be removing and injecting fat from one part of the body to the other. Incisions are also very small.


As with all surgical procedures, the body will need to heal without being stressed. The surgeon will give you informative information on what to do and for what not to do. Patients will need assistance in getting back home, so having a designated driver is best. Compression garments, sterile gauges and surgical drains will be used during the healing process.


Brilliant Cosmetic Surgeon, Sam Jejurikar

In the medical industry there are many very hard working people all throughout the various aspects of the field of medicine. Some of the least thought of are those physicians and surgeons that practice plastic surgery. One of the most outstanding within the field of cosmetic surgery is Sam Jejurikar.


There are approximately 100 million medical patients in America that use websites that give them a forum to provide feedback on their physicians. Only the highest rated physicians in both their bedside manner as well as overall performance are awarded the Compassionate Doctor certification and Dr. Jejurikar is a recipient of this honor, one that only 3% of the almost 900,000 physicians active in America will receive.


Dr. Sam Jejurikar is currently an active physician with the Pine Creek Medical Center as well as the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Jejurikar focuses his expertise on the eyes, nose, mouth, face, body and breast augmentation. He was educated at the University of Michigan Medical School in addition to also doing his residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers.


Dr. Jejurikar is one of the rare plastic surgeons that really cares about his patients and holds a true passion for his work and his ability to help patients achieve their desires, from simply appearing more youthful to completely changing the appearance, his attention to detail and compassion allow him to always give his patients the very best results.


Not only does he help his patients locally, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is able to use his skills as a brilliant surgeon to help those less fortunate. He has been a participating member of many missions in addition to an annual trip to Bangladesh to help impoverished children there get the proper medical care they need with the help of the organization Smile Bangladesh.


CTCA is Working with WebMD to Promote More Cancer Information for Online Users

The faces behind Cancer Treatment Centers of America are busy everyday working to find a cure for cancers. This healthcare organization has had much success in coming up with new ways to fight this complex disease. Education on cancer is very important to the people working for CTCA. Lately, they have expanded their educational reach on cancer statistics, disease symptoms, cancer treatments, latest researches and more. They have joined hands with the already well known by online users WebMD online site to promote their message. This is one more way that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is willing to share and join forces with other leaders in healthcare to further the education of cancer topics.

WebMD has already been online for many years promoting information on healthcare and other like related topics. It makes sense that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is sharing its wide wealth of cancer information with this online site to better spread the news that people everywhere need to hear. More people than ever before do their research online. This includes healthcare research. This is not always a good thing as there are many scare tactic websites that seek to scare the public with information that is typically not even true. This is why CTCA teamed with reputable WebMD as they are one of the finer websites known to provide provable information. It is hoped that this combined effort will then reach those younger members of society that tend to only use the Internet for their research. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long believed that patient knowledge will save more lives. In this manner, CTCA and WebMD is providing the public a useful service that hopefully will impact more people into talking with their healthcare providers should they recognize any of the reported information online.