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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A Role Model

People often look for role models. A role model is someone who help show others how to get the goals they want from life. Dr. Jennifer Walden knows all about setting goals and becoming a role model in her own life. During the course of her long career in the field of modern medicine, she’s become used to showing people how determination and dedication can be used to well to get an enviable career. Growing up in a supportive family environment taught her how to use her personal skills to carve out an impressive career path. She’s been able to harness her own talents to help others get the surgical help they need. As one of only a handful of women practicing the art and skill of plastic surgery, she’s also someone who knows how to deal with field that is known to be tough and emerge on top of it.

Lots of Grit

Grit is a quality that enables people to focus on a specific task and overcome obstacles that may lie in their path. Dr. Walden has repeatedly shown that grit is something she embraces in her own life. She studied hard in school and was admitted to the University of Texas medical school. Once there, she repeatedly demonstrated dedication to her chosen field of study. After completing her degree and furthering her education, she’s earned the right to call herself a great plastic surgeon. Women everywhere can admire her skills and support her achievements. Her own patients appreciate just how much she’s dedicated to their well being. This is why she has a long list of very grateful patients. They come to her for results. She helps them overcome obstacles in their own lives and emerge with a sense of confidence to match her own personal excellence. His facebook page

How Whitney Wolfe Changed the Dating Game Quality level:

Whitney Wolfe is totally changed the game when it comes to dating apps. She has allowed singles to find a new way to connect with someone that they are interested in. The bar and the club scene has no thrill for many millennials, and Whitney Wolfe has provided proof of that with the highly popular Bumble app where people are meeting and connecting with potential singles in the area.

The thing that has really made Bumble popular is all of the premium features that have become part of this app. It allows people to set up free accounts and search within a distance that is within a hundred-mile radius, but it is restricted beyond that. Anyone that wants to search a wider geographical area will have to sign up for Bumble Boost. This is where Whitney Wolfe has be in able to make her money. She has allowed people to get more out of Bumble with a Bumble Boost account. This may be one of the things that keeps people that are looking for dates outside of their geographical range interested in that.

There are many people that travel and they may not stay in the same place for a long time. They may be actually looking for someone that is in another area outside of where they live. This is why the Bumble boost accounts are growing.

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is someone that knows how to market a dating app. While many other entrepreneurs have set back and simply watched users signup or delete accounts, Whitney Wolfe has done more. She has made sure that people recognize the Bumble app is an app for dating, but it also allows people to engage in other social media aspects such as networking and friendship building.

Whitney Wolfe maybe one of those entrepreneurs that is always looking ahead for the next best thing. Right now she plans to innovate Bumble in a way where dating apps will be less about sexual harassment and more about empowering women to make the first move. This is already what Wolfe has been able to show with Bumble, and now it appears that she is changing the game by allowing singles to gain a greater sense of safety with her app. Anyone that signs up for Bumble must have a Facebook account and they must have a certain number of friends before joining.

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Sujit Choudhry is invited to Kiev, Ukraine

Professor at the University of California Berkeley School of Law and Director of the Center for Constitutional Transition, Sujit Choudhry was one of the experts invited to Kiev, Ukraine to discuss their executive powers. Professor Sujit Choudhry felt this meeting was a great privilege and explained the importance of having these meetings. With the rise in transitional democracies making constitutions these gatherings give them evidence based options to help support them through a constitutional reform process. Sujit Choudhry also stated that he felt Ukraine was having trouble because of several areas like weak political parties, a concentration of power, the legislatures electoral system, and the Prime Minister and President causing a separation in power. Additional article on

Sujit Choudhry has lectured and advised many countries all over the world in his more than twenty years experience working on the constitutional process. Some of the countries that he has lectured or advised is Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, South Africa, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Ukraine. Mr. Choudhry has a very large range in research that has to do with constitutional law including how to manage a transition away from violence, designing a constitution for ethnically divided societies, secession and decentralization, semi-presidentialism, the rights of minorities and other groups,bills of rights, and federalism. On many of these topics Sujit Choudhry has had book chapters, articles and work reports published, check for his latest tweets.  Some those published works are Migration of Constitutional Ideas that was published in 2006 and Constitutional Making that was published in 2016.  Constitutional Making is a group of academic articles and case studies on constitutional law. Related article on

As well as everything else Sujit Choudhry is also a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster, and IFIT or International Advisory Council of the Institute for Integrated Transitions. But currently Mr. Choudhry is co-leader of three research projects that are due to publish their findings soon.

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Rocketship Education: Transforming the Educational System

Rocketship Education is a network of educational institutions that was established in 2007 specializing in the development of the student’s potential so that they can use it to their advantage. The school began as a community school that later expanded, and it is now building new branches, putting the total number of schools across the United States at 18. Rocketship Education has 12 schools in the state of California, three schools in the state of Tennessee, one school in the state of Wisconsin, and two schools located in the American capital. Rocketship Education orders its teachers not to follow the traditional learning style, but they are encouraged to create and introduce new methods of learning, to ensure that the students would have a great time learning and developing their talents.

Rocketship Education promotes itself as a huge family – including the students, the parents, the teachers, the school personnel, and even the community. To ensure that the performance of their students is not affected by problems at home, Rocketship Education requires their teachers to visit the homes of their students and observe how they act inside their house. Rocketship Education wanted to make sure that their students are in good hands, even if they are at home. By immersing to the family of their students, the teachers can develop their teaching methods that would help the student become better in his or her academics.

Rocketship Education is also promoting their five-point principle that will help the students become better citizens in the future. These aspects are authentic, interactivity, tenacity, perseverance, and innovation. The students at Rocketship Education know that if they master these five principles, they will become part of the responsible population who are thinking about solutions rather than being a problem.

It is truly wonderful if someone sent their kid to a Rocketship Education school. While studying, the child can learn so much, and their love for music, arts, or sports can be enhanced through training. Rocketship Education schools have transformed the way an average American family looks at quality education. The school is proud of their teaching habits, and they stated that some professionals had been produced thanks to their unique way of teaching.

Roberto Santiago – One man, Many Missions

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping in Brazil is easily one of the largest shopping areas. It covers a whopping area 75,000 meters square with 280 stores. Launched in 1989, the Manaira Shopping caters to everything under the sun including hosting an education facility, shopping centers, fitness and food courts. It also has space for weddings and conferences. The parking alone can accommodate 3000 cars. It is virtually a mini-city in its own right.



The roof of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping contains the Domus Hall, a large concert hall. It is an architectural marvel and can seat up to 4000 people seated and an even greater number of 10,000 people when standing. This concert hall is an area for entertainment as well as cultural promotion. The hall displays exhibitions and shows to foster public interest in cultural events. It also has rooms to accommodate people. The Manaira Shopping has gained recognition as the biggest commercial venture of the Paraiba state. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is a landmark structure that caters to the people of not just Joao Pessoa, where it is located, but neighbouring areas as well.



The man behind this huge venture is the multi-talented Roberto Santiago. His vision and ambition have propelled him to the position of one of the top entrepreneurs of Brazil. He began his career many years ago through the foundation of a cartonnage company. The function of this company was to make cardboard packaging boxes. His company achieved great success under his able guidance and unique vision. He then delved into the allotment zone as well.



His real calling was real estate as exemplified by the substantial gains he has made in this area. The Manaira Shopping mall project was an ambitious and time consuming one. However, it has brought great returns and established Roberto Manaira as a leader in this field. He has further extended his real estate goals through the establishment of Mangabeira shopping, another awe-inspiring venture in 2014.



Manaira is not only a businessman but has a well-rounded personality as well. He is an accomplished sportsperson and has won the kart championship in the past. He also has an active interest in motocross. He is a man of many talents, with blogging as one of his passions.



The Manaira Shopping center is a paragon of excellence and a place where both children as well as adults can visit. There are a multitude of options available to visitors under one roof, ranging from exercise to entertainment. All this is only possible through the planning and implementation of Roberto Manaira, as he visualized and saw through the execution of this giant project with complete confidence. This mall took two years to complete, and its conception and construction were only possible through the vision and commitment of the incomparable Roberto Santiago. He has played a pivotal role in transforming the landscape of Brazil and provided people with a venue for diverse celebrations and enjoyment. These manifold achievements make Roberto Santiago as a remarkable man with many accomplishments.