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Real Estate Becomes Systematic As Part Of Nick Vertucci’s Academy

If you’re new to real estate and never considered going into it as a way to accrue wealth, Nick Vertucci might change your mind. He’s the CEO of the NV Real Estate Academy which has a comprehensive real estate investment program that anyone can grasp with the right application. Vertucci came across real estate without a degree in it, and from the time he made his first purchase till retirement, he did it systematically and unlocked tremendous wealth. The academy teaches attendees the steps from getting financing, partnering with contractors, renovating and selling or renting out purchased properties. The academy focuses on speed in taking the attendees from the classroom into the field and keeping them supported throughout everything.

Nick Vertucci became a real estate investor after many in poverty and several running his own business. His hardships as a young man seemed to be ongoing from the death of his father at age 10 to having to live out of his minivan at age 18. His first good-paying job was selling computer hardware parts which brought him enough income to buy a home for his family. While this success did bring temporary happiness, it didn’t last when the dot-com bubble brought the 2000 recession. Nick Vertucci began to search for any way at all to stop his debt from building too high and losing his house, and it was a three-day conference he heard about that became his saving grace.

Nick Vertucci came away from that conference with more knowledge of real estate than he ever thought he could know, and with his newfound inspiration he began buying buildings. Before long he found out the returns gained from renting and reselling were beyond any salary he picked up as a computer salesman, and in just a couple years he had tackled what he thought was insurmountable debt. But the real reward for Vertucci has been knowing his system at the academy has helped others build their own wealth.