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Bruno Fagali Career Specialization

Unlike in the past where finding a qualified lawyer was difficult, today we have countless qualified and certified lawyers. Bruno Fagali is a trusted Brazilian leading attorney who specializes in the field of law which includes; administrative law, ethics, urban law, regulatory law, public law, compliance, and anti-corruption.

Fagali is a well-educated person who studied at the University of Sao Paulo. While in the university, he focused on state law and got a degree in masters. Bruno’s career as a lawyer started when he got an internship program at the office of the law firm. His work, as an intern, was based on solving procedural cases on the issues of family law and domestic violence.

After working for three years, Bruno moved to another law firm where he worked for one year. There he handled cases of administrative law, regulatory law, biding law, and other public law cases. This was the first time Bruno worked on a full-time schedule as an attorney.

Later, Fagali joined attorney associates where he worked for two years at a full-time position. He worked on cases involving administrative laws as well as regulatory. Later in 2012, Bruno was lucky enough to acquire his first position as a lawyer.

He worked at the attorney associates for two years while doing contacts, administrative appeals, civil action and other areas involving public laws. In addition, he presented several cases before the courts and public prosecutors.

After several years of working and gaining experience, Bruno was selected by the advertising agency to become a Corporate Integrity manager. His duty was to implement, manage and design the company’s program of corporate integrity. As a result, he was forced to travel to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo for training activities.

In 2016, Bruno Fagali opened his personal law firm where he operated as an agency. He named it Fagali law firm. Through this agency, Bruno works independently while serving the agency as a corporate integrity manager. Currently, his agency has grown to be one of the most known and trusted in the industry. Bruno is indeed well experienced in his law career and a hard working person.

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Trabuco Bradesco and Nonstop Diligence

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco is a name that many people throughout Brazil in South America hear on a routine basis. That’s because Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the name of one of the huge country’s most prominent figures. He was Bradesco Bank’s attentive President for nine full years. Bradesco Bank has the distinction of being a major financial institution in Brazil. People are in many cases hard-pressed to find Brazilians who don’t have great familiarity with it. Trabuco Bradesco is a Marilia, Sao Paulo native who was born in October of 1951 in that same place. He has a well-rounded education that empowers him to be a sensation in the financial services field. It’s empowered him to be one for many fruitful years as well. Trabuco Bradesco got hired as a clerk for the establishment when he was at the tender age of 17. This was back toward the end of the sixties. He was a keen worker for the bank for about 15 years or so. His hard work over time paid off. That’s due to the fact that he was recruited as a marketing director. He did so much for the company in that time period. He actually took its communication approach to a different tier. He made its media connection markedly stronger and harder to break as well.

Trabuco Bradesco is a sincere Chief Executive Officer who indicates that the firm is going to select his successor from people who already work for it. It’s not going to search for brand new faces in any way. Lazaro Brandao is the name of a widely known chairman who bid farewell to the company not too long ago. Bradesco Bank isn’t a faraway concept to the people of Brazil. It’s a private lending institution that doesn’t have many rivals. Only one private lending institution in the entire nation is bigger.

This established professional is still a big presence within the Bradesco Bank team. He is part of the company’s Council at the moment. He’s actually even the individual who takes charge of it. His efforts are strong and consistent.

OSI Group: An Immigrants Success Story

Answering the call of demand..

OSI Group or Industries is nothing less than an immigrant success story. Sadly it’s a story that hasn’t been told as much as it should have been, here’s why. If you ask the average person who OSI Group is, the majority of them wouldn’t have the slightest clue. A company with 65 facilities in 17 different countries, and a payroll of about 20,000 employees, this without a doubt makes them one of the world’s largest food distributors, and most people do not know who they are. If you asked the same group of people if they have ever heard of McDonald’s, you would probably find that an overwhelming majority of them have. Interesting enough, OSI Group is the main food manufacturer and supplier for McDonald’s, and why wouldn’t they be. McDonald’s has thousands of locations in every city, state, and country, and with that kind of demand for food, they are one of the only companies who are capable of supplying those type of resources.

OSI Group started back before World War 1, in Chicago, Illinois, in 1909, which was considered by many to be the main entry point across America for most German Immigrants, trying to pursue a future in farming and agriculture. OSI Group started as a small meat market by its German owner Kolschowsky, and continued its successful business strategies for the next 20 years and opened up new locations. It was at this time that they took on a new name, Otto & Sons. By the end of the 2nd World War, Otto & Sons planted its feet in the economy so deep that it grew roots that became a necessity for the demand in the country at that time. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

OSI was a creation of the franchise business model that was birthed in the 1950’s. This new venture was being led by Richard and Maurice McDonald who soon became partners with Kolschowsky, and together started to grow and prosperous business in a much-needed market by franchising the food industry. They are a great example of what a vision and hard work can become with persistence. 100 years later, their name stands for the same foundational vision that it was planted on. For OSI, blood, sweat, and tears has been the recipe for success in the land of opportunity and opposition.

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Wes Edens, Chairman and Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is an American businessperson, private equity investor and the owner of a sports team. He is one of the founders and chairman of Fortress Investment Group, co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks, a National Basketball Association in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He studied Finance and Business Administration at Oregon State University and graduated in 1984. In 2017, the 45-year-old businessman was ranked 369 on the Forbes Billionaires list and was estimated to be worth $2.5 billion in 2007.

Eden began his financial career in 1987 at Lehman Brothers. He worked as the managing director to 1993. He then moved to BlackRock Asset Investors, a renowned finance company, where he worked as the managing director and partner until 1997. Wes Eden began his career at Fortress Investment Group, which is currently one of the largest alternative asset managers in the world in 1998. He was one of the five chief partners who founded the company. These were Peter Bridger, Randal Nardone, Michaell Edward, Robert Kauffmann and Wes Edens. Today, he is one of the seven key stakeholders of Fortress.

In February 2007, Fortress Investment Group was the first company globally to trade buyouts publicly. By 2009, 80 percent share had already been sold out for $600 million. According to a 2007 article on the Wall Street Journal, Eden’s style of investing was described as very creative, his financing and impressive skills when it came to developing new, yet viable businesses from the investments made from Wes Edens’s company were also commended. As reported by Bizjornals on the New York Times, the businessman’s take-home pay is $54.4 million. At one point, he had 63.3 million stock shares at Fortress.

In January 2017, Wes Edens and the other Fortress founders created FlyQuest, an eSports team which competes at the Championship Series Springleaf. The purchasing of AIG’s American General Finance is attributed to Wes Edens. This made Springleaf Holdings’ value to rise to $3.5 billion by 2015. The $124 million 2010 investment had now increased by 27 percent. In August 2010, Fortress purchased 80% of Springleaf for $125 million. This significantly built the company’s private equity unit.

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The Rise of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Banco Bradesco founded in 1943 by Amador Aguiar is one of the biggest banks in Brazil and is a bank known for loyal employees and innovative business methods. The founder was also responsible for the Bradesco Foundation which provides education and vocational training to more than 100,000 children and adults in Brazil.

Perhaps it’s this sense of philanthropy that motivates employees at Bradesco to spend their entire lives for the prosperity of the organization. The organization not only tries to be a profitable entity but also caters to the varied needs of the entire populace. Be it rich or poor, Bradesco works towards taking care of their financial and banking needs. It’s that strive to provide whatever is required by the customers that made Bradesco the first bank to issue credit cards in Brazil.

No other man exemplifies professional approach of Bradesco like Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Chairman of the Board of Bradesco.  His rise through the ranks of Bradesco reads more like a story than  that of a professional resume. At the age of 18, after completing his Degree in Philosophy, Sociology, and Letters from the University of Sao Paulo, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi entered the Bradesco bank as a low-level employee.

His drive for success made him take a further degree in Socio-Psychology which allowed him to rise up the ranks. His business acumen and excellent work ethic did not go unnoticed by his employer as in 1989, he was promoted to a managing officer. His rise did not stop there as he worked tirelessly for the betterment of the organization and was rewarded with promotions that allowed him to rise through the ranks and become the Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Bank and its subsidiaries and finally the banks Chairman of the board of directors.

As he neared the age limit imposed by the Bradesco bylaws which limited the age of the CEO to be less than 65 years old. Trabuco was tasked with mentoring the future CEO. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, someone who lives the Bradesco way of rewarding loyalty announced that the position would be filled from within. Allowing the loyalty shown by the employee to be rewarded and create space for growth for other employees under them.

It was later announced that the new CEO to be groomed would be Octavio de Lazari Junior who was one of the seven directors considered for the position. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will continue his passionate and loyal service to Bradesco by training, and grooming Octavio de Lazari Junior to be the next Chief Executive Officer.

Excellence In Healthcare: Shafik Sachedina

A very distinct a successful figure is what Shafik Sachedina presents to the world at large. As being a symbol of excellence and a very relevant character in the industry of healthcare and well-being, Shafik has become a symbol that all should behold. Let’s take a look at some brief details of such an interesting figure today.

Being conceived in 1950 in Tanzania, it was only 25 years later that Mr. Shafik Sachedina became qualified as a dental surgeon at the University of London wherein he has practiced for many years. As being a part of the institute’s Board of Governors Mr. Sachedina holds many positions that he utilizes for the Ismaili community. Previously, this extraordinary figure has had many voluntary capacities including two consecutive terms wherein he served as the president of the Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom. Nothing short of impressive as Mr. Shafik has pursued his desires in the highest form possible. A true example of excellence.

Having much experience when it comes to dental surgery, Shafik Sachedina is a qualified dental surgeon. Right now his capacity is serving as the Joint Chairman in the Sussex Healthcare Company and by his very history with all things dentistry, it is of no surprise that Sussex Healthcare is providing dental services to its patients. having moved to England, Shafik became a British National where he now holds many positions and different healthcare companies. While nothing short of successful and amazing this is a man who understands what it means to follow your passions hold true to your visions and never quit in the face of adversity.

Sussex Healthcare is dedicated to providing all clients an exceptional experience in Healthcare. Remarkable and warming are the terms that describe an experience when residing in Sussex. As being dedicated to the rehabilitation and recovery of clients it only serves to know that at the helm is a leader such as Shafik Sachedina. While not having such a remarkable beginning, being that Shafik is from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, he has surely shown the world what it means to be persistent.

In conclusion, having a presence of Mr. Sachedina is a great thing when it comes to providing ultimate care with a quality experience. There are many volumes that can be read of the wonderful pursuits and fantastic endeavors Mr. Shafik has been a part of. We are the beneficiaries of this man of Excellence today.