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Sheldon Lavin Is Working Toward Making OSI More Sustainable

OSI, One of the largest food manufactures in the world, is making efforts in sustainability. Sheldon Lavin CEO Of OSI is at the front of the effort. He has invested in new technologies and strategies to decrease the companies environmental footprint will still remaining efficient. The company has opened several research and development centers to discover the best way to remain sustainable. There is a Culinary Innovation Center in America and China. There is also a separate R&D Office in Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin has also hired Nichole Johson-Hoffman as the sustainable officer a leading role at OSI. Before joining OSI Hoffman was vice president of the Global Roundtable of Sustainable Beef. GRSB was created to increase the welfare of the cows while safeguarding beef, and finding innovated and efficient ways to curtail waste.

OSI has won several awards for its mission of sustainability. They have won the Global Visionary Award, California Green Business Award, British Safety Councils Globe of Honour, and the North Americans Meat Institutions Environmental Award.

Sustainability is even more important to Sheldon Lavin now that the company is making large global strides. OSI has been growing globally since Sheldon Lavin took the CEO position in the early 80’s. In the 80’s and 90’s OSI started a series of expenses into the countries of Brazil, Austria, Mexico, Hungary, Poland and the Pacific Rim. In 1987, OSI began their business with China with a joint venture with K&K foods in Taiwan. A China-based Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise in 1992 in Bejing. In the 1990s and 200s saw the company expand into Australia and India. Today OSI has over 65 facilities in 17 countries. They work with over 20,000 employees. It is ranked the 58th largest private company by Forbes.

Sheldon Lavin has a long history with OSI. In 1970, OSI then called Otto and Sons was seeking funding for expansion. Lavin played a key role in helping fund them. He also acted as a consultant for the company. In 1975 Lavin was made a partner. It was also when Otto and Suns changed to OSI. A year later McDonalds one of OSI Group’s biggest clients asked Lavin to make a full-time commitment. He became chairman and CEO of OSI that year.

Victoria Doramus: Background on her and an Organization She Supports


Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert centered on giving back to the community of hers. She’s self employed in position of a Director of Philanthropy. She’s done that since 2016 in the United Kingdom. She’s also worked for a Film Director and producer for Peter Berg.

Support for Animal Shelters

Victoria Doramus is a recovering addict who’s been though different kinds of complications and disputes. As her recovery journey has started she had figured out how vital it is to assist others. Animals will also need help as well. With that being said Doramus is a supporter of the “Best Friends Animal Society”. What they do is assist animals by assisting to stop the murdering in the animals shelters. This is through forming collaborations and programs of communities worldwide. By collaborating together they believe they have the ability to “Save Them All”.

The story started in the decade of the eighties. What happened was shelters throughout America on a routine murdered dogs and cats as a means of handling pets that people didn’t want. Due to that close to seventeen million animals were murdered each year. The oldest and sickest ones would go first. Those actions got some friends to take some animals who went through that treatment to a place they could heal. Then with some love and good caring, most of they animals found good families with love. The rest of the animals were in a new sanctuary. This went on to being both a society of animal welfare and organization no profit. Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) supports personally the organization because she has a thought that every animal no matter their state needs love. The organizations core is the dream that there will be a day animals won’t get murdered anymore in the animal shelters of America.


Based in San Francisco, The Academy of Art University was started back in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens who was the sunset’s Magazine creative director. This university is the most prominent art university that is privately owned in the United States of America. It has both fulltime teachers and quite a number of part-time teachers who are the majority. The instructors in the institution are highly dedicated to giving the students the best of the best. The University Of Arts has an approximate population of over 12,000 students. The university was accredited in 2007 by the Western Colleges and Schools Association. Additionally, the university is a member of the National Association of Design and Art Schools.

The school offers bachelor degree, masters, and associate in the areas of design, entertainment, fine art and liberal arts. The school has open admissions and an admission rate of over 98%. The students who complete their course successfully are often employed by the likes of Apple, Nixar, and Nike among others. They also have a flexible online studies platform which ensures that students from abroad get a chance to acquire the skills from the university with assistance from instructors. Car design and vehicle restoration are also among the skills imparted in the school.

The university owns an automobile museum with some of the most valuable and rarest vintage cars. Amongst the cars owned by the Academy of Arts University included the Tucker 48 and a Hispano-Suiza H6C. The value of the museum is calculated to be around $70 million.

A number of cars, seven to be specific, from the Art Academy University museum have been put up for auction. The cars collection has only been available to students in car design and restoration department. Pre-war vehicles will be included in the cars being auctioned. The reason behind the auction is to create room for other car designs that students can relate better within the course of their learning. Students will be offered more insights by the new designs to develop future models. The school’s museum will soon be open to the public at large which raises the need to include a wide range of car models for a more significant public appeal.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and Osteoarthritis Suffers

Ira Kirschenbaum, MD is a specialist in minimally invasive joint replacements and recontructions. He trained at The Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is now practicing in New York, in a town called White Plains.

Dr. Kirschenbaum has created many instruments for different types of hip and knee replacement and reconstructive surgeries. He even holds trademarks and is the actually inventor of some surgical equipment.

Ira Kirschenbaum, MD has an interview on YouTube about his alternatives to complete knee replacements. The video opens with information on a patient, explaining his active lifestyle and sport activities which leads to knee pain for him. Dr. Kirschenbaum then comes on explaining about knee resurfacing. Resurfacing instead of replacing the knee in it’s entirety is when they resurface one end of the bone with metal and a high-density medical plastic on the other side of the bone.

The knee has three different compartments and in his video, he tells that when only one part of the knee is damaged, then they have the ability to resurface just that one compartment. There is minimal trauma when only one of the compartments have surgery performed. Dr. Kirschenabum also notes, when a total knee replacement fails, the only alternative is to replace the knee again. If there is an issue with the resurfacing, then there is room to continue to correct things with additional resurfacing. The downfall, this type of procedure is not useful for patients with severe arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Kirschenbaum goes on to explain that 70% of patients with knee pain, have osteoarthritis damage to only one compartment and make great surgery candidates.


On the Rise of Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group

American Wes Edens is one of the most successful individuals around when it comes to business and investing. He is an important figure within Fortress Investment Group, an organization that he is proud to have co-founded about two decades ago. Nationstar Mortgage benefits significantly from having Edens as its chairman, and so does Springleaf Financial Services. These are both popular lenders when it comes to home equity mortgages.

The NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks are currently thriving under Wes Eden’s ownership, and so is his professional eSports team, which is known as FlyQuest. Basketball and League of Legends may be very different games, but, nevertheless, Edens has found that investing in competitive teams is a great alternative investment opportunity and can bring strong profits. In the United Kingdon, Wes Edens and an Egyptian investor collectively took a majority stake in the Aston Villa Football Club. This is a competitive soccer team may very well be competing in the ever-popular Premier League very soon. Edens has a great track record when it comes to his sports investments, and it is doubtful that Aston Villa will be any different.

Wes Edens holds a business and finance degree from Oregon State University, which he got in 1984. His professional career began inside the Lehman Brothers’ organization, where he impressively worked his way into the managing director role in only six years at the company. 1993 saw Edens join Blackrock Asset Investors, where he worked proudly until 1997. Fortress Investment, the private equity firm that made him the bulk of his enormous fortune, was co-founded by Edens and his partners a year later in 1998. Much like Wes Edens’ personal investment strategy, alternative investments were soon added to the company’s already successful private equity endeavors.

Another endeavor by Fortress Investment Group and Wes Edens is the Brightline rail company, which is currently seeking to increase public transportation options for citizens in Florida, but there is hope for expanding the company’s routes to other states as well. Aston Villa: Wes Edens & Nassef Sawiris to make ‘significant investment’ in club

The Malcolm Casselle Effect

Malcolm Casselle serves as president of WAX, and Chief officer for OPSKINS. Prior to this, he was the Chief Technology Officer as well as president of New Ventures Inc. While there, he was the leader for start up businesses in the digital industry. A few of the Casselle-led operations were: Groupon’s collaborative project with Tencent-China and MediaPass as well as Xfire. Some of Malcolm Casselle’s investments have bee Facebook, ZYNGA and more recently bitcoin-related companies.

He was an early investor in all of these businesses. Malcolm earned a bachelors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Masters degree from Stanford University. His progressive spirit pushes him and has helped everyones whose done business with him. He has played a role in over 30 investments and keeps assisting companies at the ground level. Malcolm also is a mentor and advisor in the technology and digital industry. The world renowned digital coupon service Groupon has complemented his guidance in their joint endeavors. They say he is a team player and knows a lot if information dealing with on numerous areas of cultural strategy. Malcolm Casselle has been the center of Groupon’s most successful projects.

His resume and experience in the industry earns him business opportunities. His referral rate is high because of his stellar experience. People that do business with him often come back to him down the line. His most prominent locations of business are Sankai, Silicon Valley and LA. Malcom’s resume spans over 12 different industries.

His company Worldwide Asset eXchange is a top digital asset for traders. This virtual market place gives a basis for contractors to easily meet virus with sellers. A company like this has a block-chain structure that stops fraud while allowing users to quickly buy and sell digital products without leaving their current game. WAX gives virtual tokens that serve as the currency for purchasing in-game items. Malcom Casselle has ignited the gaming industry and plans to keep innovating.


Sahm Adrangi Leads the Speakers at Financial Conference

Spurred by the poor returns of a stubborn bull market and instability from regulatory bodies, Whitney Tilson hosted a conference called “The Art, Pain and Opportunity of Short Selling” in New York on May 3rd through his Kase Learning. Several prominent figures in the short selling industry gave presentations in from of a live crowd at the all day conference.

One speaker was Sahm Adrangi, a key speaker and the first speaker after the opening address by Tilson. The remarks followed a breakfast for attendees.

Sahm Adrangi is head of Kerrisdale Capital, a hedge fund that manages over $150 million is assets. He is respected in the world of finance for his in-depth analysis of financial trends. Sahm Adrangi gained some fame by short selling some fraudulent Chinese companies before most in the market knew what was going on, showcasing his instincts and expertise with this profitable move.

Sahm Adrangi addressed the conference in a presentation entitled “Ad Fraud Opportunities.” It was relevant to the current financial climate as it touched on such topics as the increasing prevalence of ad fraud, ad fraud’s role in determining a companies future value as well as ways to make a profit from ad fraud.

After Sahm Adrangi were speeches and presentations by many other financial luminaries, such as Enrique Abeyta Ubillos of Project M Group, Soren Aandahl of Glaucus Investments, Mark Roberts, David Einhorn, Victoria Hart, Claire Gogel, Jon Gattman and many more. Lunch was served to the attendees, who paid between $2,000 and $4,000 a piece to attend, and there was a reception after the presentations were finished.

The political uncertainty coming from the international oil market was a major topic. With trade sanctions changing from week to week, the price of oil is very uncertain and the industry is seeing a lot more short selling activity as a result. Tesla was also discussed, a company that is extremely shorted and longed in the market due to its massive fluctuations in value.

The conference was a first of its kind for the industry. With its success more similar conferences are expected soon.

Victoria Doramus Professional and Philanthropist

Victoria Doramus is a recognized member of the digital and print media world. She began her career in various support roles across multiple industries. She was a personal assistant to film director and producer, Peter Berg. At The Huffington Post, she was a writer and research assistant. She even played the role of director for Trendera. Victoria Doramus has established herself as a flexible and robust asset to various companies. For her to excel in these multiple roles, she built her skill base in Boulder Colorado.

Her foundation of skills started at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and journalism. Journalism played a crucial role in her professional development. For years Victoria Doramus worked as a writer. This impressive start in the professional world would aid Victoria in her passion for philanthropy.

Victoria, a marketing expert, is a part of a handful of philanthropy organizations. She spends a significant amount of her time giving to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. After the death of pop star Amy Winehouse, a foundation was created to prevent destructive alcohol and drug-related deaths in young people.

Victoria Doramus in an exceptional person in the professional world because of her skills, adaptability and the unique experience she has developed over the years. She is an extraordinary person not because of her success; it is because she chooses to contribute to charities all around the world. The future for Victoria Doramus looks bright, and people across various regions are better off for her service.

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End Citizens United is working Hard For Campaign Finance Reform

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court made a ruling in the the case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that stunned many who believed in campaign finance reform. The court ruled that free speech rights did not just apply to individuals. The court ruled that corporations also have the right to free speech, and this means that corporations have the right to donate unlimited amounts to elect the political candidates of their choice. These donations can now be made with virtually no transparency. Read more about End Citizens United on Crunchbase

This ruling by the court swept away many years of campaign finance reform legislation. However, there were groups that expressed their outrage and opposition to the ruling of the court. One organizations was formed whose purpose was to enact new campaign finance reform legislation with the ultimate goal being the overturning of the decision of the Supreme Court. This organization was End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that works on two different levels. First of all, the group works to see candidates defeated who are roadblocks to implementing campaign finance reform legislation. The End Citizens group provides both endorsements and funds to candidates who will run for office in opposition to those who back big money in political campaigns.

End Citizens United also works on the positive side as well. The group endorses and supports incumbents who have a proven track record of campaign finance transparency. The End Citizens group provides assistance to incumbents who promote cleaning up the campaign finance laws.

In this election cycle, End Citizens United has identified some candidates that wholeheartedly support their agenda. One of those candidates is Representative Beto O’Rourke. Congressman O’Rourke is running for the United States Senate in the state of Texas against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz who has long been opposed to campaign finance reform legislation.

Due in part to the endorsement of End Citizens United, Congressman O’Rourke is starting to gain ground in the polls against Senator Cruz. This November, the mid-term elections will tell if the End Citizens group endorsements helped to carry the day for their slate of candidates. Learn more: 


How Stream Energy Makes a Difference

Since they started, Stream Energy has been trying to help people get the energy options they need. Stream knows they have to make a lot of decisions for their business and they always try helping people in the best way possible. Since they’ve gotten bigger as a company, they know there are things that will help them continue with their success. They also know they’ll have the chances they need to show people they’re making a difference. When they started offering positive experiences for their clients, they realized they were doing everything the right way. It was their goal to expand their business while they were also helping customers have a chance at lower energy bills. For the company to do all of this, they had to make sure they were coming up with new ideas for the industry and for the people they helped in the industry.

There were times when they had to take a step back and try different things that would help them realize they were the best in the business. Stream Energy knew what they needed to do and they continued showing people they had the best opportunities possible. As Stream Energy continued growing, they added more options to the products they had. Not only did they offer people a chance at affordable energy but they also offered them the chance to try different things that would help them see the positive part of their business.

As long as they were successful with everything they did, Stream Energy knew they had a chance at being the best in the industry. After they built their business up and continued helping other people, they realized they had to do more. They saw it as their responsibility to give back to people who didn’t have the same things they did. They started their philanthropic efforts to give other people a better chance at a more positive life. For Stream, being featured on Patch was their way of making sure they knew they were among the best in the business while they continued offering the chance to try different energy products.