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Ted Bauman Explains Where He’s Investing In Land And Real Estate

Ted Bauman used to be an international economic consultant who has been to more than 80 countries. He says that a result of this is that he has gone through a lot of passports, filling all the pages up with stamps and visas. He doesn’t want to return the large majority of these countries ever again but he makes an exception for a few like Uruguay. He said he is actually visiting there soon because he is going to attend the Uruguay Investment Tour. This will take place at Punta del Este’s Grand Hotel from November 29 to December 2.

He says that investing in land and real estate in Uruguay is a very smart move for a few different reasons. First, they have some of the last underdeveloped fertile farmland on Earth. Since most of this tiny country’s population live and work in Montevideo in either the service or tech sector there’s a whole lot of empty farmland available to investors.

Most of this farmland is on the plains north of the Rio de Plata river, Ted Bauman says. The soil is rich with nutrients and has a huge, largely unused aquifer. Another benefit is the climate. This all means that cattle, forestry, and row crops all grow fantastic here. The land is also cheap, costing 1/3 to 1/2 what similar land would cost in America. What all of this means is that an investor can get double-digit annual returns by owning this land. Even better, they don’t have to live in Uruguay to operate it as they can plant a forest and have it processed at local pulp mills.

Ted Bauman writes three financial newsletters, all put out by Banyan Hill Publishing. He shows his readers how to make great returns outside of investing in stocks and bonds. His strategies lead to quick returns where safety is a priority. Ted Bauman also provides readers with other information such as which nations have the best financial privacy laws and who a person should talk to there in order to keep this sort of information safe.


The Transformation of the Luxury Real Estate Market by Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirati investor who is credited for positively transforming the Middle East luxury real estate market. He has been on the leading front in the development of high-end products that conforms to the tastes and preferences of global customers. Hussain Sajwani was born and raised in Emirates before moving to the USA. He graduated with a degree in economics and engineering from the University of Washington. He later moved back to Emirates where he served as the manager of GASSCO. After some years, he resigned from the position and created the Global Logistics Venture which has active operations in the catering and hotel industry.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani created the DAMAC Properties which has its headquarters in the Middle East. DAMAC Owner has overseen the introduction of quality and competitive products in countries such as the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, and Dubai. The high-end products are in prime locations and attract many clients. The success of the group can be attributed to the commitment of DAMAC Owner and the professional team that oversees the operations of the group. Hussain Sajwani is keen on engaging the services of award-winning designers, contractors, and designers. It is worth noting that the proprieties have modern designs and clients have a wide list of products options. In 2016, Forbes Magazine listed DAMAC Properties as being one of the fastest growing global companies.

Services and Products Offered by DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani, also a philanthropist, coordinates the introduction of unique and quality properties in the real estate market. The services and products portfolio of the organization include commercial, residential and luxury products. Under the luxury market, one has the option of furnished hotel apartments, hotel rooms, and hotel villas. It is critical to note that the high-end products are located in prime areas that increase the chances of registering capital gains in term of rents and resale value. Following the footsteps of DAMAC Owner thus serves as being one of the ways that investors may register financial success and freedom. His financial success paint him as a skilled and commitment entrepreneur.

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Yanni Hufnagel-Not Your Ordinary Coach

Yanni Hufnagel was the epitome of what a collegiate basketball coach should be. His boundless enthusiasm, spirit, and grit sparked his success as an assistant coach for Berkely’s men’s basketball team. Players and coaches viewed Yanni as always being steps ahead of the game. It was this level of commitment that quickly propelled Yanni Hufnagel into one of the top coaches in the country. Hufnagel was also an expert recruiter often talking to multiple prospects simultaneously. Yanni commits all of his life to his coaching duties even taking time to recruit players while grocery shopping! The energy level of Yanni Hufnagel was contagious. He relentless devotion to making his teams better was respected by coaches and players alike. He often worked around the clock and would not stop until the job was finished. Yanni’s passion for the game of basketball came early in life. As a child, he would run his action figures through various basketball plays. As a teenager, he took his love for the game to the microphone as a color analyst for his high school basketball team, Scarsdale. He would call games like a professional announcer analyzing and breaking down every detail of the game. His talent and love for the game provided the pathway for a variety of coaching experiences including Oklahoma, Harvard, and Vanderbilt. A large portion of Yanni’s success was the strong relationships he formed with student-athletes. Yanni excelled in creating a vision for the players that he mentored and developed. They include current NBA stars, Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin. Yanni Hufnagel credits his success to being surrounded by the best mentors and players. He learned and gained a much deeper appreciation for the level of work ethic necessary to be successful as a collegiate coach. Yanni Hufnagel will always be a model of excellence in collegiate basketball.


The Political Insights from the End Citizens United

The End Citizens United came into being in 2010 after the necessary decision by the Supreme Court that “corporations are people.” It was evident that billionaires had a massive effect on America’s elections due to the power that money gave them. A need was therefore created for the representation of the ordinary Americans.

To this effect, small groups of people can stand on behalf of others and let their voices be heard by the powerful politicians. Through unity, the billionaire politicians would then be rendered powerless.

The End Citizens United supports leaders who lack the financial support as well as who refuse donations from super PACs (Political Action Committees) and the PACs. Sponsored by the grassroots donors, the End Citizens United can make the dreams of candidates such as Beto O’Rourke right. More about of End Citizens United at Ballotpedia

The End Citizens United have a fourfold mission to elect pro-reform aspirants, keep money conversations and the influence of money over politics on the national stage, pass pro-reform by-laws all over the states, as well as making use of the grassroots campaigns to spearhead political influence against coinage in politics.

End Citizens’ United mission has therefore led to their support of Beto O’Rourke who has vowed to run a campaign free of funding and donations from PAC (Political Action Committee). The PAC is a committee specifically in existence to give gifts and financing to election aspirants.

A lot of problems being experienced in America are as a result of the use of money politics. Candidates supported by PAC do not put into consideration the needs of the Americans.

For instance, the opponent of Boke, Ted Cruz, played a significant role in forcing of the government shutdown which left many American employees unemployed and unpaid temporarily.

End Citizens United, therefore, invests all its resources in protecting the Americans from such selfish candidates. To this effect, they use their resources to fund and call for campaigns.

End Citizens involvement in an elections’ aspirant helps the aspirant acquire the attention and the votes from the unavailable audience due to their influence and trust impacted on the American people. End Citizens sees to it that the interests of all insignificant in the community are heard and action taken.



Sussex Healthcare: Hiring More Staff To Serve Patients Better

Sussex healthcare, established in 1985, is the UK’s leading healthcare service provider that targets the elderly population. The facility targets persons with aging-related conditions such as dementia, neurological diseases, and arthritis. With the population of the aging persons in the society booming significantly, demand for such healthcare services has been on the rise. This has promoted the facility to start initiatives which are aimed at increasing the number of caregivers employed to offer elderly care.

According to the caregiving charters that the hospital upholds, the preferred caregivers are those who hail from the community around where the facility is located. Being from the same locality as the patients ensures that the caregivers can relate well with them, therefore creating a much-needed social bond that hastens patient recovery. In instances of house-based care, the patients also get to enjoy services from the resident caregivers.

Besides the caregivers, Sussex healthcare is also seeking to employ more nurses to ensure that the rising number of patients in need of medical attention is catered for. According to the company’s terms, the nurses’ role include diagnosing patients, administering medication as prescribed by the medical doctors, as well as handling emergent issues such as patient records management.

In addition to nurses, the facility also looks forward to hiring managers whose main role would include managing the facility’s entire units and departments. They would also be responsible for conducting necessary assessments to determine the fulfillment of the mandates and how other workers in the facility conduct them. The manager’s roles would be critical in serving as a link between the top management, administration of the facility, and the junior workers. They are therefore also responsible for ensuring that subordinate workers such as nurses are well trained to ensure that they are competently enough to discharge their duties.

The management of the Sussex healthcare facilities is well structured to ensure ease of flow of information and decision-making from one level to another. The structural administration ensures that the facility runs seamlessly, therefore promoting exemplary patient service. The well-run management of the facility, coupled with the high-quality service has helped transform Sussex healthcare into a top healthcare facility in the UK today.

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Empowering Community: NewsWatch TV in Review

Many of us rely on TV and social media to keep us updated on the latest advancements in technology, entertainment, and travel. Thanks to programs like NewsWatch TV, a show that airs weekly on the ION Network, we have access to information on a number of topics and product introductions we would otherwise not hear about. NewsWatch TV has been airing for 25 years, with a reach of over 96 million households. This show has given us over 10,000 stories on a variety of content, and it’s easy to see why a number of companies have chosen them as a source of crowdfunding.

Contour Design needed help getting exposure for their business in order to increase their sales. After launching their campaign with NewsWatch TV, Contour Design had a dramatic increase in sales for their Ultimate Workstation package. The promotional video from NewsWatch TV touched on a variety of features that made the Contour Design Ultimate Workstation unique, and ergonomic. This video was under two minutes but reached over 95 million households. Signature items like the Rollermouse Red were advertised in over 200 U.S. markets, and Contour Design was more than satisfied with the quality of their video as well as their increase in sales. NewsWatch TV was able to take a viable product and increase the revenue for it tenfold, enabling Contour Design to expand their client base.

NewsWatch TV has featured a number of stories on topics like medicine, public policy, charities, and new product introductions. Since 1990, their programming has featured thousands of stories, with over 650 of them being from featured celebrities. Their episodes have appeared bi-monthly on AMC, their reach extending nationwide. With programs like NewsWatch Review and Biz Report, NewsWatch TV empowers their viewers with an extensive library of useful information, such as employment sites, apps that can monitor your child’s online activity, and Anti-Spam devices. With the help of sources like NewsWatch TV, consumers and businesses alike can feel capable of finding and distributing resources.

How Steve Ritchie is Making a Good Impression on His Customers

The CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, has come forward to apologize to their customers. The reason for the apology is due to some bad press over a recent comment made by John Schnatter. The founder of the company had stated that the NFL’s inability to resolve their issues regarding the national anthem has impacted their sales negatively. It wasn’t long after this that the NFL chose to drop the popular pizza chain as their official pizza.

Another challenge came forth regarding Schnatter on a conference call, then spurring more challenges, with Major League Baseball proclaiming that they were now also dropping the pizza chain. The two major actions included the founder’s photo being removed from the pizza boxes as well as the marketing materials. Additionally, a stadium in Louisville featured his name, and that will also be removed. This called for a prompt action from Steve Ritchie, the company has now made a dramatic public apology to their customer base.

The CEO commented that the week this happened was by far the hardest in his 22 years with the company. He also chose to recognize that the comments made by Schnatter were inappropriate at best, and not something that the company would stand behind. According to Wikipedia, His forthright statement, “I’m sorry,” was by far one of the most simple yet profound statements he could have made. Why? It is a statement that will appeal to people far and wide. Something that most folks can identify with.

About halfway through his statement, Steve Ritchie specifically mentions the actions he will be taking. Perhaps one of the most important actions was the willingness to hire outside help to audit the company culture. This was an emotionally intelligent choice as well, mainly because Steve Ritchie Papa Johns was willing to look to the outside for help. Additionally, the move to listen to what employees are saying, and how they feel about things is also of high value to the CEO.

Last but not least, his willingness to be transparent and remain in this state is highly valued by any human being. The customers truly matter to him.

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Anil Chaturvedi’s Financial Career and His Role at Hinduja Bank.

Born in India, Anil Chaturvedi is a renowned and established banker. He gained entry into Meerut University where he pursued an undergraduate degree in Economics. In the year 1973, he graduated with his bachelor’s from the institution.

He furthered his education in Delhi University where he undertook an MBA in Finance Management.

He began his career with the Planning and Development department of the Indian State Bank. Due to his remarkable managerial and leadership skills, he rose up the ranks to senior positions.

In the year 1987, he was appointed the bank’s strategist. The bank registered a $500 million margin growth in profits. As the bank’s strategist, he was in charge of the oversight of financial operations in the bank.

Anil Chaturvedi left the State of India Bank in the year 1991. He moved to ANZ Grindlays Bank and became the bank’s Vice President. He also became the senior representative director of the bank in matters related to U.S operations. He left ANZ in 1993 after leading the bank into a long streak of success.

Anil Chaturvedi’s expertise in finance was acquired in a majority of banking institutions across the United States, especially in New York. After leaving ANZ Grindlays, he joined Merryl Lynch and held the prestigious position of a Managing Director.

His skills in finance enabled him to initiate and advise on investment plans for the wealthy people. He also became an invaluable asset to Merryl Lynch on wealth management matters.

Banker Anil Chaturvedi moved to Hinduja Bank in the year 2011. He has worked in the company since and now holds the position of Managing Director. He oversees the corporate advisory services in the bank. He is an all-around banker who has served in an array of banking positions in the bank.

Under his leadership, the bank with its headquarters in Geneva has risen to become one of the leading banks in the world.

Due to its numerous alliances and corporate mergers, it is a bank to beat. The bank attributes the success to Anil Chaturvedi’s dedication and commitment. He boasts of a forty year experience in the banking industry.