A look Inside UK Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings branch in the United Kingdom is located in London. President and CEO, Al Christy Jr. operates on behalf of both the US and UK branch. Their global operation is an investment and advisory firm that offers topnotch solutions to your finances. UK’s Equities First Holdings also provides the necessary shareholder services for your finances and margin loans. The loans provided are based on its evaluation of the risk, including the future behavior involving stocks, treasuries and bonds. The London branch was opened in 2013, at the time it was briefly called Meridian Equity Partners Limited. There were more than 700 transactions of non-purpose financing to date and many of their clients were provided with low cost capital and adequate financing terms. Approximately $1 billion had been distributed to their clients over the past 4 years of operation. The London, UK branch is one of nine Equities First Holdings branches located globally.