Based in San Francisco, The Academy of Art University was started back in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens who was the sunset’s Magazine creative director. This university is the most prominent art university that is privately owned in the United States of America. It has both fulltime teachers and quite a number of part-time teachers who are the majority. The instructors in the institution are highly dedicated to giving the students the best of the best. The University Of Arts has an approximate population of over 12,000 students. The university was accredited in 2007 by the Western Colleges and Schools Association. Additionally, the university is a member of the National Association of Design and Art Schools.

The school offers bachelor degree, masters, and associate in the areas of design, entertainment, fine art and liberal arts. The school has open admissions and an admission rate of over 98%. The students who complete their course successfully are often employed by the likes of Apple, Nixar, and Nike among others. They also have a flexible online studies platform which ensures that students from abroad get a chance to acquire the skills from the university with assistance from instructors. Car design and vehicle restoration are also among the skills imparted in the school.

The university owns an automobile museum with some of the most valuable and rarest vintage cars. Amongst the cars owned by the Academy of Arts University included the Tucker 48 and a Hispano-Suiza H6C. The value of the museum is calculated to be around $70 million.

A number of cars, seven to be specific, from the Art Academy University museum have been put up for auction. The cars collection has only been available to students in car design and restoration department. Pre-war vehicles will be included in the cars being auctioned. The reason behind the auction is to create room for other car designs that students can relate better within the course of their learning. Students will be offered more insights by the new designs to develop future models. The school’s museum will soon be open to the public at large which raises the need to include a wide range of car models for a more significant public appeal.