An IT Firm that Ranked Among the Best in Fortune 1000 Companies within a Short Period

Diversant LLC is an IT Company that was formed as a result of a merger between Info Technologies owned by Mr. John Goullet and Diversant Inc. founded by Gene Waddy in the year 1994. Diversant Specialized in offering IT services to their clients across the globe. Being the largest privately owned African –American IT, Diversant LLC offers staffing Solutions in the United States and has taken most Markets within the IT Sector thus becoming fastest growing Venture.

Diversant LLc has ventured well in the global markets and offering a diversified solution for their Fortune 1000 markets. Diversant LLc has dedicated Staff that are expertise in Consultative and staffing technique to attract clients by considering them as part of the business by meeting their needs and challenges very closely and individually. The offering of the one-on-one solution to clients has given Diversant LLc heights in the market that prompted the Company to be leading in the development of Strategic Solutions.

John Goullet is the Co-founder and Chairman of Diversant LLc. He has led the company in establishing prominence in the emerging Markets through his experience in developing Strategic Solutions that are destined to offer clients’ requirements. Prior to Diversant LLc, John was the President of Info Technologies, an IT firm that he founded in 1994 and concentrated on tapping global market by offering customized IT solution to Fortune 500 Companies worldwide.

John’s Management Proficiency in IT sector made the company make over $30 Million within the Span of five years. This massive growth featured Info Technologies to be considered Number 8 Spot on Inc. Magazines as the fastest growing Company in the lists of 500 privately owned Organization in the US. John Goullet Specialized in the development of business ventures within the challenging ever-evolving IT Markets, Proficient in appreciating network Concepts and operation, and also specialized in offering Web design and solution.

Goullet started his career as IT Consultant and moved the ladder to Staffing where he got the opportunity to expand his experience by meeting different IT deals that exposed him to new strategies. John emphasized in meeting clients’ needs individually. Mr. Goullet graduated with a Business Degree from Ursinus College.

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