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The Life of Rick Smith and Securus Technologies

In 2008 the current chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies Richard Falcone announced that Mr. Rick Smith will be taking his place as new CEO on June 23, 2008. Chairman Falcone stated that their company resulted from the September 2004 merger of T-Netix and Evercom, two industries leading corrections market industry companies. The June 2007 acquisition of Syscon Justice Systems was an international brand leader in Offender Management Systems. Securus Technologies is continuing many innovation initiatives in many key areas, like architecture.

Mr. Smith was chosen to follow in Falcone’s footsteps because he has an excellent background and a great set of skills. He also has a great track record with Securus and has great experience in telecom. He has done a lot of work at Securus and he has also had many positions in a wide variety of disciplines at Frontier Corporation. Those jobs include operations, finance, IT, and business development among plenty others as well. Read more on

Mr. Smith’s last job was at Eschelon Telecom Inc., and he was CEO there too. In the nine years he was there, he managed to grow the revenue from around $30 million to close to $350 million. He also grew EBITDA to around $80 million and he grew CAGR to 48% of its profit. With all of that success he led Eschelon to a successful IPO in the summer of 2005. Rick also has a Bachelor degree of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Mathematics.

Securus Technologies is an American for-profit prison technology company based in Texas. It was founded in 1986 with other offices located in different parts of Texas and Georgia. The company employs close to 1,000 people and has reported to have 2,600 contracts with correctional facilities in the United States. Securus Technologies serves over 2,200 Correctional Facilities across the United States and Canada. The company announced in July of 2016 that it had invested over $600 million in technologies and patents in three years. Rick Smith has clearly boosted Securus Technologies in the right direction and deserves a lot of credit for making the company thrive the way it is supposed to. Read more on

Karl Heideck the Litigator

Karl Heideck the Litigator

Karl Heideck the Litigator

Litigation is described as a discipline of law where there is the representation of plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases. The process of litigation normally involves investigation, pleadings, discovery and pre-trial, trial, appeal and settlement. Litigators may be the sole practitioners in a law firm. The normal workday of a litigator may vary depending on the size of firm that they work in. Litigators working at large firms have different duties that depend on the seniority. A starting litigator will mostly do research and also write memos. Litigators are described by law as the lawyers or legal representation of the litigation process. When a plaintiff decides to take their case to the court, it marks the beginning of the litigation process.

A famous litigator, Karl Heideck serves in the area of Greater Philadelphia. He has massive experience in litigation, compliance and also risk management. He has acquired a reputation as an efficient and reliable litigator with lots of skills. Karl Heideck attended the Temple University, James E. Beasley School of Law where he acquired his JD in Law Degree. He formerly worked at Conrad O’ Brien and Pepper Hamilton LLP. Karl Heideck specializes in the following:

• Intellectual property
• Commercial litigation
Corporate law
• Legal research
• Legal writing
• Product liability
• Civil litigation
• Mediation
• Arbitration
• Trials
• West law
Employment law
• Appeals

Since 2015, Karl Heideck has served at the Grant & Eisenhofer in Wilmington, Delaware where he serves as a Contracts Attorney. He is responsible for reviewing discovery materials for securities fraud and complex banking litigation.

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UKV PLC Highlights Some Of The Top Wines And Winemaking Regions

UKV PLC recently gave a brief guide to the French wine that they sell. According to UKV wine experts, French wines are labeled by their place of origin rather than the flavor. This place of origin is the heart of a government-regulated classification system that details the winemaking practices and grape varieties for each appellation. The most prominent ranking is the appellation d’origine controlee. Various parts of France produce different kinds of grapes based on the soil and climate. Below are the types of wines and the place where they are brewed:

Bordeaux is situated on the Atlantic Coast and sells its products to foreign nations. This region produces a variety of grapes and has more than 10,000 vintners.

This famous wine comes from a region in northeastern France. Champagne is unique in the sense that it undergoes double fermentation.

This region mainly produces red and white wine. Burgundy uses Chardonnay grapes to make white wine, giving it a fruity and mineral-like flavor.

This region is diverse and produces a wide range of wines. It has 87 appellations and is located along Loire River.

France produces close to 8 billion bottles of on an annual basis. UKV PLC, on the other hand, is the leading supplier of French wine in the world. This firm works with some of the most skillful wine consultants in the business who possess a thorough understanding of wines. These wine specialists are knowledgeable in wine preparation and can offer advice on the best time to purchase this beverage.

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Relationships Can Be Made Stronger with Patty Rocklage

One of the interesting things about relationships is that one person’s problems can cause a lot of problems in the relationship. However, when it comes to marriage counseling, both parties in the relationship need to be counseled. At the same time, when they get to the root of the issue, then the counselor addresses the issue. It takes a very experienced and skilled marriage counselor to be able to handle the issues that the couple bring to the office. This is where Patti Rocklage comes in. She has a lot of experience and can draw from her own examples when it comes to helping people with marital problems.

One thing that Patti Rocklage can do is talk to both the man and women and offer plans of action without making them feel stupid. She is willing to help people work through their issues no matter how petty and small they seem. She is just willing to advise people on how they can deal with their insecurities. For one thing, when people have an insecurity that bothers them, Patti Rocklage can give them options for how they can handle it. One option is to learn to accept that part of themselves that they are insecure about. Another option is to work on changing it so that they are no longer affected by it and Patty of Twitter.

Patti Rocklage is always very attentive as a marriage and family therapist. She is willing to work with children as well. She understands more than anyone that a lot of issues that come up in marriage can have an effect on children. Therefore, she wants to make sure that they give some kind of attention to their children so that they will be able to cope with challenges that could come at them within the home. Also, she gets the couple to think about the children before they make their choices and read full article.

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Doug Levitt, the man who ride on a bus to meet the overlooked in the society

When traveling, we are somehow completely oblivious of the happenings around us. Some of us will be busy scrolling on Twitter hashtags and grin while reading about celebrities causing storms in a teacup. Nobody cares about the other person seated next to them, and the journey will halt without them speaking a word to each other. Our politicians, on the other hand, will be popping a vein over irrelevant issues and will digress when the real disputes are raised. The media will also avoid the topics on national crisis because they are uninteresting, and their audience considers them banal.

We all overlook the rot and debaucheries surrounding us.We have abandoned compassion, a piece that highlights humanity itself. However, one man, Doug Levitt, resisted the path taken by many and decided to do something about the struggling Americans. He did not give hand-outs or use their suffering for public relations. Instead, he embarked on a seven years bus journey to bring attention to the real issue that forgotten American societies face. Born in D.C, Doug is the son of a former council member, Carol Schwartz. He attended D.C public schools where he developed an interest in sports and music.

Growing up in D.C exposed him to different strata of society and also exposed him to politics. It is during an election period that he developed an interest to know more about the overlooked in the society. He chose to travel by Greyhound buses because they reach more than 2000 tiny towns in America. He also settled on bus travel because it is the only place where one can interact with poverty, addiction, and mental illness. Throughout his travels, Doug has interacted with countless people, and shares their stories in the ‘Greyhound Diaries.’How does he make people share their experiences? Human beings want to know that you care, and Doug has proved that he intends to make the lives of forgotten societies better. For this reason, riders find it easy to entrust him with their stories. His website, images, videos, and songs have brought significant attention to the struggling of American societies and have elevated hopes towards a greater America.

CTRMA: Providing Traffic Solutions for Williamson County

Every year during the Williamson Growth Summit, the stakeholders meet to discuss the general issues that affect the people of Austin. However, in the 2016’s annual summit, the discussion was different. The principal shareholders met to discuss the traffic issue facing the county. The 19th annual summit was held at the Sheraton Georgetown hotel.

In attendance was Mike Heiligenstein, the Executive Director of CTRMA, Leandre Johns, Texas External Affairs Director of Uber Technologies, Joseph Kosper founder RideScoutt, and Jared Ficklin AgroDesign.

The experts discussed number issues that included:

The role of technology in the transport sector

While noting the significant changes done on technology, Mike commented that a lot has to be done to improve the traffic industry. Yes, the ridesharing apps and the driverless cars have radically improved the traffic. However, the changes will not be able to contain the growing population. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

Designing smarter and better roads is the only way to cater to the growing population.

According to Leandre, the ridesharing apps like Uber have made the transport system easier. He said that the Company was working with the residents of Williamson to create long-lasting solutions to the people off the public transit.

The growing population

The population in the city is growing rapidly, and soon the roads will not be able to support the people. That is why the need for modern infrastructure is great. Jared commented that the contractors need to utilize space especially when it comes to the parking garages. Parking garages need to be multilevel and five feet tall.

He also said that the building codes need to remain flexible.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Mike is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, founded in 2002. The agency is an independent government company that was formed offer innovative solutions to the Travis and Williamson Counties. The agency was created under the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein became the Executive Director of the agency in 2003. He was chosen among three finalists. Mike is one of the seven members of the board.

Mike has served the Williamson County for 23 years as a public official. For 15 years, he served as the Williamson County Commissioner and before that he was the Round City Council member for eight years.

In 2009, Mike became a member of the Texas Transportation Institute Advisory Council.

He holds Bachelor degree and two Master degrees from the University of Texas.

Securus Allows Prisoners To Convict Themselves With New Software

They call our criminal justice system an adversarial system. They say this because police aren’t necessarily on your side. They are not required to take the time to explain to you all of your rights.


For example, ICE Agents recently stood by the exit of a plane in an airport. They told everybody that they were going to check their documents in order to see if everybody on board was in the country legally. They thanked all the passengers for their cooperation before the document checking took place.


What they did not explain to the passengers is that they had a right to decline. The fourth amendment protected everybody leaving that plane that they, and unless the police officers had reason to believe they committed a crime, they did not have to show any documents.


I kind of like this adversarial system because it catches the idiots. Many criminals do not understand their rights and often get tripped up by adversarial law enforcement officers. But the best example of criminals tripping themselves up is over the phone lines through a telephone service called Securus.


Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that only deals with prisons and jails. Apparently, they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau in Dallas, Texas, but it is not the kind of company you want to get tangled up with only because it means you are in jail.


This telephone company records every single phone call made by every single inmate every single day. These inmates may be involved with crime inside or outside of the prison. They could be telling their guys on the outside to commit a crime, or they could be dealing with the flow contraband into the prison. These guys often trip themselves up by divulging their plans on recorded phone calls that law enforcement concerts using Securus Technologies software.


A Transparent Statement to the Issue of Squaw Valley

In 2016 there was a commotion happening at the Squaw Valley located in the state of California. Squaw Valley is a widely popular ski resort and has visitors at all times.



On November 8, 2016, there was a report against the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. The report was regarding the lack of quality of the drinking water. Allegedly, the drinking water was contaminated with E. coli and coliform bacteria. The contamination of the water was detected in the highest part of the upper mountain of Squaw Valley.



As a result of the report, immediate action was taken, and the Placer County Environmental Health began ongoing treatment of the drinking water. Within a few weeks, the water started showing signs of clearing. After some more cleaning, the test results of the water indicated that the E. coli was completely gone and the coliform bacteria was nearly gone as well.



In order to prevent any potential health problem, a ban was issued, and skiers were no longer allowed to drink any of the water; restaurants on the upper mountain of the resort were also closed down for the time being until it was completely safe to use the drinking water again.



Mrs Liesl Kenny is the Public Relations Director for the resort of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. She gracefully provided a public statement about the issue with the drinking water. The report explains how the water got contaminated. The recent downpours were too heavy for the water system to handle. Many of the local water systems were affected as well. The sludge water caused the contamination of the drinking water. Over the summer, there was a new addition to the water systems that have since ben removed because they were not good enough to avoid the bacteria and the E. coli. The statement also includes a promise that the contaminated drinking water was never even available to the visitors of the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows resort. The public had been safe and protected from the contaminated water all along. In order to make up for the inconvenience, the resort supplies its visitors with bottled water that is completely free of charge. They also promise to keep being transparent about the issue.



Stephen Rotella’s Stone Castle acquires an insurance deposit sweep business

A few weeks ago, StoneCastle made the announcement that they were in the process of the acquisition of some business from Intermedium Financial LLC. They have successfully completed the acquisition of an insured deposit sweep from Intermedium. StoneCastle is one of the companies that form the larger StoneCastle Cash Management Company. They have been an insured deposit provider in the business for a long time and this newest acquisition solidifies that position. The business model that is followed by the company is getting all the means possible to access the broker dealer, financial advisors, the 401K sector and all other important players in the business.

The CEO of the company, Stephen Rotella gave a statement about the acquisition. He said that the plan of the company was to become a force to reckon with in the industry and to make this happen, they were investing in companies that were using technology to add value to their businesses. The great thing about this company is their proven track record when it comes to delivery of their deposit capacity. The companies that have been under the leadership of the group include registered advisors in investment, brokerage firms and many other types of financial intermediaries. They specialize in helping the companies that are in a tight spot access the help that they need to reorganize themselves and improve their services.

The Director of Intermedium LLC confided that the company was elated about getting the ideal partner in their quest to invest in the Fintech platform. He reiterated the fact that StoneCastle was one of the known and respected names in the business and was optimistic that the new business partnership would help them complement their operations. He announced that the company would be operating most of their sweep business under StoneCastle, but maintained that they were keen on maintaining their InterLink brand.

StoneCastle Management LLC

This is an investment advisory company that has been registered by the SEC. They provide sweep business for some of the largest business organizations around the globe. The company was established in 2003 and has been growing to the level of success that they are enjoying currently.


Equities First Sees An Increasing Demand for Stock Loans

The President& Founder of Equities First Al Christy Jr. has been observing closely on the performance of the different stocks he owns. He is a stock lender and not a loan shark being a world leader with a great vision. One of the uncommon factors that Equities First eyes and identifies is the small business owners and potential investors seeking for working capital using alternative lending services. The company loans its clients to even 80 percent of their stock value.

Equities First stock loans come with an appealing interest of 4% and paid within 3 years. The trading model and platform established by CEO since the launch of the company in 2002 has engaged him to complete more than 400 trades and direct around $40 million in assets. Furthermore, it has given him the best approach to operate from the corner office, 30th floor of Market Tower.

“I should have been in the financial region area,” mentioned the 47-year-old Christy. There are several big business firms that provide stock based loans but the advances usually come with huge interest rates ranging from 6.5 to 9%. Over that, Securities and Exchange Commission in addition to the Federal Reserve rules compel them not to issue loans of more than 50% of stock value to customers. But that is not the case with Equities First.

Then again, Christy insinuates EFH as an autonomous association that is not obligated to comparable limitations. The Equities First clients are normally repeat customers which form 50% of the clients. EFH clients are both retail and institutional investors who seeking optional lending services for commercial reasons which range from paying private loans to diversification of the firm’s property. Nonetheless, Christy recognized that not all are rich, and loans for the most part range from $100,000 to $8 million. The loans are generally secured via stocks exchanged as pink sheets, over the counter or on Dow Jones and original source.

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