Avaaz: The Modern Global Activist

The world presently is facing various challenges. Some of these challenges include climate change, conflicts, poverty, hunger, corruption, violations of human rights among other pertinent issues. Some of these challenges were experienced by former generations, while some problems such as those presented by climate change are unique to the 21st Century. An American civic group called Avaaz, was founded in 2007 to champion global activism on problems afflicting the world.

Through its lawyers, Avaaz recently wrote to the chief of the UK’s Office of Communications outlining its concerns over the planned sale of Sky to 21st Century Fox. Ofcom, UK’s communication regulator, had given a clean bill of health to the deal. However, Avaaz raised critical issues that could see the $13.7 billion deal overruled. Karen Bradley who is the Secretary of State for Culture, media, and sport is said to be contemplating to initiate a lengthy probe into the deal. She has made her intentions to involve the Competition and Market Authority to probe the degree of Murdoch’s control of UK media in case the deal materializes. Flickr Photos.

Avaaz is concerned whether Sky, a pay-TV provider, would remain fit to hold a broadcasting license in its new status as a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. The owner of the 21ST Century Fox Rupert Murdoch, is on record having downplayed sexual and racial harassment claims at Fox news in America. Avaaz is also worried that Fox is unlikely to adhere to Ofcom standards, as the former has been accused of dishonesty in its previous dealings with the regulator.

Avaaz is lauded for its innovative use of the internet to reach its targeted members. The group prides itself on its vast global network and language diversity. Over the years, it has successfully initiated online campaigns as well as off the internet efforts to incorporate people’s views in critical decision-making.

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