Cancer Treatment Centers of America Has Integrated A New System, Allscripts

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are pairing up with Allscripts and NantHealth in implementing a system that is available to all physicians in the Cancer Treatment Centers network. This system was built so that hundreds of cancer physicians across the nation has access to data concerning cancer care and treatment options. This gives patients and physicians a chance to sit down and review the treatment options available and decide on what is the safest course of action during the patient’s treatment journey.

All research is inputted in the Allscripts system. This research includes but is not limited to complementary therapies and different treatment options specific to the cancer and the patient’s needs. This system compares treatment options along with the cost for the specific cancer the patient has. It also shows what is the safest treatment along with the most efficient for the specific cancer need. Allscripts runs on real time so that all treatment options are up to date and the clinical data is up to date on each treatment option.

According to WebMD, Allscripts was built with the patient in mind so that their quality of life doesn’t suffer during their treatment journey. Each treatment option in the system has been carefully reviewed by cancer physicians and an advisory board that consist of nationally recognized oncology doctors. Each treatment is backed up with evidence, toxicology reports, and clinical outcomes. Once the patient and the physician decide which treatment option is best, the physician can then place the order through Allscripts.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a facility that specializes in cancers. It was founded in the late 80’s by Richard J. Stephenson, who lost his mother to cancer in the early 80’s. It was his mission to change how cancer patients were treated and cared for during their treatment journey.

His vision was to create an environment of hope and give more treatment options that are customized to each cancer patient’s needs. Staff treats all patients like an extended part of their family so that each patient’s experience is a pleasant one. Being diagnosed with cancer is a trying time for anyone and their families. Treatment options have come a long way and Cancer Treatment Centers of America use state of the art technology and resources so they can better provide each patient with the care they need and deserve.