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Doug Levitt, the man who ride on a bus to meet the overlooked in the society

When traveling, we are somehow completely oblivious of the happenings around us. Some of us will be busy scrolling on Twitter hashtags and grin while reading about celebrities causing storms in a teacup. Nobody cares about the other person seated next to them, and the journey will halt without them speaking a word to each other. Our politicians, on the other hand, will be popping a vein over irrelevant issues and will digress when the real disputes are raised. The media will also avoid the topics on national crisis because they are uninteresting, and their audience considers them banal.

We all overlook the rot and debaucheries surrounding us.We have abandoned compassion, a piece that highlights humanity itself. However, one man, Doug Levitt, resisted the path taken by many and decided to do something about the struggling Americans. He did not give hand-outs or use their suffering for public relations. Instead, he embarked on a seven years bus journey to bring attention to the real issue that forgotten American societies face. Born in D.C, Doug is the son of a former council member, Carol Schwartz. He attended D.C public schools where he developed an interest in sports and music.

Growing up in D.C exposed him to different strata of society and also exposed him to politics. It is during an election period that he developed an interest to know more about the overlooked in the society. He chose to travel by Greyhound buses because they reach more than 2000 tiny towns in America. He also settled on bus travel because it is the only place where one can interact with poverty, addiction, and mental illness. Throughout his travels, Doug has interacted with countless people, and shares their stories in the ‘Greyhound Diaries.’How does he make people share their experiences? Human beings want to know that you care, and Doug has proved that he intends to make the lives of forgotten societies better. For this reason, riders find it easy to entrust him with their stories. His website, images, videos, and songs have brought significant attention to the struggling of American societies and have elevated hopes towards a greater America.

Thor Halvorssen Is The Best Activist For The World Today

Thor Halvorssen runs the Human Rights Foundation to help people around the world who are suffering under tyrants, and he wants to make sure that all oppressed people have a voice. He has opened offices around the world, and he speaks out for people who do not have a voice of their own. There is a lot in the world today that is terribly unfair, and Thor Halvorssen tries to make sure that these people are safe.

He has sent letters to world leaders and met with them about problems in their regions, and he tries to inform people of what is going on in the world around them. He is an expert on what the worst governments in the world are doing to their people, and he is trying to stop the oppression of people who are not able to fight back.

Thor Halvorssen talks about countries from North Korea to Angola that have bad governments, and he is trying to make the world aware of these problems so that people will be able to make a change. He wants people to donate their money to the cause, and he needs more volunteers to help with the offices he has around the world. He is considered one of the most important people in the world today working on social justice, and he is fighting for people who are not able to fight. As evident in Forbes, he has informed more people about human rights through the HRF than anyone else, and he is trying to stay in the media spotlight so that no one misses out on what is going on.

The world is filled with tyrants who are often doing things under the radar that make them very powerful. They become powerful without anyone really noticing how bad things have gotten, and then they can take even more ground away from normal people who are afraid. The best thing that people can do is give to the HRF or offer their time. Thor Halvorssen needs people who are going to fight the good fight, and heeds to have people around him who are true believers.

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