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How Does Jose Borghi Manage Mullen Lowe Advertising?

The Mullen Lowe advertising company has been a major force in South America for some time, and it is important that the company continues to grow. This article explains how Jose Borghi has managed the company through these major growth spurts. This article shows that it has the best track record for business advertising, and there is a look at how widespread the company is across the world.


#1: The Company Has Many Offices

There are many offices of this company around the world, and each of them has been placed where they believe the company may do the most good. Customers will come to their local offices for help, and they will find that they may collaborate with someone who works in that local office. Going outside the South American market is an important part of what Jose has done for his company and more information click here.


#2: The Design Of The Ads

There are many creative people working for Mullen Lowe who produce ads and ideas every day for clients. Someone who has questions about their accounts may ask at any time, and there are many people who need a fresh perspective on their business’ image or logo. Changing the logo or coloring of a business helps everyone involved, and there are many people who benefit because they have a new look fore their company that anyone will respect.

There are many people who will be happy with the way their companies look when they have worked with Mullen Lowe, and they may consult directly with Jose Borghi on their accounts. They will build a number of new ideas that change the landscape of their industries, and they will feel a change in the way they are perceived after they have allowed Mullen Lowe to take over as their advertising and marketing partner and learn more about Borghi.

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