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ClassDojo has Finally Monetized their Website through Parent Subscription

ClassDojo has been around since 2011. The company has made outstanding progress within the field of education and technology. As a matter of fact, ClassDogo is one of the few remaining EdTech companies to have continued success. Many other EdTech companies have already folden within the past 10 years. ClassDojo remains in business because of its steong connection to the modern education system and its refusal to charge teachers a fee for using its services.

ClassDojo makes it a point not to charge geachers for the basic services that it offers. The freemium approach that it uses goes a long way with helping teachers to do their jobs. More importantly, ClassDojo doesn’t charge a fee so that educators will be willing to adopt this technology into their classrooms. So far this approach has worked. At least 1 in 6 families are connected to ClassDojo because of school implementation of this product. Did you know that nearly three-fourths of all schools around the U.S. has integrated ClassDojo for their teacher?

The point is that ClassDojo’s success is closely linked to their free service. One reason why the company has been able to take a freemium approach has to do with its investors. Founders Liam Dom and Sam Chaudhary informed their investors that ClassDojo will be a long term venture. Thankfully, many investors were aware of this situation and they agreed to it. Now, Dom and Chaudhary are going to make their investments pay off.

ClassDojo is now offering paid content for parents to use with their students. This content is designed to provide bonus educational material for students at home. The content that is being offered by Chaudhary and Dom is short and to the point. Most assignments last up to 15 minutes or less.

The content is also provided at a student’s appropiate grade level. The material should not be too hard for a student’s grade level as long as they are not struggling academically. There are avatars for parents and students to decorate and other great educational benefits are provided as well. The paid parent subscription by ClassDojo cost less than $10 a month. Dom and Chaudhary both believe that this parent subscription will be a big hit with ClassDojo users.