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Green Sky Credit May Go Public

David Zalik is the billionaire CEO of GreenSky Credit. He founded the company in 2006 and it is headquartered in Atlaustnta, GA. GreenSky is a financial company that gives loans to customers with good credit who wish to do things like home improvement projects and elective surgeries. Customers who wish to apply for the GreenSky Credit opportunities can do so right from their phone and receive an approval within seconds.

David Zalik is an intelligent and young entrepreneur, at only 44 years old. However, he is one leader who doesn’t like to talk to the press. In fact, he tends to decline offers to speak at conferences and he doesn’t like to receive capital that is funded publicly, until recently.

For over ten years, Zalik and GreenSky Credit have not been offered in public trading. By not going public, Zalik can refrain from having to worry about quarterly earnings and investor’s concerns and he can keep his focus on what he needs to grow the company. This is why other companies like Uber and Credit Karma also refuse to go public. Since GreenSky filed confidentially, they still have the option to not go public.

Zalik and GreenSky filed for the IPO in confidence and it is believed that their value is $5 billion and that they can raise over $1 billion. While many financial technology companies, like GreenSky, do not like to work with banks, GreenSky Credit has been operating with banks for years and it works for them. When GreenSky finds and secures a loan with a customer, their name is not on the loan and therefore, are not responsible if the customer defaults. Although GreenSky’s pay depends on how well the loan does, they are given about 1% of the balance for retrieving the customers and the loans. GreenSky has a similar relationship with contractors, but they are given 6% of the loan for the lead.

Other online lending companies who went public did not do so well, losing as much as 85%, but GreenSky’s seamless business plan should be more enticing to investors.

Order-ID: 15922445 Talk Fusion: Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams

There was a time when video chat was little more than something that was seen either in science fiction movies or spy films. Now, Bob Reina has brought this activity to reality with his invention named Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is one of the products and companies that are bringing a lot of change to the internet. People have caught on fast enough to this new invention. People have gotten to experience the features that not only make communication better, but also makes it easier for entrepreneurs to market their business. Talk Fusion is something that could be used for many different purposes.


Talk Fusion has gone over so well with people that it has won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This is a good sign for Bob Reina who has taken the time to make sure that he has a product that people are going to enjoy. His product has been so successful that he has decided to give people a free trial so that they can see how well the product works for various activities. Customers that like it will pay for the item. Bob Reina is someone who has been very thoughtful when it comes to inventions.


Bob Reina loves to help people achieve their dreams. In a world where people are more about discouraging others, Bob Reina seeks to encourage others. This is one of the reasons that he is involved in many philanthropic activities. He is someone that shows a lot of love to the community. People that give back to the community and give to noble causes will find that they have more respect from people. For one thing, people don’t want to just buy products and services from companies, they also want to make sure that they are contributing to something positive in the world.

Impacts of Using Dojo Monsters in videos to Teach Growth Mindset by ClassDojo

ClassDojo is set at improving the education sector innovatively. During its launch, the founders weren’t so sure where it would reach, but it has surpassed their thinking, and they are on a better trend. Currently, since it has been accepted by various schools around the globe, it is extending its services to a wider market. ClassDojo is on a mission to change the mindset of the children through the use of video monsters.


ClassDojo has made communication among the parents and the teachers much easier and informative by its application. Parents can track the activities that their students are doing at schools making the app a tool that is growing the education sector in making secure means by which the parents can obtain certain information. It is creating a class to be a close-knit community through the use of photos and video and messages.


Teachers are supposed to take pictures and also snap videos about given activities at school, and then post them to the app where the parents will download them and receive the necessary information that they need. It also eases the process of trying to know how they will train their children when they are at home.


ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don to improve communication in the education sector. They are currently facing competition from various Ed- Tech companies, but their innovative has superseded the competitive products that are in the market. ClassDojo is working closely with educators, and most of the staffs are drawn from fields of technology and education. Such a combination is the best to offer the right products to the market where each and every individual feels appreciated and work positively.


Children at classrooms are supposed to think positively and have the right attitude towards learning. ClassDojo in conjunction with Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) by Stanford Institution is in the process of researching the best ways of inputting videos and at the same time teach kids about a positive mindset.


Every activity starts from the mind. When the right attitude and thinking is instilled in the students, they are motivated towards achieving the best in life as compared to when they are discouraged and feel that they are not worthy anymore. Class Dojo using the ideas that they have received from educators will use the mindset growth videos to prove that intelligence and the capabilities of students can be improved if the right words and actions are said over and over again.


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ClassDojo Connects Parents to Their Child’s Classroom

ClassDojo’s recent fundraising venture broke $20 million, and the innovative educational technology company already has big plans for the investments. ClassDojo leads the pack in educational technology and their communications platform is the first free, comprehensive, accessible tool for collaboration between parents, students, and teachers.

ClassDojo founders aim to put ClassDojo in the hands of every parent, teacher, and child who wants it, and to this end they’ve promised that the program will always remain free to teachers. In the future, it’s possible that micro-transactions will be permitted, allowing parents to make quick, online purchases for lunches or field trips, without having to send cash with a child.

The program is focused on empowering and engaging parents, especially those who have been difficult to engage previously. The app can translate messages into 40 different languages to assist in communities where English is not the first language and since much of the content is visual in nature, non-native speakers can still enjoy and share in their child’s learning experience.

Teachers can share daily activities on a common area in the app called the “Classroom Story.” On this page, parents can check in to see text, pictures, or video of recent classroom activities or announcements. The idea is that this will create a sense of community between parents, students, and teachers, but will also foster at-home conversations about education and learning as well.

Giving parents regular (even daily, or more) glimpses into their child’s education can stop serious problems early on and help avoid surprises at progress report time. Teachers can easily post homework assignments for parents to see and can even directly (and privately) message parents with concerns or accolades.

Beyond that, the “Classroom Story” gives parents a starting off point to discussing a child’s day and talking about new lessons learned to reinforce educational material. Teachers report a significant increase in parental engagement when using the program, and because it makes communication so convenient, it creates a far stronger connection between the teacher and the learner’s family.

Class Dojo is already used in two out of three schools in the US, and over 180 countries worldwide.


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Talk Fusion and their Innovation in Video Chat

This is a recap of a recent article found on Business For Home which talks about the number one communications program that has exploded on to the global market. It is known as Talk Fusion Video Chat. Following the rankings of several app providers it is ranking 20th in Switzerland, 5th in Japan and 1st in Indonesia.

This new app is so popular do to the fact that it is available on all platforms, iOS, Android, PC, Mac and most tablets. On top of that it is much smarter and faster than any other app that is currently available.

Nancy Diamond from Grand Blue Diamond said in an interview that they use nothing but Talk Fusion due to the fact that it provides high definition quality and there is nothing that comes close to this product.

The global leader of Talk Fusion Mr Bob Reina who is the current acting CEO said that the company is not about to slow down and is building up to the launch of their 30 day free trial which has the world in anticipation.

The Alexa web ranking of Talk Fusion has also sky rocketed in the last 90 days due to the phenomenal traffic for both page views and unique visitors. It has climbed in excess of 30,000 positions.

The team at Talk Fusion is excited as there are many things to come when looking ahead. The app itself is being continuously perfected along with many added new features and other totally new products.

Talk Fusion is an up and coming global player in the video marketing solutions sector. Their main focus is to change the world of video communication through their patent pending video technology. Their business model is focused on person to person marketing which is currently being done in 140 countries across the globe. Founded in 2007 the company is head up by its CEO Bob Reina.

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Handy Founder Oisin Hanrahan takes On-Demand Cleaning to New Heights

Handy cleaning Services has continued to expand over the years. This is an organization that has somehow managed to bring in millions of dollars each year for cleaning services. That is what can happen when good relationships are built with customers. Oisin Hanrahan, the founder of Handy, knows this and that is why he has been so successful thus far.

There is a lot that goes into building a legitimate cleaning company, and it all starts with customer satisfaction. About 80% of the services rendered by this contracting company fall into the category of cleaning. The other 20% of services are miscellaneous handy services.

Handy has surfaced as a company that thrives in metropolitan areas. Location was going to be something that would affect the revenues of this organization. It is pertinent to have the business in major cities because this is where more busy individuals would be found. This is where more people would work more and have less time to clean. Revenue streams have been growing immensely, and there are still new people that are becoming exposed to Handy Cleaning Services.

Oisin Hanrahan has founded a company that a lot of other people appreciate. He has managed to build a company that promotes a service that many customers adore because they just don’t have the time to clean. This has made this organization stand out. There are a lot of other organizations out there that look like this, but Oisin has done his best to make customer satisfaction the number one goal, and Handy reigns because of this.