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How Neurocore Is Helping The Portland Trail Blazers Train Their Brains

The founder of Neurocore, Dr. Tim Royer, recently shared his company’s work with the Portland Trail Blazers. He said his company partnered with this NBA team and installed a “Brain Room” at their training facility. The goal is to help the players elevate their game to the next level through training their brains and helping them achieve a more restful sleep. See more information about Neurocore at

NBA players go through a grueling 82 game long season. Dr. Tim Royer says this taxes all of their bodily systems. The Brain Room is now being used by the players to relax and recover. It’s not just their brains, either, as in the Brain Room their cardiovascular, respiratory, and endocrine systems are also monitored and optimized.

The players put a device on their heads that Neurocore developed. While they watch a movie or TV show it sends low frequencies into their heads that helps their brains recover after a game. This device also monitors their brain waves. If they start thinking about too many things the movie will automatically stop until the player is no longer distracted.

Neurocore, based in Michigan with locations also in Florida, helps more than just athletes train their brains. People go to their Brain Performance Centers in order to get help with conditions such as ADHD, ASD, migraines, depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

The first thing people receive at one of these Brain Performance Centers is an initial assessment. Their brainwaves are analyzed as well as their breathing and heart rate. This information is used to create a customized program that uses repetition and positive reinforcement to train the brain to operate more efficiently and calmly.

Once 30 sessions are completed, the optimal amount, the team at Neurocore performs a final assessment. They do the same tests as were performed in the initial assessment so that those results can be compared against what the results are after the program has been completed.

Neurocore’s Michigan locations are West Bloomfield, Grand Rapids, Grandville, and Sterling Heights. Its Florida Brain Performance Centers are located in Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.