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John Goullet Loves What He Does

It is rare to find people out there that truly love their jobs. There are a lot of people that tolerate their jobs, deal with them, or handle them, but there are very few people out there that are over the moon about it and get up every day with a sense of passion and a fire in their belly to get the job done. However, they have not met John Goullet, Principal Executive of Diversant. This is a man that his fingerprints all over the IT world. He loves what it stands for and how it has changed our world. Tech is everywhere and he has always stayed one step ahead of the game.

He had the guts to go out and start his own company, Info Technologies, where his team was put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Now, Fortune 500 companies can be demanding and that is not meant in a bad way. It is just that they have very high standards because they have a lot riding on these solutions. If these solutions do not go over well, the company could be in trouble. Out of all the people in the world to trust, they chose John Goullet and his top-notch team.

Now, John is looking out even more for the future of the IT world at Diversant, which is a company that sets up IT professionals with Fortune 500 companies. Since he already knows what they are looking for, he is the logic choice for this job and it is a job he truly embraces. He gets the chance to build up someone’s self esteem, train them, and prepare them to work for a Fortune 500 company. He knows it is a strong position to be in and it is one that requires a true passion and love for the job.

He owes it to these IT professionals and of course the Fortune 500 companies to give it his all. John Goullet does not know any other way. His enthusiasm has never wavered. If anything, it has only grown over the years.

Brett Hickey – Some Capital Ideas

When Brett Hickey was working on oil drilling rigs in Alberta, Canada, he probably never dreamed he would someday manage funds worth billions. But he did know he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

So Hickey enrolled at Mount Royal College in Calgary, where he studied economics. He then went on to McGill University in Montreal to major in finance with a concentration in accounting, and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. Later, he would graduate from the Owner/President Management program at Harvard Business School.

But entrepreneurs need to be out in the real world. So Hickey moved to New York City to take a job with Salomon Smith Barney/Citigroup Global Markets as an investment banker and analyst. Hickey took on a lot at Salomon Smith Barney. He was the senior analyst on the merger of the St. Paul Companies, Inc. and Travelers Property Casualty Corp, a transaction worth $16.1 billion. He also worked on restructuring and raising capital for top companies, including Franklin Templeton and Nuveen Investments, taking responsibility for over $8 billion.

With this experience in hand, Hickey became the president and co-founder of Aegis Capital Group which concentrated on investing in small and medium-sized businesses. His platform included 4 U.S. state-sponsored investment funds, and he made over 50 investments through them. In 2010, Hickey launched Star Mountain Capital, LLC, based in New York City. Star Mountain also specializes in the U.S. lower-middle market. It offers investors the risk-reward opportunities and diversity available from businesses that are established but not large enough to access U.S. capital markets.

Hickey has brought his due diligence to his Star Mountain team. The company has 20 full-time team members and 25 partners and advisers. Its specialized platform includes local relationships across the country that help find, analyze and manage investments in successful small and medium-sized enterprises. The Star Mountain philosophy promotes building long-term relationships, providing transparency, achieving great returns and building a quality team.

Hickey has always been focused on success, going back to his days as a speed skater in Canada. But he believes in giving back. He started the Star Mountain Charitable Foundation and has been a part of many fundraising events for cancer research, including ones for the Terry Fox Foundation and Cycle for Survival.

Hard work and investing expertise have brought Brett Hickey from the Canadian oil fields to his own field of dreams.

Flavio Maluf Offers Some Insights On The Effects Of UK’s Exit From The EU

A few months after the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union, the immediate effects were a huge drop in the region’s stock market and a great devaluation of the Moeda Britânica (which translate British Sterling Pound) reaching its lowest value since 1985.

Moreover, an expert and a Brazilian businessman Flavio Maluf believes that such an impact can trigger long-lasting effects on the global economy.

For starters, the UK has contributed more than € 11.3 billion to the EU, which according to the British supporting the block output, increased the inflationary pressure on the country. As such, the country’s insulation rest of the block will cause a considerable drop in investment acquired by the country.

Secondly, being a member of EU allows for free trade without barriers of tariffs and quotas on products from other countries. However, with the UK exiting the output block, the country will have to deal with new rates that are likely to harm its foreign trade with the EU.

Thirdly, UK’s EU exit favors Brazil as they will likely be bilateral partners with the country. This is contrary to their previous relationship that only allowed them to trade on the basis of EU standards and the type of products offered, suffering impairments and fees.

Finally, Flavio says the exit of UK is a great loss to the European Union. This is because the country had as much as the Germans, Italians, Portuguese, and the French. Considering that France is showing some fatigue and weaknesses in its economy, it is up for the largest economy; Germany, to sustain the block.

Flavio Maluf was born on December 2nd, 1961. He graduated from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) at the age of 22 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After spending a part of life with the Portuguese, he went abroad, studying and working at the University of New York.

He then went to London for further studies earning another degree in Chemical Engineering. He was employed at Eucatex e Grupo (which translate Eucatex and Group) in 1987, holding various positions in the company’s leadership hierarchy. In 1997, he became the CEO and the President of Eucatex, steering the company toward innovation, investment, and launching of new products.  As someone who has won many awards, Flavio Maluf is definitely a person to listen to, when he’s talking.

Sam Tabar’s Role as COO

On December 16 of 2015, Sam Tabar was named Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy. He expressed hopes that he would be able to work productively with senior members of the team at FullCycle, helping them to lead the way in moving towards better energy sources for the company. The idea is to move from expensive fuels that pollute the environment to inexpensive sources of energy that will leave the environment clean for generations into the future.

That task is more complicated than it sounds, however, and Sam Tabar will face many challenges along the way, maintaining his law practice and his work as the Chief Financial Officer at Awearable Apparel in addition.

Sam Tabar is an attorney in New York, who studied at both the University of Oxford, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence, and Columbia University, where he received his Master’s Degree in law back in 2001. He was a regular contributor to the Columbia Business Law Journal during that time, as LinkedIn tells us.

Sam had done plenty of work as a private venture capitalist as well, investing in both Tribute and SheThinx. SheThinx has revolutionized the industry of feminine hygiene, and hopes to give women all over the world better service when it comes to those kinds of things. As you can see by now, Sam is qualified to be the very best Chief Operating Officer that FullCycle Energy has ever had, making the world a better place for users of energy and electronics everywhere. It’s good to see FullCycle in such capable hands.

Organo Gold Offers New Promotion

When CEO and founder of Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua, a Philippine native, began his new coffee and tea empire he was already a very successful businessman. What was unique about this venture was Chua’s vision to bring the ancient Chinese herb Ganoderma to the rest of the world by infusing Ganoderma into two of the world’s most popular beverages, Tea, and Coffee. It is now widely believed by several reliable sources that no person or company has sold more Ganoderma infused products than Organo Gold. Much of this companies success is attributed to Organo’s Global Master Distributor Shane Morand and his unique ability to motivate and develop global sales leaders all over the world

Over last Christmas holiday season, in December 31st, 2015, the company announced some exciting news to Organo Gold’s retail customers and its independent distributors. CEO Bernardo Chua announced Organo’s brand new rewards program. His decision to initiate the rewards program was what he called a strategic business tool to expand the Organo’s business and to provide more diversification for the company. The locations that have been picked to participate in this new program are customers and distributors located in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The new preferred customer program is unique in that it provides four important benefits to its participants, they are, savings of the purchase of products, product specials, quality customer service, and a new quality support system.

It should be noted that members of the preferred customer rewards program are required to join Organo Gold’s monthly auto ship program. All participants will also receive a 25 percent discount and additional savings on all orders placed during any month. These savings are advantageous to not only your retail customers but also all retail distributors as the distributor’s net incomes are certain to increase with these new additions. This is of course because the distributors may see more sales volume because of the discounts.

Bernardo has been talking about it a lot on Twitter, so it’s worth following him to learn more.

The Manse on Marsh Is The Best Place For People To Get Senior Care

There are a lot of options for senior care when people need to help their elderly loved ones, and they need to start coming to The Manse on Marsh to see what the facility can offer. The facility is a great place for people to come when they are trying to get the best senior care, and the family can come visit to see how good it is. It is something that the people in the family need to see for themselves, and it is something that all the people in facility can demonstrate as the family visits.

The family will see that there is a great security team, and they will also learn that the people who work there are committed to senior care. The seniors get their own rooms, and then they will learn about all the things they can do when they come to live there. There is a big activity schedule, and the schedule also helps people make sure that they are going to have the things they prefer to do over things they are forced to do. Every senior in the facility will be able to stay active because of the way that The Manse on Marsh is run.

The medical staff is there to make sure that all the seniors are given a chance to have their medical needs met, and any special medical need is dealt with right away. It is something that all families can feel comfortable with, and they will learn that they can change their fortunes so that a senior does not have to live at home anymore. The family can come to visit at any time, and they will be welcomed just like their loved ones. The Manse on Marsh is a great place for people to house their elderly loved ones in safety and comfort.  They continue to win awards, and their Yelp reviews are second to none.

Andy Wirth and the Question of Winters Without Snow

You are lucky if you live in the beautiful Santa Monica area of California. Santa Monica has great surfing waves, wide clean beaches, and a robust, thriving beach environment which attracts tourists from around the world throughout the calendar year.

Santa Monica also has KCRW public radio to entertain and inform its residents and guests. Santa Monica College is the home to the radio channel and Madeleine Brand has a talk program called “Press to Play with Madeleine Brand” so-called because if you miss the live broadcast you can listen to it by accessing their website at.

Brand recently interviewed Andy Wirth, the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC. Andy Wirth is an involved, educated, concerned director of operations at an iconic ski resort visited by millions from California and around the world. He might be better described as a CEO and juggler because of the many factions he deals with in his daily work life.

Skiers are there and other resort guests, employees of the resort who must keep the roads open during adverse weather conditions, resort staff to man the ski lifts and create and groom the snow, administrative staff to make sure there is enough hot chocolate and clean beds where needed, ski patrol and avalanche teams. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Then there is a separate contingent, the residents of this idyllic ski area who enjoy the pristine conditions and cozy environment of Squaw Valley and usually are opposed to future growth and development.

Combine this with area businesses and employees who see development as a way of being able to live in this place alongside the rich and famous. Andy Wirth is a busy man, but he seems up to the herculean task of running this iconic ski resort.

Brand was very interested in the climate and specifically the El Nino effect that was producing a drought, which is concerning residents.

Andy Wirth answered Brand’s questions fully and seemed interested and educated in meteorology; he was a backcountry ranger and knew how fires could become more dangerous by being affected by the wind and weather conditions.

But the biggest and most vexing problem was centered on global warming and how it affects the ski industry. National Public Radio (NPR) and its big brother, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a scientifically based information system which for many years has presented hard scientific facts contained within its Nova series. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Wirth answered the question about how the resort is doing with its shorter ski season by saying that by realizing that the snow may not always fall in great profusion, he and the resort have made plans to alter their land use in just such a case.

Andy Wirth, seriously, feels that global warming could eliminate the ski industry. For skiers everywhere the idea of mountains in winter bare of snow is an image that is disconcerting and unsettling.
Sources: Wikipedia

An IT Firm that Ranked Among the Best in Fortune 1000 Companies within a Short Period

Diversant LLC is an IT Company that was formed as a result of a merger between Info Technologies owned by Mr. John Goullet and Diversant Inc. founded by Gene Waddy in the year 1994. Diversant Specialized in offering IT services to their clients across the globe. Being the largest privately owned African –American IT, Diversant LLC offers staffing Solutions in the United States and has taken most Markets within the IT Sector thus becoming fastest growing Venture.

Diversant LLc has ventured well in the global markets and offering a diversified solution for their Fortune 1000 markets. Diversant LLc has dedicated Staff that are expertise in Consultative and staffing technique to attract clients by considering them as part of the business by meeting their needs and challenges very closely and individually. The offering of the one-on-one solution to clients has given Diversant LLc heights in the market that prompted the Company to be leading in the development of Strategic Solutions.

John Goullet is the Co-founder and Chairman of Diversant LLc. He has led the company in establishing prominence in the emerging Markets through his experience in developing Strategic Solutions that are destined to offer clients’ requirements. Prior to Diversant LLc, John was the President of Info Technologies, an IT firm that he founded in 1994 and concentrated on tapping global market by offering customized IT solution to Fortune 500 Companies worldwide.

John’s Management Proficiency in IT sector made the company make over $30 Million within the Span of five years. This massive growth featured Info Technologies to be considered Number 8 Spot on Inc. Magazines as the fastest growing Company in the lists of 500 privately owned Organization in the US. John Goullet Specialized in the development of business ventures within the challenging ever-evolving IT Markets, Proficient in appreciating network Concepts and operation, and also specialized in offering Web design and solution.

Goullet started his career as IT Consultant and moved the ladder to Staffing where he got the opportunity to expand his experience by meeting different IT deals that exposed him to new strategies. John emphasized in meeting clients’ needs individually. Mr. Goullet graduated with a Business Degree from Ursinus College.

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Handy is a Professional Cleaning Company That Outshines the Rest

Spring cleaning is a ritual most people go through to prepare their homes for the summer months ahead. Cleaning a home can be a big chore that can also be very time consuming. A thorough cleaning could include scrubbing floors, washing windows, cleaning carpets and airing out furniture. This is on top of the regular dusting, mopping and sweeping done to keep a house in good order. In addition to all of the actual cleaning people do during this time of year, they often use this time to sort through the items stored in their closets to get rid of old, broken or unused items. The entire process of spring cleaning could take as long as a week for someone to complete. An easier way to achieve the same results is to hire a professional cleaning service like Handy.

The company began as an Internet based service in 2012, quickly growing into a million dollar industry within a few years. This company has been doing so well, it recently obtained more than 50 million dollars in funding from investors. The CEOs of this fast growing company have taken their profits and used them to expand the regions their services cover, which now includes most of the west coast. Not only does Handy offer cleaning services, but they also offer handyman services.

The secret to the overwhelming success of Handy has had is in their ability to offer on-demand services. This means people can contact the company to have professional cleaning personnel come to their home when needed. In addition to the on-demand service, Handy also offers people a convenient mobile app they can use to access all of the services the company offers. They can also use the app to schedule appointments. Customers have been so pleased with the results Handy provides that 80 percent of the company’s revenue comes from repeat business.

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Highland Capital Management under the leadership of James Dondero

Highland Capital Management Company is the largely known institutions in terms of hedge funds. Equity markets and the credit spheres cannot be discussed without mentioning the company. The company has well laid down policies that are aimed at offering the clients the best service that they may not find available that convenient. It has been in existence for the last 20 years when the cofounders Mark Okada and James Dondero formed a joint venture at Protective Life Insurance Corporation.

The joint venture that they formed had a specialization in private equity such as fixed Income markets and the management of the loans from the bank that were secured. In grew in the year 1993 into Protective Asset Management Company (PIMCO) that was owned with a share of 60 % by Protective Life and 40 % by the two partners.

Dondero has a vast knowledge and skills in the equity and credit markets. He has over thirty years in experience in the field. He lives in Dallas, and he is the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management Company. He has spearheaded the company, and it is the leading in Collateralized Loan Obligation market and in managing funds for large and significant institutions. He is qualified with certification in Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) that gives him the skills in the field.

He is highly appreciated, and eh serves in various institutions as the chairperson. Such institutions include NexBank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare where he gives critical and essential services in regards to the management of the institutions.

James Dondero is a selfless individual who also participates in charitable activities. He funds projects that are directed towards fostering education, veteran services, and major public policies. James is in active support of the investment systems and promotes in the formulation of policies that are geared towards improving the equity and credit market sectors.

Highland Capital management is therefore headed by the right individual and co-founder who goes an extra mile to ensure that the clients receive the right services concerning investments that they require. The company has been linked to a diverse client base including pension schemes, foundations and endowments, high net worth individuals, governments and various financial institutions.

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