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Incredible Roles of Jose Auriemo Neto in JHSF

JHSF commenced its operations in 1972. The entity has maintained its position as the market leader in Brazil real estate industry. The outlet deals with both residential and commercial property market development, shopping centers, international executive airport, and acquisition and management of luxury hotels.

JHSF has gained its popularity due to its ability to take advantage of upcoming opportunities in different parts of the economy. The organization is daring, pioneering, innovative and presents lasting solutions in all its assignments. It has managed to consolidate its business outlets in several Brazilian regions like Sao Paolo, Manaus, and Salvador. Over the years, the renowned enterprise has enjoyed its international presence in different locations like Punta Del Este in Miami and Uruguay and New York.

JHSF has grown to open shopping centers such as Cidade Jardim, Catarina Fashion Outlet, Bela Vista, and Ponta Negra. It is through these shops that the company interacts with customers and learns about their preferences and market trends. Additionally, the property firm has redirected its business activities towards the revenue areas.

Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is the man behind the high-end property development. JHSF Participacoeas SA in Brazil is known for its focus on the growth of both residential and commercial real estate ventures across the country. Jose Auriemo Neto oversees the interests of the organization that ranges from office buildings, hotels, and public developments.

Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto also runs extensive shopping and retail portfolio that consists of various shopping entities like Metro Tucuruv and Bela Vista in Salvador. He signs the authorizations to spearhead the establishment of new ventures in the retail sector. The talented leader heads the firm in sealing partnership agreements with leading retail brands such as Jimmy Choo and Hermes. He was on the team that launched the Cidade Jardim shopping center.

Adam Milstein – Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties

Adam Milstein is one of the most prominent philanthropists the world has ever seen in the United States. For more than three decades of solutions to the industry, Mr. Milstein has amassed a great amount of wealth. Perhaps this is the reason why he is actively involved in better business values. Mr. Milstein is also a community leader from Israel. During the Yonn Kippur War, Mr. Milstein served as an IDF member and as a leader. In 1978, Mr. Adam Milstein graduated from the Teknion before he set off to the United States. In 1981, Mr. Milstein arrived in the United States and earned his MBA at University of California. When he graduated, he commenced a real estate business in South California. Mr. Milstein is now the CEO and Founder of the Hager Pacific Properties based in the United States.

Mr. Milstein is the Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. Mr. Milstein is also the Co-Founder of the organization that unites all Israeli based in America. Mr. Milstein is also the chair of the national expansion of the council. Mr. Milstein has also worked to seat on the board of numerous organizations including the StandWitUs, Israeli on Campus Coalition, Jewish Founder’s Network, Hasbara Fellowship, and the AIPAC National Council based in Los Angeles. Mr. Milstein also united with his wife Galla to found the Pajama America Organization that provides a wide range of monthly e-Books in Hebrew.

Mr. Milstein set his first step in the United States with the main aim of acquiring a master’s degree. For this reason, he attended the University of California to assimilate better business solutions with his degree. After two years of professional and career development education at the University of California, Mr. Milstein graduated with the highest honors. He had the necessary qualifications to enter the business market in the American industry. Mr. Milstein worked as a recruiting agent right after graduation. Because they were offering him less money in the industry, he decided to embark on entrepreneurship deals in the American business. Mr. Milstein went ahead and founded the Hager Properties Company based in South California to offer real estate business solutions.