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CTCA is Working with WebMD to Promote More Cancer Information for Online Users

The faces behind Cancer Treatment Centers of America are busy everyday working to find a cure for cancers. This healthcare organization has had much success in coming up with new ways to fight this complex disease. Education on cancer is very important to the people working for CTCA. Lately, they have expanded their educational reach on cancer statistics, disease symptoms, cancer treatments, latest researches and more. They have joined hands with the already well known by online users WebMD online site to promote their message. This is one more way that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is willing to share and join forces with other leaders in healthcare to further the education of cancer topics.

WebMD has already been online for many years promoting information on healthcare and other like related topics. It makes sense that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is sharing its wide wealth of cancer information with this online site to better spread the news that people everywhere need to hear. More people than ever before do their research online. This includes healthcare research. This is not always a good thing as there are many scare tactic websites that seek to scare the public with information that is typically not even true. This is why CTCA teamed with reputable WebMD as they are one of the finer websites known to provide provable information. It is hoped that this combined effort will then reach those younger members of society that tend to only use the Internet for their research. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long believed that patient knowledge will save more lives. In this manner, CTCA and WebMD is providing the public a useful service that hopefully will impact more people into talking with their healthcare providers should they recognize any of the reported information online.

Oncotarget Launches New Journal Sections to Reach Broader Audiences

Weekly medical journal, Oncotarget makes it possible for the public to easily access scientific research papers in printable form online. It’s published by Impact Journal and abstracted in Scopus and BIOSIS Previews; and indexed in Science Citation and Index Medicus/Medicine/PubMed. The multidisciplinary journal’s mission is to make new scientific discoveries accessible and quickly retrievable by maximizing research results for review. As part of Oncotarget forum, free Almetric article reports are offered for tracking using media outlets, including digital and traditional. Besides the oncology section, the journal is launching more sections, including neuropathology & neuroscience, metabolism, endocrinology, pharmacology, microbiology, and others.

Review existing published research papers or submit researched documents relating to cancer, physiology, gerotarget, age diseases, oncology, immunology, and pathology. Oncotarget Journal’s scientists and leaders help researchers contribute scientific information for science with the goal of living life without diseases. Our chief editors, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov oversee all researchers’ works to ensure guidelines and requirements are met. The Journal has an editorial board comprising of 47 members who have contributed medical and scientific research published by Impact. Some of the members are Dafna Bar-Sagi, William G. Kaelin, Jr., Carlo M. Croce, Candace Johnson, and Gregg L. Semeza.

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Two editorial board members, Gregg Semeza and William Kaelin are winners of the 2016 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award. They were honored for discovering the pathway of cells from animals and humans adaptability and sense to oxygen availability changes. Semeza is from the Dana–Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School and Kaelin is from Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine. Oncotarget Journal has published more than 350 papers covering oxygen topics, since 2010, and Semeza has contributed seven papers. In 2015, Scopus ranked the online journal as number one, with 3,588 total documents. Source:[]=718&path[]=1089

Oncotarget was founded in 2010 as an oncology medical journal and started its weekly issues during August of 2015. The chief editors are encouraging scientists and medical physicians to contribute their thorough researched documents for its dedicated audiences. The journey has linked biomedical science fields and maximized research for easy access and review on many topics. Begin searching, retrieving, and tracking Almetric article reports free of charge on the journal online website. Oncotarget has launched more sections beside oncology for physicians and researchers to contributed research articles and documents.

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