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Brian Bonar; Most Accomplished Finance Executive Of Our Time

For a company to succeed, it requires sound leadership. Leadership is more than just having an exquisite portfolio. It’s more than hard work and experiences. For a financial company to thrive, it requires a leader who has the right skill set, and one who is able to guide the company in a precise and stable direction.

Moreover, a good leader needs to be versatile to accommodate the various dynamics of the individuals working under them. Brian has demonstrated epitome of great leadership.

Who Is Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a Scottish Financial Expert and the current CEO of Dalrada Financial Group. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the last 3 decades while working in the finance sector. Under his leadership, Dalrada Financial Group has gained reputation as one of the most impressive finance companies worldwide.

We have many financial experts in the market, a good number of them remarkable but what sets Bonar apart is his natural ability to understand all things finance. While most people have a natural inclination towards certain careers, most still require some amount of effort to succeed.


Natural ability is not enough for one to attain success. According to Brian Bonar harnessed his gift by attaining both an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, and doctorate all from Stafford University in the United Kingdom.

Work And Rise Up The Ladder

Between August 1992 and April 1994, Brian Bonar, worked as the Director of Technology Sales. He worked relentlessly rising from one position to another. By April of 1994, he was named the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Dalrada and by September in the same year, he had been promoted to Executive Vice President.

Between 1995 and 1997, he served as Director in the same company before rising to the very top as President and Chief Operating Officer in the year 1998. His rise up the corporate ladder was nothing short of remarkable.

Other Notable Accomplishments & Roles

Brian Portfolio is so massive, it’s possible to outline all his accomplishments and roles over the years at one go. Other than being a president of Dalrada, Brian also serves as CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. He has also served as CEO, CFO, Director, Treasurer and Secretary of Trucept Inc.

His quality of leadership has enabled him to transform many companies and impact the lives of many positively.