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How Bridgett Scarr Brings Ideas To Life At Colibri Studios

Bridget Scarr is an entrepreneur in the media industry. Over the course of her professional career she has established a couple of companies. At her current company in the United Kingdom, Colibri Studios, she has built a company where she writes the content that she produces which she finds professionally and creatively satisfying. She loves working with different mediums and making use of the latest technology to expand the experience of those who interact with her material.

At Colibri Studios, Bridget Scarr works to develop compelling content for different mediums such as television, augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive exhibition as well. The difference between augmented and virtual reality is that the former incorporates the space around the user while the latter replaces it with a digitally constructed environment.

The types of projects that Bridget Scarr has worked on during her career spans a number of areas. She had led teams of individuals as small as 5 and as great as 220 people. Her productions include entertainment, lifestyle, children’s animation, dram, and factual entertainment programs. At Colibri Studios she is involved in all facets of the company including developing relationships with international broadcasters, developing internal talent, and managing the partnerships she has with other collaborators in the industry.

When launching Colibria Studios, Scarr wanted to be even more creatively involved than she had been in the past in prior positions. She had been a producer who brought other individual’s ideas to life. Instead, she wanted to write the content herself that she would then produce. This has proven very successful for her and she has completed a number of projects since founding the company.

One of the areas of media that Bridget is keenly focused on is augmented reality projects. This new area of technology shows great promise in really connecting with the user and serving as a great way to educate people. She has said that she has developed projects where people are at a landmark and they can then use her material to find out about factual information about it in a very visceral way.

Virtual reality is another area that Scarr is very interested. She sees great potential for the technology in education, in particular. She also says that it can help dying patients in that it can be used to fulfill their dying wishes. This is a technology that transports you away from your reality into a world where anything that can be imagined is possible.


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