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Global Festival Highlighted By The Release Of The Lovaganza Trilogy

The problems facing children and young people around the world is not something we may all associate with the production of a trilogy of movies looking to transport the viewer back to a time of greater morality, but this is exactly what the producers of the Lovaganza Convoy are looking to achieve. A planned trilogy of movies will see the profits made used to provide funding for programs on Crunchbase around the world that are planned or already in place that will have a great effect on the lives of children, young people, and adults in the future.

To achieve the goals it has set for itself the Lovaganza Foundation plans to release a movie each year between 2018 and 2020 that will form a trilogy that could expand to as many as nine more movie trilogies in the future. “Follow Your Sunshine” will be the first release from Lovaganza in 2018 and will begin the story of a young reporter who wants to discover more about a traveling show that seems to hold the key to achieving happiness in the modern world; another plot line in “Follow Your Sunshine” that will be expanded upon over the course of the trilogy sees a young priest leave his Holy orders behind after he finds the key to happiness and hopes to share it with everybody around the world.

There elements involved in the Lovaganza Convoy of movies on that will be released in the coming years, including an air of mystery added by an evil group known as the invisible hand who are looking to block the work of the young priest and the traveling show. Not only will the trilogy bring a series of new stars to the screen, but the plan is to bring people back to the morals that were found in movies from the golden age of Hollywood that are now largely missing from the cinema experience of the 21st century.

The release of the Lovaganza Convoy will coincide with a traveling show that will bring the movies to the people of the world in a way that looks back to the world’s fairs that took place through tot he mid 20th century. The traveling show will feature the movies from Lovaganza, and prepare viewers around the world for a major global event from the Foundation that will take place in at least eight locations across the globe. See: