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The Importance of Personal Cyber Security

The ever increasing number of cyber threats and attacks makes it necessary to invest in cyber security. There are many individuals, governments, and companies that have in one way or another suffered massive damage and losses as a result of a proliferation of cyber attacks. It is therefore important for individuals and organizations to put in place strict cyber security as a way of dealing with the ever increasing threat. Recent estimates indicate that the cost of cyber crimes will reach the $101 billion mark by 2018. The figure demonstrates that cyber security is a serious issue and needs some serious attention.

How to achieve Personal Cyber Security using Rubica


Being hacked is a very unpleasant horrifying experience, and the only way to protect yourself and others from very damaging hacks is by using Rubica as personal cyber security. Rubica guarantees online safety and privacy through its network that is secure and private.


The cyber security system operates behind the scenes and is known to offer the best personal cyber security. In addition, Rubica has a team of elite cyber experts that are always available to respond to all issues related to personal cyber security. All attempts by cyber criminals to collect a user’s personal information are normally thwarted by the cyber security network.