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How Whitney Wolfe Changed the Dating Game Quality level:

Whitney Wolfe is totally changed the game when it comes to dating apps. She has allowed singles to find a new way to connect with someone that they are interested in. The bar and the club scene has no thrill for many millennials, and Whitney Wolfe has provided proof of that with the highly popular Bumble app where people are meeting and connecting with potential singles in the area.

The thing that has really made Bumble popular is all of the premium features that have become part of this app. It allows people to set up free accounts and search within a distance that is within a hundred-mile radius, but it is restricted beyond that. Anyone that wants to search a wider geographical area will have to sign up for Bumble Boost. This is where Whitney Wolfe has be in able to make her money. She has allowed people to get more out of Bumble with a Bumble Boost account. This may be one of the things that keeps people that are looking for dates outside of their geographical range interested in that.

There are many people that travel and they may not stay in the same place for a long time. They may be actually looking for someone that is in another area outside of where they live. This is why the Bumble boost accounts are growing.

Whitney Wolfe has shown that she is someone that knows how to market a dating app. While many other entrepreneurs have set back and simply watched users signup or delete accounts, Whitney Wolfe has done more. She has made sure that people recognize the Bumble app is an app for dating, but it also allows people to engage in other social media aspects such as networking and friendship building.

Whitney Wolfe maybe one of those entrepreneurs that is always looking ahead for the next best thing. Right now she plans to innovate Bumble in a way where dating apps will be less about sexual harassment and more about empowering women to make the first move. This is already what Wolfe has been able to show with Bumble, and now it appears that she is changing the game by allowing singles to gain a greater sense of safety with her app. Anyone that signs up for Bumble must have a Facebook account and they must have a certain number of friends before joining.

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