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Eli Gershkovitch, Raising the Bar for Canadian Craft Beer

Beer is a beverage that has been in existence for close to 4000 years, with its recipe having been invented and perfected in ancient Mesopotamia. Through generations, the drink has won the hearts of many making it famous across the geographical space. When you take a trip to every country in the world, you discover just how famous beer is. Almost every nation has its unique type of liquor that happens to be developed using recipes refined over time. Canada too has not been left behind. Today, it boasts of various kinds of beer with different flavors from notable breweries.

Some of the famous beers in Canada include Peche Mortel, Peche Mortel En Fut De Bourbon Americain, La Fin Du Monde, Nectarous, Unibroue 17 Grande Reserve, Fat Tug IPA, Trois Pistoles, and Moralite among many others. With distinct flavors, these different beers give consumers a variety of tastes to make your selection. For years, the beer production industry in Canada has been providing other companies across the globe a run for their money. However, without the participation of corporate executives like Eli Gershkovitch, corporations like the Steamworks Craft breweries would not be as competitive as it is today. Since Eli Gershkovitch was a young man, he got exposed to Belgian beer while in Germany, and his passion to work in a brewery grew from that day henceforth. Although Elli is a lawyer by profession, he has never regretted even for a single day for working in a factory.



Today, Eli Gershkovitch Is the CEO of the Steamworks Group of Companies, a corporation he opened up back in 1995. For 22 years, Eli Gershkovitch’s company has been on an upward trajectory and has since expanded its services to the U.S. Thanks to Eli Gershkovitch; the beer industry in Canada is now more competitive than it has ever been. Also, many people have found employment in Steamworks Craft breweries, Eli Gershkovitch’s creation. Currently, plans are underway to establish a new beer processing facility in America, a testament to Eli Gershkovitch’s determination to sell Canadian Craft beer to the rest of the world (

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