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Green Sky Credit May Go Public

David Zalik is the billionaire CEO of GreenSky Credit. He founded the company in 2006 and it is headquartered in Atlaustnta, GA. GreenSky is a financial company that gives loans to customers with good credit who wish to do things like home improvement projects and elective surgeries. Customers who wish to apply for the GreenSky Credit opportunities can do so right from their phone and receive an approval within seconds.

David Zalik is an intelligent and young entrepreneur, at only 44 years old. However, he is one leader who doesn’t like to talk to the press. In fact, he tends to decline offers to speak at conferences and he doesn’t like to receive capital that is funded publicly, until recently.

For over ten years, Zalik and GreenSky Credit have not been offered in public trading. By not going public, Zalik can refrain from having to worry about quarterly earnings and investor’s concerns and he can keep his focus on what he needs to grow the company. This is why other companies like Uber and Credit Karma also refuse to go public. Since GreenSky filed confidentially, they still have the option to not go public.

Zalik and GreenSky filed for the IPO in confidence and it is believed that their value is $5 billion and that they can raise over $1 billion. While many financial technology companies, like GreenSky, do not like to work with banks, GreenSky Credit has been operating with banks for years and it works for them. When GreenSky finds and secures a loan with a customer, their name is not on the loan and therefore, are not responsible if the customer defaults. Although GreenSky’s pay depends on how well the loan does, they are given about 1% of the balance for retrieving the customers and the loans. GreenSky has a similar relationship with contractors, but they are given 6% of the loan for the lead.

Other online lending companies who went public did not do so well, losing as much as 85%, but GreenSky’s seamless business plan should be more enticing to investors.

Orange Coast College

There’s nothing like living college life. Especially when you can live that college life minutes away from the beach. Orange Coast College has the latest in Technology and ranks #1 out of students transferring to Universities in California and is also conveniently located minutes away from California beaches. Orange Coast College was founded in 1947. Ever since classes began in 1948 it has become one of the top community colleges in California.


Home of the Pirates OCC has a variety of sports for sport lovers of all kind. The active life range from Track and Field, Volleyball even Golf. Sports like Soccer, Cross County even Tennis. Orange Coast College mission is to provide quality education at an cheaper affordable price the comes with the option of engaging in the sport you thrive in giving the feel of being at a University.


Orange Coast College is equipped with a sailing base and out of five thousand community colleges in the United States, OCC is ranked #56 when it comes to students graduating with an associates degree. You must be 18 years or older to benefit from what OCC has to offer. However if you are under 18 years of age you can benefit. All you need is one of either a high school diploma, the California High School Certificate of Proficiency , or Completion of the 10th grade with an Early Start Petition form.


With a number of clubs to fit any type of student, an engaged Student Body, and a high success rate for graduation, students can look forward to getting the best preparation for moving to a University when graduating from Orange Coast College. Learn more: