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Gareth Henry, A Gay Badminton Player

Gareth Henry is a twenty seven year old Jamaican badminton player. He was born in St. Mary’s, Jamaica to a teen mom with no father around. He was raised by his grandmother and aunt, and had a sister who was raised by their mother. He was ten years old when he entered high school. As he was a teenager, he started to become aware of his homosexuality. There was a gay man in town who was harassed by homophobes, so Henry never came out of the closet to anyone. He moved away with his uncle, which made him feel more free to express his homosexuality.

After high school, Gareth Henry moved to Kingston to attend college. He studied at Excelsior Community College and the University of the West Indies. He received a bachelor’s in Social Work and a master’s in Communications for Social and Behaviour Changes. Gareth Henry was a volunteer for Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, an AIDS focused organization in Jamaica. This gave him the chance to meet and work with gay men. After JASL, Henry volunteered for J-FLAG (Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All Sexuals and Gays). Eventually, homophobic crimes forced him to leave Jamaica and go to Canada. His mother, sister and nieces were forced to follow.

He made the headlines in Jamaica after he got beaten by the police while cornered by a mob. Thirteen of his friends got killed and he identified their bodies. He was a part of a group of men who got chased into a Monarch pharmacy on Valentine’s Day. He was harassed not just by homophobes, but by police. He would wake up to an officer outside his window, threatening to kill him.

Alongside Gareth Henry, his sister became a professional badminton player. They teamed up to win mixed doubles at badminton championships six times. He has achieved men’s singles and doubles in the Caribbean Games along with mixed doubles. He has won the same achievements in the BWF International Series.

Ted Bauman Explains Where He’s Investing In Land And Real Estate

Ted Bauman used to be an international economic consultant who has been to more than 80 countries. He says that a result of this is that he has gone through a lot of passports, filling all the pages up with stamps and visas. He doesn’t want to return the large majority of these countries ever again but he makes an exception for a few like Uruguay. He said he is actually visiting there soon because he is going to attend the Uruguay Investment Tour. This will take place at Punta del Este’s Grand Hotel from November 29 to December 2.

He says that investing in land and real estate in Uruguay is a very smart move for a few different reasons. First, they have some of the last underdeveloped fertile farmland on Earth. Since most of this tiny country’s population live and work in Montevideo in either the service or tech sector there’s a whole lot of empty farmland available to investors.

Most of this farmland is on the plains north of the Rio de Plata river, Ted Bauman says. The soil is rich with nutrients and has a huge, largely unused aquifer. Another benefit is the climate. This all means that cattle, forestry, and row crops all grow fantastic here. The land is also cheap, costing 1/3 to 1/2 what similar land would cost in America. What all of this means is that an investor can get double-digit annual returns by owning this land. Even better, they don’t have to live in Uruguay to operate it as they can plant a forest and have it processed at local pulp mills.

Ted Bauman writes three financial newsletters, all put out by Banyan Hill Publishing. He shows his readers how to make great returns outside of investing in stocks and bonds. His strategies lead to quick returns where safety is a priority. Ted Bauman also provides readers with other information such as which nations have the best financial privacy laws and who a person should talk to there in order to keep this sort of information safe.


Shervin Pishevar Comes Back Onto Twitter With A Splash

It is best when one intends to return to social media to do so in as dramatic of a fashion as possible. At least that seems to be what Shervin Pishevar believes. He felt it necessary recently to go on a twenty-one hour long tweet storm when he came back to Twitter after an absence. Some had wondered if Shervin Pishevar would return at all. When he did, he did not disappoint.

The tweet storm began with the shocking tweet that Shervin Pishevar feels that the stock market is bound for a twenty percent or greater drop in value in the very near future. How could this be? Because he thinks that prices are massively overvalued where we are at right now, and this means that something has to give. He wants to see people understanding this and changing their tune about their investments.

It is not as though Shervin Pishevar is just going out of his way to pick on the stock market. Instead, he believes that other investments such as Bitcoin are also overvalued compared to where their true value lies. In the case of Bitcoin, he feels that the cryptocurrency has gotten out ahead of itself as many more people start to jump on the bandwagon as it were and decide to buy up some of the coins. He just doesn’t think that enough people have put real serious thought into what they are doing when they do that. Therefore, he would like to see the price of Bitcoin come down considerably before he would ever recommend it to another soul.

Shervin Pishevar is not afraid to cut against the grain if he feels that it is called for. Lately, he has felt that it is called for in a lot of cases. He honestly believes that people should be trying to do what they can to find alternative methods of saving and investing. He doesn’t believe that this market is nearly stable enough for any investor, and Shervin Pishevar is letting it be known. Check out his Twitter for this recent rant as well as others that he has had over the years. You will be surprised by just how much sense they make.

Thank You For Your Hospitality: Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya and studied at Khan University before pursuing an accounting career. He made his way to the United Kingdom in 1969 and since has an extensive resume spanning across three different industries. He is the chairperson for Splendid Hospitality Group and received the acknowledgment of Hotelier Of The Year in 2016 by Asian Business Awards. Shiraz Boghani is the owner of 19 trading hotels throughout the United Kingdom. Having over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry he is a pioneer.

Boghani is one of two chairman at Sussex Healthcare. This specialized healthcare service is nestled in England’s southern coast. The company focuses on specialized healthcare for elderly patients as well as other adults in need; and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary In April 2018. This is one of the projects Shiraz is most proud of. He recognizes the increasing need of medical care of for those who require it most. There are over 20 facilities presently operating. This includes complete gyms and also a daycare. Some of the ailments their elderly residential patients suffer from are Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Their younger patients suffer from neurological issues as well as other cognitive illnesses.

The Sussex Healthcare philosophy is that every patient should have ease of access to recreation, a social life and relaxation. Shiraz Boghani is a dedicated philanthropist and serves as a member of the National Council as well as several other boards. As a true visionary he commits a great amount of time and resources to numerous charities and foundations. Busy between operating his hotel companies, healthcare center and charities, Shiraz Boghani has always had his sights set forward. His everlasting thirst for knowledge within his industries along with his compassion for others continuously sets him apart. Those that know him say he is a prolific businessman and even better person.

3 Tips of Securing Financial History from Freedom Debt Relief

Financial history is sensitive information that should never land in the wrong hands. For years, the major credit bureaus in America have assured users of the safety of this data. All this changed at the beginning of the year when hackers broke into Equifax’s database and retrieved information of about 143 million users. It implies that nearly one in every two Americans have their details such as date of birth, Social security Number and addresses possibly in the wrong hands.

According to Freedom Debt Relief, the impact of this attack can be reduced if proper precautions are taken. The firm specializes in debt settlement which involves repayment negotiations on behalf of the debtor. The experts propose the following ways of protecting information of credit history and

  1. Use secure passwords

The best way of securing credit card password is to use those that include numbers, unique characters, and words. Obvious passwords such as date of birth, the name of child or spouse, and Id numbers are easy to guess and so should be avoided. For improved security, the password should be changed as often as possible. Again, every credit account should have a unique password and read full article.

  1. Watch out for irregularities

All credit card holders should keep tabs on the activities on their credit and bank accounts. Regular checks make it easy to detect any anomalies as soon as they occur. A small error, even if only of a few cents, should raise a red flag. Besides, the annual credit reports should be carefully read for any errors in general information such as address, names, and account numbers and Freedom Debt Relief on Facebook.

  1. Freeze credit cards

Placing a credit involves the use of a unique PIN to lock up the credit history of a card. This information must be provided to the creditor when creating new credit. With the credit card frozen, only the person with the pin can thaw it and

Nathaniel Ru Talks on Success Marketing Values they Apply at Sweetgreen

When Nathaniel Ru and his friends were in their senior year at Georgetown University, they had a hard time finding a healthy eatery. They were looking for a place that was “fun and easy” and that’s when the idea of starting such a place was born. They eyed the 560-square foot tavern located downtown on M street.

Challenges Ru and His Friends Faced Acquiring a Space

Nathaniel Ru spoke on “The New Era of Marketing: Globalization, Analytics, and Choice” Wharton Marketing Conference. He admitted getting a space was not easy for them, the tavern belonged the landlord of the building they lived. When Ru first contacted her telling her of their plans, she hung up on him.

The friends were persistent on calling her and after a month she agreed to meet and upon meeting she asked them to look for an architect, backers, and come up with a real plan. After three and a half weeks, the friends got an architect and backers.

Despite having no previous experience in running restaurant business, the landlord gave them a chance to try their concept. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Doing Things Differently

Today, Sweetgreen has stores in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, all of which serve fresh and healthy foods. The eateries get their supplies from local farms and purveyors.

According to Sweetgreen’s Digital Marketer, Theresa Dold who was also speaking at the conference, the restaurant focuses more on answering “why” than “what”. Their marketing takes the concept of telling customers of the problems they will solve before telling them their products.

Values Running Sweetgreen

Ru said Sweetgreen is based on five basic core values. The first is the “win, win, win” idea whereby the customer, the community, and the company are at stake. Any business decision made should benefit all three. The second is making “sustainable” and long term decisions. This ensures that everything you do lasts longer than you. The third is “keeping it real” whereby everything ranging from source of food to employees demeanor needs to be authentic.

The fourth value is adding “sweet touch” which would make employees give 110% to the customers. This would prompt the customers to invite their friends hence achieving a marketing strategy. The last value is making an impact and they achieve by ensuring they all report to work every day.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is a co-founder of Sweetgreen, together with his friends and college mates at Georgetown University. Today, what started as a fast casual seasonal kitchen is a chain of restaurants serving fresh and healthy foods.

The restaurant has over 27 branches in six states and every branch focus on local sourcing of ingredients and sustainability. Nathaniel Ru has a degree in Finance from McDonough School of Business where he graduated in 2007.