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How Eric Pulier Took Over The Tech Industry

Keeping Things Afloat

For more than 2 decades Eric Pulier has created some of the greatest innovations seen in the software industry. He has produced everything from APIs to virtual desktops without breaking a sweat. Naturally he has produced a fortune from the various startups his projects, but he also places philanthropy as a high priority. His software has helped the chronically ill connect to one another and helped former POTUS Bill Clinton advance his global initiative. While so many in his position have made their fortunes and forgotten the world around them Pulier makes sure to keep those less fortunate in his plans.

A Prodigy In The Making

Pulier’s talent for software was apparent from a young age. He wrote his first programs in the 4th grade while rapidly developing his talent. By the time Pulier reached highschool he was already directing his own data storage company. Already immensely talented the time he spent studying at Harvard allowed him to really understand the potential of his talent. As soon as he started his career in the early 90s he proved his worth as a software developer. Even when he wasn’t making a profit he was ahead in innovation.

Making A Difference

Although Eric Pulier has made himself a millionaire through his startups he has made an even greater name for himself with his charitiable software. One of the most notable examples of his philanthropy is the creation of the world’s first private social network Starbright World. The Starbright Foundation wanted to give chronically ill children a chance to communicate with each other and find others who they can relate to. Pulier came through for them in strides. More recently Pulier has founded the XPrize award. Through this program he gives the most talented up and coming entrepreneurs a chance to realize their dreams through investments into their pet projects.

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