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Turning Heads At New York Fashion Week, Academy of Art University

Within the world of fashion there are a great many events that are designed to spotlight up and coming designers and show off their designs. The New York Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events of this type. The Academy of Art University in California held its 21st runway showcase on the 9th of September, 2017. This season showcased ten BFA and MFA graduates as they debuted two menswear collections and five womenswear collections. Two of the graduates collaborated on their designs.

The cultural differences between the graduates is one of the things that helped them to create some outstanding designs this year. All of their hard work and efforts throughout the year all come down to a fifteen minute spot on the runway.

The Academy of Art University, which was formerly known as Academy of Art College, was founded by Richard S. Stephens in the year 1929 as a school for advertising, Stephens having been a magazine editor and painter. The Academy of Art University offers undergraduate as well as graduate courses for their students.

The Academy of Art University offers a wide range of courses, Acting, Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, Architecture, Art Education, Art History, Communications & Media Technology, Fashion, Fine Art, Game Development, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Jewelry & Metal Arts, Motion Picture & Television, Music & Sound Production, Photography and Web Design & New Media.

One of the best features of the Academy of Art University is that they have fantastic financial aid options available as well as outstanding online curriculum since 2002. Each year the University puts on several fashion shows for its students to show off their talents and the knowledge they have learned.

The University also operates the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum, a museum with some of the most valuable and rare automobiles in the world. About half of the automobiles are owned by the university itself while the others are owned by the Stephens family itself.

It is clear that the Academy of Art University is dedicated to educating its students as well as its faculty on the most current techniques and technologies. Nearly all graduates from the Academy of Art University go on to have successful careers within their given realm.


Kate Hudson is a well-known Hollywood actress and her Fabletics activewear brand is now becoming a fashion trend. Fabletics is a growing fashion wear brand that has managed to reach great heights in only three years. The $250 million business has managed to thrive despite Amazon’s domineering presence in the e-commerce business.


Fabletics can attribute most of its success to strategic positioning, unique designs, fashion brand membership, brand recognition, customer experience, gamification elements and last mile service.


The high-end athleisure brand has likened itself to companies such as Warby Parker and Apple. Although Fabletics started out online it has branched out and it now has 18 physical stores situated in Illinois, California, Hawaii, and Florida. The fashion brand plans on opening other stores in sixteen other locations.


Fabletics and the reverse showrooming concept


Although many fashion brands have highly discouraged the reverse showrooming concept, Fabletics encourages it as a strong point in their marketing strategy. Let’s face it most people just browse offline and find out the best trends before going to buy cheaper versions in others stores.


However, this doesn’t happen with Fabletics as most members purchase online before they walk into the stores. The friendly and convenient method of buying items ensures that the consumer already knows what they are looking for before shopping.


Fabletics, General Manager recently revealed that it’s easier to purchase items that you are already familiar with. Gregg Throgmartin is a huge advocate of the brand’s personalized service membership service. So when a consumer shops and tries a certain item it is reflected in the shopping cart online.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics:


Kate Hudson is an award winning actress and in 2013 she co-founded Fabletics. The high-end activewear brand has been very successful and it had sales increase of 43% in 2016. Currently, Fabletics manages to rake in a $250 million profit rate. During the four years that it has been in existence, Fabletics has managed to get over 20 million Twitter followers. In addition to this, it has over a million monthly subscription memberships in a total of eight countries.


The brand has a VIP membership facility and members receive almost half price on discounts on cloth items. Fabletics members also get bottoms, top, and sports bra starting from $49 which is geared towards their various fashion and lifestyle inclinations.Fabletics offers a trendy personal service to all their clients.


With this in mind, the fashion brand has also expanded and included plus size in their clothing brand. Kate Hudson points out that the idea of Fabletics is to provide a high-quality clothing line that will impress women irrespective of their age, buying ability and size.

The Rise of Fabletics Against Amazon and Other Clothing Companies

In the fashion world there are some times where you just have to go with what you know. Kate Hudson may has spent most of her life in front of the camera as an actress, but she appears to know fashion. This is definitely the case when it comes to her Fabletics clothing line. This is one of the hottest sensations in the world of athletic clothing. What Fabletics has done is become the subscription service that women are interested when they don’t want to start spending a lot of time trying to decide what they’re going to wear next for workouts.


The convenience of the Fabletics brand is what may be driving more consumers to consider this online clothing store over other companies like Amazon. All the consumers have to do is take a lifestyle quiz on the Fabletics site, and they can quickly be ushered into the clothing that will fit their daily routines. This is something that gives Fabletics the personal touch that a lot of other companies just do not have when it comes to clothing. Kate Hudson also provide some of her favorite picks and that also gives the company another personal touch that Amazon does not have.


The subscription service that it is available through Fabletics definitely sets this company apart from most of the competition that is out there. What Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have done is bring forth a company that models JustFab and FabKids. This was already a successful model that Adam and Don had put in place. What would make Fabletics difference is Kate Hudson. She was the co-founder that will came through and totally changed the way that people thought about this company. They would see workout clothing in a different light because there was someone that was connected to the brand it was actually working out. Kate Hudson it’s not just a model that is trying on clothes for advertisements. To the contrary, she is an actress and mother that believes in working out on a regular basis. She is a middle-aged woman that knows that it is important to stay in shape. What she also knows is that it is easier to stay in shape when you are in comfortable clothing. That is what she strives to create with the Fabletics brand.


There are many words that can be used to describe Hudson, but the one that continues to ring true since she became the co-founder of Fabletics is determined. She has put her acting career on the back burner as she has taking a true interest in what Fabletics has to offer. She has made it known that she is a business woman that is going forth with huge plans for this company. She isn’t someone that is prepared to sit on the sidelines as other things unfold. She is the play maker that is going to make sure that this company rises in a magnificent way within the next five years.

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Fabletics – Taking On Amazon

Amazon controls about 20% percent of the fashion e-commerce markets. This shows just how difficult succeeding in the fashion industry actually is. However, Fabletics that is run by Kate Hudson is doing it, and doing it big. They have managed, in just a span of three years, to grow a $250 million business. Fabletics uses the subscription mechanic to sell their “activewear” to its ever-growing number of customers.

The catch is pretty simple. Consumers prefer brands that are aspirational. Brands that push them a little bit more while, at the same time, offering membership and the much-needed convenience. These aspects result in a powerful combination. Seemingly Fabletics discovered that and has capitalized on that knowledge to be a leader in the “activewear” movement that is growing significantly.

A sneak peak in the history of high valued brands, the common factors that have been determining the value of a particular brand are the quality of goods and services and their prices. However, the recent shift in the market means that this combination alone is not enough to steer a company into conquering the markets. Instead, other aspects have come into play and play a significant role in the customer preference of a brand. Some of the new elements include customer experience, last-mile service, exclusive designs, gamification and brand recognition. These are some of the latest additions without which the modern customer would not opt or consider a particular brand.

Fabletics can be likened to Warby Parker and Apple. Their positioning and strategy is paying off. The company intends to open more physical stores. These will be an addition to the sixteen stores that are already in existence in Illinois, California, Florida, and Hawaii.

According to Gregg Throgmartin, the General Manager of the company, the secret to success in business and conquering the market is to build a modern version of a high-valued brand right from the first day. He said that the company’s membership model is what allows them to offer personalized services to their customers and on-trend fashion at just half the price of the company’s competitors. He is of the view that making people happy is much easier when you know them and what they actually want.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is an online retailer company that sells activewear and other accessories. The company was founded in July of 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. The headquarters of the company is based in El Segundo, California in the United States and Don Ressler acts as its Chief Executive Officer. The company through its subscription service offers its clients personalized outfits for sporting. The outfits are chosen for them based on the information they provide on their lifestyle and their preferences in fashion.

The company opened its first ground retail store in 2015 and currently has sixteen stores in various parts of the United States. The company intends to open up to 75 stores in within the next 3-5 years. The ground stores are meant to provide a physical look to what the customers want to purchase to improve accessibility and satisfaction in what the company offers.

The Life of Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is a supermodel born in London on May 22, 1970. Naomi started her modeling career at the age of fifteen. Naomi was honored as the first black woman on the cover of the French Vogue at the age of eighteen. She was also the first black model that was featured on the cover of Time magazine. But before her modeling career, Naomi attended the London Academy for performing arts and she also attended Dunraven School.

Naomi’s modeling career started with catwalks, but it quickly progressed. She them started to do large campaigns for professional companies such as; Ralph Lauren and Francois Nars. Naomi went on to pose for Playboy, and she was featured on the cover of Madonnas book called, ‘Sex.’

Naomi Campbell was well known for her modeling career, but she also pursued other careers. Naomi pursued an acting and a singing career. Her singing career became pretty popular in Japan. Her album was called, “Baby Woman’ which featured her most popular song called, “Love and Tears.” Her album sold over a million copies.

Naomi was also known for being featured music videos and other films. She was featured in ‘Cool as Ice’, and ‘Miami Rhapsody.’ Naomi also published a self titles photo book, and she had her own perfume line. She is a woman of many talents. In 2013 Naomi created her own television series called, ‘Fame.’ Then in 2015 she starred in ‘Empire.’

Aside from her career she appears to also be a good person. Naomi worked with the good welfare of children in Africa. She has worked with Nelson Mandela since 1997. Naomi is a very successful woman and she still has more talent to come.

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Fabletics opens a retail store for fashionable workout clothing

The newest and the best place to buy any fashionable workout clothing would be at Fabletics latest retail store at SouthPark Mall. Fabletics has been known to create fantastic athleisure apparel and recently opened its seventh retail store at SouthPark Mall. Fabletics, also known as Kate Hudson’s brand, has been up against real giants that deal in clothing. The company has grown and expanded immensely in the recent past, showing that it can compete with the giants in sports clothing.

About Fabletics

Fabletics is one of the growing retailers that initially operated online but has expanded to retail stores. Shoppers can have a close look at their products at several retail locations. Fabletics main aim is to create clothing that inspires one to stay active. Their apparel will be necessary if you have a busy schedule such as looking after your kids, sweating at the studio or simply being in sports. The trend on Instagram is of high in quality and something to always make you comfortable. Beyond clothing, Fabletics is a community that embraces the mantra “live your Passion.”

The success of Fabletics is attributed to its emphasis on lower prices, a fast-moving inventory and on bold colors. Their fashion wear comes with a unique style and details to sports. One example is the bras that go with crisscrossed back straps that have a paired backless tops that show off straps. There is a small additional section that offers menswear. However, women are the primary focus here. Outfit sold by Fabletics ranging from leggings, bras, tops to jackets. All these outfits have an emphasis on style. The store staff make a new arrangement of their store on the 20th of every month; they make a showcase of their newly acquired items. Fabletics brings in an entirely new pair of collections at the start of every month.

Fabletics opened its 7th store that is located at Minnesota’s Mall of America to sell stylish leggings and hoodies. The company has a five-year plan to open about 75 to 100 stores. It is worth noting that the firm has been on a rapid growth since its start in 2013. It has also had a massive social media following due to its co-founder and face actress Kate Hudson. In one of her interviews, she states that they want to mirror the stores to an exclusive online experience.

Fabletics has been undergoing a complete makeover regarding customer satisfaction. The company has been building an attractive image with its clients in the recent past. It recently planned for an audit and had considered changing some of its policies. The company itself has improved its customer relations and has received fewer and fewer complaints.

Wengie’s Smoky Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Look through fashion magazines or check out your favorite female celebrity makeup. Clearly, the cat eye makeup look is gaining great popularity. The cat eye makeup can transform an everyday look to a totally glamorous look that rivals the makeup on those models in high fashion magazines. Mastering the cat eye look is kind of tricky. It’s takes a lot of practice and time to really get the look exactly right. However, Wengie of the Wonderful World of Wengie, gives it to us straight. She shares clever tricks on mastering the smoky cat eye makeup look in this tutorial.
Smoky Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial
The smoky cat eye makeup is perfect for the girl going out on a date, to a special event, or even on daily outings. It is a look that quickly grabs the attention of everyone around. Generally, Wengie’s look is cute and basic. However, Wengie kicks it up a notch with this very seductive smoky eyed look. In this video Wengie creates the smoky cat eye look, contours her face, and creates nude pinky lips. Wengie shows her YouTube viewers the way to achieve the look step by step. The finished product is absolutely amazing on Wengie.

About Wengie
Wengie is an Australian-Chinese Beauty Blogger and popular YouTuber. She is also the creator of the Wonderful World of Wengie. people across the globe are regular Wengie viewers. On her beauty channel she shares videos on hair, makeup, skincare, routines, DIY, and much more. Her channel is the number one Asian beauty channel in Australia. it is also one of the most popular beauty channels on YouTube. Wengie updates her videos on a regular basis. Subscribe to her channel to get the first news about her latest videos on hair, fashion, makeup, and more.

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