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Graeme Holm, Mastermind of Infinity Group Australia

The Average household has as part of its routine loan repayments that it struggles with for an average of 30 years or more. These 30 years can be some of the most miserable years of your life, assuming that you manage to make all your loan repayments without having to refinance or surrender your home. A company called Infinity Group Australia has noted this problem, and they are confident of a solution.

Infinity Group Australia was founded in Australia in 2013 by Graeme Holm and his partner Rebecca Walker. Its goal is to provide financial services like debt reduction, wealth creation, and retirement solutions. It’s not that these solutions are not available in the market, but Infinity Group Australia has decided to make solving its client’s problems its primary objective.


Infinity Group Australia has found its space in the financial market by innovation, motivated by the financial distress of the average family, it has decided to play the role of a life coach and lead the fiscal path for its clients. It helps its clients who have mortgages to budget their finances by cutting expenses and unnecessary purchases and having a cash budget. It claims that this strategy has led to most of its clients paying their mortgages in 7-10 years instead of the average 30 years. Infinity Group Australia is considered a trailblazer in the financial services industry. It is a group finalist for the Optus business awards.


The Infinity group attributes its success to its culture of customer service focus and excellence. Central to its approach is customer-centric products and services. They achieve this by acquiring the right talent. Graeme Holm admits that this is not easy and instead of looking you need to wait for the right person to come. They also encourage openness and collaboration amongst their staff which contributes to new and innovative ideas that provide client solutions and put them ahead of the pack.


The Infinity group is an excellent company, a reflection of its founder Graeme Holm. Graeme is an MBA top 100 broker, with 17 years of experience in financial services. A lot can be learned from his everyday practices which he says starts at 5.30am, with exercise. He then spends 30 minutes reading a book or listening to a podcast, to orient himself for the day. To ensure productivity, he breaks his schedule into 30- minute intervals. He also splits his tasks into two groups, transactional (which he delegates) and transformational which he handles himself (he defines it as things that will change his business). He ends his day at 10.30 pm and takes at least 5 minutes to plan his next day. The future for Graeme Holmes and the Infinity Group Australia is bright.

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