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Richard Liu Qiangdong Plans to Take Logistics Business Public

During the recent World Economic Forum meeting, Richard Liu Qiangdong, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of disclosed that the company is preparing to take its logistics business public. Speaking to CNBC at the event, which was held in Davos, Switzerland, Richard Liu also hinted at the possibility of dual listing. Dual listing happens when a company has its share trading in more than one stock market. The implementation of the strategy will make the shares more liquid, and the investors will enjoy more flexibility.

According to Richard Liu, preparations are in top speed for the logistics subsidiary to list in either the Chinese mainland or Hong Kong. The choice of the Chinese mainland or Hong Kong is necessitated by the fact JD, which is the parent company is already listed on the Nasdaq. In 2014, listed American depository shares.

Additionally, has launched a fundraising round with the aim of raising a total of $2 billion. The round is targeted at its logistics business. According to Richard Liu, the company had initially planned to take the offer to the overseas market. Even though it is not precisely clear when the initial offer will take place, significant companies like Sequoia Capital China and Hillhouse Capital Group have taken an interest in the deal as lead investors in the round. Currently, wholly owns the logistics business.

Last year, Liu acquired a 4.3% stake in JD after the company spun off its finance arm for an estimated $2 billion. Earlier in September, Richard Liu told CNBC that the finance business was spun off to enable the expansion of the finance business. According to Liu, the move was prerequisite to taking the finance business public. However, he quickly added that the move was not imperative is one of the largest e-commerce retailers in China. The company is known for its wide range of products, which includes more than 10 product categories on its online platform. The categories include computers and accessories, mobile phones and digital devices, home appliances, automobile and accessories, luxury goods, furniture, and many more. Over the years, the company has established d itself in the provision of high-quality, authentic products.

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Anthony Petrello: An Accomplished Leader

Anthony G. Petrello, also known as Tony, has been on the Board of Directors at Nabors Industries Ltd., since 1991. He has served as the President and Chief Operating Officer from 1991 to October 2011, and since then has been the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He has also served as the Deputy Chairman of the Board since 2003 and Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board since June 2012. In addition to his operating functions, Petrello provides strategic planning initiatives and direction to the more than 29,000 employees of the company to enable them to change, grow, and prosper in a very dynamic but competitive environment. Nabors is a leading provider of land-based drilling rig fleets and is a leading provider of offshore platform workover and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

Anthony Petrello is a very accomplished leader. Not only does he head up Nabors Industries Ltd., he serves as a director on the boards of both Stewart & Stevenson LLC and the Hilcorp Energy Company. After the birth of his daughter, Carina, who was born with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), Petrello became a member of the Board of Trustees of the Texas Children’s Hospital to advocate for more research and clinical programs to help address the needs of children with neurological disorders.

Before Nabors, Petrello was with the law firm Baker & McKenzie from 1979 to 1991. His practice focused on areas of law such as taxation, international arbitration, and general corporate law. He served a managing partner of the firm’s New York office from 1986 until his resignation in 1991.

Petrello earned his law degree from Harvard Law School and holds both bachelor and master’s degrees in mathematics from Yale University and learn more about Anthony.

At 61, Petrello is still full of energy and earns about $15,372,429 per year in compensation and more information click here.

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Equities First Sees An Increasing Demand for Stock Loans

The President& Founder of Equities First Al Christy Jr. has been observing closely on the performance of the different stocks he owns. He is a stock lender and not a loan shark being a world leader with a great vision. One of the uncommon factors that Equities First eyes and identifies is the small business owners and potential investors seeking for working capital using alternative lending services. The company loans its clients to even 80 percent of their stock value.

Equities First stock loans come with an appealing interest of 4% and paid within 3 years. The trading model and platform established by CEO since the launch of the company in 2002 has engaged him to complete more than 400 trades and direct around $40 million in assets. Furthermore, it has given him the best approach to operate from the corner office, 30th floor of Market Tower.

“I should have been in the financial region area,” mentioned the 47-year-old Christy. There are several big business firms that provide stock based loans but the advances usually come with huge interest rates ranging from 6.5 to 9%. Over that, Securities and Exchange Commission in addition to the Federal Reserve rules compel them not to issue loans of more than 50% of stock value to customers. But that is not the case with Equities First.

Then again, Christy insinuates EFH as an autonomous association that is not obligated to comparable limitations. The Equities First clients are normally repeat customers which form 50% of the clients. EFH clients are both retail and institutional investors who seeking optional lending services for commercial reasons which range from paying private loans to diversification of the firm’s property. Nonetheless, Christy recognized that not all are rich, and loans for the most part range from $100,000 to $8 million. The loans are generally secured via stocks exchanged as pink sheets, over the counter or on Dow Jones and original source.

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Jeffry Schneider the Innovator of Alternative Investment

Investors should be careful about the investment decisions that make. In some instances, some ideas do not manifest as they had been planned which may be disappointing because they have invested a lot of money and time. Ascendant Capital LLC was started so that it can assist investors to get options of investment ideas as well as improve their equities and profit while at it. With an experience of over 20 years in the industry, the company has come up with different projects for the companies and investor that leads them into a sector of alternative investments. The firm has also established other network and strategic partnership with private companies as well as brokers in the industry so that they can make sure that their clients can get the appropriate service.

With experience in the industry of alternative investment, Jeffry Schneider has several years in the industry that has enabled him to have insight as well as the vision to start and to develop a company. Though it may have taken a while to start the company, after it started picking up, it was up and running. The company has continued to show growth and spread its client base. Under his guidance, the company has been a position to get billions of dollars as capital through equity as well as services to their clients. He has leveraged his creativity and knowledge that continues to help him spearhead the various project in the company that enabled the company to achieve success.

He has a team that works hard using their creativity to raise over $50 million each month. Through having a great understanding of the market, Schneider is of the opinion that other types of investment will be well sought after alternative investment as people explore. The knowledge that he has gained over the years while in the industry will go a long way in assisting his clients to find what they are looking for and make more money while at it.

Schneider has been supervising employees as well as a leader for different companies for that reasons he understands that a lot of techniques on how to treat his employees. Through the years he has realized that having an open discussion and interactions with employees bring great ideas as well as innovations. With a closed minded team, alternative investment cannot succeed. Thus he motivates and encourages open communication in his firm, this is a strong culture one factor that can be attributed to the company’s success.

In addition, he has been involved in philanthropic initiatives, though these activities he shows his love for the people and community at large. He spares his time and supports this initiative financially. For instance, he has given financial support to Cherokee Home for Children as well as other organization that provides support to the homeless children.

Richard Blair; the Enigma behind Wealth Solutions

Renting part or the entire house on Airbnb may seem great. A homeowner stands to make some cash in just a short time. A homeowner can get the money they need to pay their mortgage. However, recent incidents have shown this business model is fraught with danger. For instance, the renter can damage property that is not covered by the insurance policy. As a result, one may spend more than they gain from such a business model.

Key Areas of Concern
Renting a house to Airbnb could lead to lawsuits. For instance, the renter may be a thief or engage in drug use while at your property. In such a case, one could face possible jail terms or extra expenses. In addition, the tenant may not pay. The other problem to consider is that insurance policies do not cover short-term rentals.

Options Available
Once you examine these issues, you will be able to assess if you want such an arrangement in your home. Talking to a wealth and investment manager may prove beneficial. He or she will give you the best solution to your problem. Richard Blair is one of the leading professionals for such a task.

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair is the founder and current owner of Wealth Solutions Inc. in Austin, Texas. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has been in securities for the past 22 years. It is focused on giving clients sound financial advice. Wealth Solutions has assisted many individuals to achieve their investment goals in a short time. The main area of focus for the company is employee benefits, securities, estate, and planning, asset protection and others. His firm currently manages over $55 million dollars in assets.

Richard Blair founded his company immediately after leaving school. He has always loved education. For instance, his wife, mother, and grandmother were all teachers. As a result, he believed that the solutions to most problems could be found in books. He knew that teaching others would also be an important task in life. The Wealth Solutions Company is based on this idea. It aims to teach others how to manage their finances to achieve their goals.

Wealth Solutions Inc. uses the latest technology and studies to help clients succeed. His goal is to ensure clients stay on track to achieving financial goals. He has proven useful for clients seeking successful retirement.

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Midas Legacy Wants to Protect Your Investments

The Midas Legacy is an investment advisory company operating in Florida. The Midas Legacy website targets individuals seeking early retirement among other investor types trying to protect their nest eggs in a volatile and changing market. Education is a necessary ingredient of making money, anywhere, at your job, or investing and saving for the future. Knowledge is power and those without a financial interest, or general knowledge of investing practices and possibilities can not fully succeed. The Midas Legacy offers help by presenting information, and the company even offers a free textbook to improve a subscriber’s chances in the financial world. The name of The Midas Legacy seems fanciful but consider another investment advisory firm, The Motley Fool, operating out of Virginia that offers investment advice to subscribers and has a reputation for fair dealings and astute financial advice.

It may be worth remembering that Midas’ touch, which turned everything to gold was, in fact, a curse that was proved when he touched his beloved daughter turning her into a golden statuette.

Investors need all the help they can get especially in a market that may be headed for further collapse. Investment gurus like George Soros are moving out of American stocks and toward the most stable of all investment vehicles, gold. Others are suggesting betting against the upward rise of the market in anticipation of a fall or decline. This type of investing, shorting a market, is dangerous because the general direction for any market follows the direction of the economy. All markets should rise. All investments should increase in value over time but in times of economic upheavals, no one can know in which direction the market will go. Many investors are concerned about losing value for their investments and investment advisory companies like The Midas Legacy will serve a valuable purpose, especially if the market falters.

While it is not the time to build a bunker house in Idaho, it is definitely time to analyze your portfolio and examine it; taking special care to note how individual investments have fared in the past under extreme duress. The lessons of the economic crisis of 2007-2008 should have been learned, but harsh financial memories are short lived and sweet dreams of success, usually, prevail.

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For Great Finance & Economics Data Get VTA Publications

Growing up, most people find an interest that they can devote a career to, or at least an occupation they can stand. Of course, if you choose a great and very challenging goal, you will be peppered with negative comments from all the detractors around you. Most people give up on their dreams after only a little teasing, much less serious critiques. So, most people wonder what would have happened, if they had taken that promotion and moved to the big city? What would have occurred had they gotten serious about their art or profession, they wonder.

And thus, most people never even attempt to fulfill their early dreams. But, it is those that ignore the naysayers and commit to their goals, no matter what, that are actually able to achieve them. All that is required is a cogent plan and the will and hard work to make it into a reality in your life. The following are some general plan elements of all successful projects.

Stay in a positive mind set. Immerse yourself in positivity and in interactions with positive people. Of course, for you to succeed at the thing you love, in America at least, requires you to make money. This is where your own business comes into play. You can find ideas online and incorporate them into your overall plan for your business. Identify good locations to conduct business and in which market segments. This also requires some knowledge of general business administration, so you might need to take a few classes. There you will learn how to manage cash flow, avoid risky business, reduce business liabilities, and save as much of your profits as possible. One key item: Get an honest, hard working accountant to do the books for your business.

As a specialty publisher, VTA Publications produces learning courses for many skill areas of business, including financial management and basic economics knowledge. VTA, along with Jim Hunt, has been leading the way with information on the leading edge, since 2012. They are experts at identifying experts to fit specific customer needs for services and particular products. Another service they offer is as booking agents for events and seminars.

Richard Blair: Securing the Future through Sound Financial Investment

Richard Blair is a man interested in everything involving buying or selling securities—from stocks, mutual funds, to bonds among others. Being a former broker dealer himself, he doesn’t shy away from lucrative investment products that will bring both his clients and him insane profits. Richard is now the mastermind behind the Wealth Solutions, a company dedicated to grow wealth and assets for individuals.

Richard’s demeanour is enough to convince you that he will close that investment deal you entrust him with. To back him up, Richard Blair is a certified annuity specialist (CAS), estate and trust specialist (CES) as well as retirement income professional (RICP). Coming from a family of teachers, his skill as a financial investment instructor grew at a tender age, and only until he discovered his financial aptitude did he realize he could use his knowledge to change the world.

Richard is a seasoned investment and wealth expert who has dedicated his life to helping individuals, families, small businesses and conglomerates grow their wealth. He has been teaching investment and financial planning since 1993, and went on to discover Wealth Solutions in 1994. Wealth Solutions is the main channel Richard uses to reach out the entire world.

Through Wealth Solutions, Richard imparts Wealth Management knowledge on individuals, small business or families that have accumulated assets over time and need extra tips on how to manage it. Wealth management tips involve diversifying one’s investment portfolio, building current wealth and asset protection measures.

Using his experience in real estate and trust investment, and adding his annuity specialist certification, Richard is a sound Financial Planning teacher. He lets his students know the importance of having a financial plan which involve making tangible decisions concerning your wealth to help achieve your life goals. Through financial planning, clients can establish short and long term goals whether they are retiring, employed, or joining college.

Wealth Solutions also run programs on retirement planning for people looking at their senior years. As you plan to be financially free in your youth, it’s also important to have a game plan when you retire. This is the point when money should be working for you, as Mr. Blair would advice, and this can be made possible through one’s 401(K) savings, life insurance policy, or just personal savings.

Richard Blair is an accredited CAS, CES, RICP and CFS who knows his way around asset investment, diversification, and protection. He has 23 years experience teaching Asset Management, Financial Planning, and Retirement planning to individuals looking to secure their present and future life.

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