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Sussex Healthcare: Hiring More Staff To Serve Patients Better

Sussex healthcare, established in 1985, is the UK’s leading healthcare service provider that targets the elderly population. The facility targets persons with aging-related conditions such as dementia, neurological diseases, and arthritis. With the population of the aging persons in the society booming significantly, demand for such healthcare services has been on the rise. This has promoted the facility to start initiatives which are aimed at increasing the number of caregivers employed to offer elderly care.

According to the caregiving charters that the hospital upholds, the preferred caregivers are those who hail from the community around where the facility is located. Being from the same locality as the patients ensures that the caregivers can relate well with them, therefore creating a much-needed social bond that hastens patient recovery. In instances of house-based care, the patients also get to enjoy services from the resident caregivers.

Besides the caregivers, Sussex healthcare is also seeking to employ more nurses to ensure that the rising number of patients in need of medical attention is catered for. According to the company’s terms, the nurses’ role include diagnosing patients, administering medication as prescribed by the medical doctors, as well as handling emergent issues such as patient records management.

In addition to nurses, the facility also looks forward to hiring managers whose main role would include managing the facility’s entire units and departments. They would also be responsible for conducting necessary assessments to determine the fulfillment of the mandates and how other workers in the facility conduct them. The manager’s roles would be critical in serving as a link between the top management, administration of the facility, and the junior workers. They are therefore also responsible for ensuring that subordinate workers such as nurses are well trained to ensure that they are competently enough to discharge their duties.

The management of the Sussex healthcare facilities is well structured to ensure ease of flow of information and decision-making from one level to another. The structural administration ensures that the facility runs seamlessly, therefore promoting exemplary patient service. The well-run management of the facility, coupled with the high-quality service has helped transform Sussex healthcare into a top healthcare facility in the UK today.

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Thank You For Your Hospitality: Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya and studied at Khan University before pursuing an accounting career. He made his way to the United Kingdom in 1969 and since has an extensive resume spanning across three different industries. He is the chairperson for Splendid Hospitality Group and received the acknowledgment of Hotelier Of The Year in 2016 by Asian Business Awards. Shiraz Boghani is the owner of 19 trading hotels throughout the United Kingdom. Having over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry he is a pioneer.

Boghani is one of two chairman at Sussex Healthcare. This specialized healthcare service is nestled in England’s southern coast. The company focuses on specialized healthcare for elderly patients as well as other adults in need; and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary In April 2018. This is one of the projects Shiraz is most proud of. He recognizes the increasing need of medical care of for those who require it most. There are over 20 facilities presently operating. This includes complete gyms and also a daycare. Some of the ailments their elderly residential patients suffer from are Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Their younger patients suffer from neurological issues as well as other cognitive illnesses.

The Sussex Healthcare philosophy is that every patient should have ease of access to recreation, a social life and relaxation. Shiraz Boghani is a dedicated philanthropist and serves as a member of the National Council as well as several other boards. As a true visionary he commits a great amount of time and resources to numerous charities and foundations. Busy between operating his hotel companies, healthcare center and charities, Shiraz Boghani has always had his sights set forward. His everlasting thirst for knowledge within his industries along with his compassion for others continuously sets him apart. Those that know him say he is a prolific businessman and even better person.

Sussex Healthcare Celebrates a Milestone in Their History

In April 2018 Sussex Healthcare celebrated its 25th year of being in the healthcare industry. They provide care to elderly people, many with age-related mental disorders. They also provide care to other adults who need specialized care. They operate 20 facilities which are located along the southern coastline of England. It was co-founded by two entrepreneurs, Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. These two businessmen are Sussex Healthcare’s joint chairmen of the board.

Shiraz Boghani brought to Sussex Healthcare his years of being an accountant and managing a chain of hotels. Shiraz Boghani brought his medical background as he had been a dental surgeon for several years. These two backgrounds combined into a company that has won a number of awards over the past 25 years for the way they take care of the people residing in their homes.

Sussex Healthcare opened its first facility in 1985. In addition to operating 20 homes, they also manage a new state-of-the-art gym outfitted with all of the latest equipment. They also offer a daycare facility for those people who just need someone to take care of their needs during the day and they return to their homes for the evening. This company is flexible in that they can provide care to both those who have extensive care needs as well as those who have more limited needs for care.

At the start of 2018 Sussex Healthcare appointed they had hired a new chief executive officer, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. She started a tour of Sussex Healthcare’s facilities before she formally took this role on. She wanted to listen to the people working in these facilities as well as the people living in them and their families. She also worked with senior management at this company to create a new high-level position called the Director of Quality, Compliance, and Service Improvement.

Before joining Sussex Healthcare Morgan-Taylor had been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. She has worked on both the independent and public sides of the industry. She began her career in 1984 when she was a mental health nurse and soon became a senior leader.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A Role Model

People often look for role models. A role model is someone who help show others how to get the goals they want from life. Dr. Jennifer Walden knows all about setting goals and becoming a role model in her own life. During the course of her long career in the field of modern medicine, she’s become used to showing people how determination and dedication can be used to well to get an enviable career. Growing up in a supportive family environment taught her how to use her personal skills to carve out an impressive career path. She’s been able to harness her own talents to help others get the surgical help they need. As one of only a handful of women practicing the art and skill of plastic surgery, she’s also someone who knows how to deal with field that is known to be tough and emerge on top of it.

Lots of Grit

Grit is a quality that enables people to focus on a specific task and overcome obstacles that may lie in their path. Dr. Walden has repeatedly shown that grit is something she embraces in her own life. She studied hard in school and was admitted to the University of Texas medical school. Once there, she repeatedly demonstrated dedication to her chosen field of study. After completing her degree and furthering her education, she’s earned the right to call herself a great plastic surgeon. Women everywhere can admire her skills and support her achievements. Her own patients appreciate just how much she’s dedicated to their well being. This is why she has a long list of very grateful patients. They come to her for results. She helps them overcome obstacles in their own lives and emerge with a sense of confidence to match her own personal excellence. His facebook page

MB2 Dental Is Giving Dentists the Opportunity to Grow and Scale Their Businesses

MB2 Dental is a special dental firm. It is unique because they work on cultivating autonomy for their dentists. Autonomy is very important if you want to run a dental practice efficiently and effectively. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, the founder of MB2 Dental, says that technology plays an important role for dentists. Online forums and groups allow dentists to communicate with each other and support each other. They can share information about what works and what does not. Dr. Villanueva explains that autonomy is important because healthcare is, at its core, a local initiative. It is not something that should be controlled by a board of businessmen who never stepped foot into the practice and do not know a thing or two about how to treat patients. That is why unlike other dental corporations that force its dentists to do things and to work according to their rules in exchange for resources, MB2 Dental aways lets their dentists have the final say in every decision, whether it is related to the medical side of their practice, namely treating patients, or whether it is related to the business side of their practice, such as marketing. At the end of the day, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva explains, the practice is a reflection of the owner. The dentist is the owner. MB2 Dental provides resources, guidance, support, and advice, but it is up to the owner to make the final decisions regarding the thing that he or she owns, and

This is unlike a corporate group structure, which is how dental firms usually operate. In those cases, the dentist may not be able to decide for himself or herself which insurances to accept and which not to accept. At MB2 Dental, though, dentists have full autonomy in everything. By having the ability to focus on what is important to them and take off their shoulders the burden of taking care of the business side of their practice, dentists are able to scale their business and grow it. For example, many affiliates of MB2 Dental are able to open up additional locations, which would be very hard for a dentist who would need to use his or her precious time in order to focus on managing and running both locations. That is why it is so uncommon for a private practitioner to have two branches, and more information click here.

CTCA is Working with WebMD to Promote More Cancer Information for Online Users

The faces behind Cancer Treatment Centers of America are busy everyday working to find a cure for cancers. This healthcare organization has had much success in coming up with new ways to fight this complex disease. Education on cancer is very important to the people working for CTCA. Lately, they have expanded their educational reach on cancer statistics, disease symptoms, cancer treatments, latest researches and more. They have joined hands with the already well known by online users WebMD online site to promote their message. This is one more way that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is willing to share and join forces with other leaders in healthcare to further the education of cancer topics.

WebMD has already been online for many years promoting information on healthcare and other like related topics. It makes sense that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is sharing its wide wealth of cancer information with this online site to better spread the news that people everywhere need to hear. More people than ever before do their research online. This includes healthcare research. This is not always a good thing as there are many scare tactic websites that seek to scare the public with information that is typically not even true. This is why CTCA teamed with reputable WebMD as they are one of the finer websites known to provide provable information. It is hoped that this combined effort will then reach those younger members of society that tend to only use the Internet for their research. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long believed that patient knowledge will save more lives. In this manner, CTCA and WebMD is providing the public a useful service that hopefully will impact more people into talking with their healthcare providers should they recognize any of the reported information online.


InnovaCare is one of the leading providers of managed healthcare services headquartered at Fort Lee, New Jersey. It provides access to quality healthcare via its two primary avenues of care namely Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs.

InnovaCare redefines healthcare management by meeting the day to day challenges of the modern day complex healthcare environment. Also, InnovaCare and its subsidiaries are visionary in that they build sustainable models of managed healthcare. These models are coordinated, cost-effective, quality- driven and innovative.

InnovaCare continues to grow under the capable leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto who serves as the President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. He has more than 20years of clinical and operational healthcare experience in managed care. Before joining InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto served as President and CEO of Aveta, Inc., from 2008 until its sale in 2012. While at Aveta, Inc., he received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in June 2012 as also published in

Dr. Shinto has in the past worked for NAMM California where he was the Chief Medical Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company where he served both as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer and Corporate Vice President of Medical Management for MedPartners among many other organizations. Dr. Shinto is a seasoned leader in the field of healthcare and has authored several articles on health care and clinical medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides who is currently the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc. has more than 20years of healthcare experience dealing with government programs, and the managed care industry. Kokkinides served as Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare, Chief Operating Officer of Aveta, Vice President of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer of Centerlight Healthcare. Before rejoining InnovaCare in June 2015, she was the COO of Touchstone Health and Corporate Deputy President for Care Management and Disease Management at Americhoice.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Penelope Kokkinides attributed her success as a leader and entrepreneur to staying updated on current information in the industry as well as being organized and structured. She was very appreciative of the team she works with at InnovaCare.

In August last year, InnovaCare announced its participation in the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. According to the InnovaCare president, Dr. Shinto, this would help the company to build stronger patient- provider relationships within its network. “This announcement signifies our organization’s commitment to move the healthcare industry forward’” said Dr. Shinto.

Brian Torchin Finds His Healthcare Employment Solution

Brian Torchin grew up in Plainfield, New York, where he attended Plainview – Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School. After graduating high school, he went on to attend college at the University of Delaware, where he gained an interest in sports medicine. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. He finished his medical studies at New York Chiropractic College DC from 1992 – 1995 and began practicing chiropractic medicine.

Chiropractic medicine has become a long term career for Brian Torchin and he currently, resides in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. During the first few years, Brian had discovered how hard it could be to find work in the medical world. This difficulty was due mostly because medical facilities do not post many of their job openings publicly. Brian Torchin came up with an ingenious way to rectify this issue for all medical providers to enable them to find good sustainable jobs in all medical work fields.

Torchin follows the motto of building long-term relationships with his clients and works to give his employees and customers definitive solutions while being respectful of his clients’ wishes. Torchin, founded Healthcare-Recruitment-Counselors, a firm that offers career consultation and services that help employment seekers search for work. Brian Torchin has an extremely busy schedule yet manages to continue his Chiropractic practice, write and publish articles for the firms blog, and is able to provide the same quality solutions and answers to any questions for his clients and employees. With the success of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors he has been able to also expand the medical field use of Chiropractic medicine.