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InnovaCare is one of the leading providers of managed healthcare services headquartered at Fort Lee, New Jersey. It provides access to quality healthcare via its two primary avenues of care namely Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs.

InnovaCare redefines healthcare management by meeting the day to day challenges of the modern day complex healthcare environment. Also, InnovaCare and its subsidiaries are visionary in that they build sustainable models of managed healthcare. These models are coordinated, cost-effective, quality- driven and innovative.

InnovaCare continues to grow under the capable leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto who serves as the President and CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. He has more than 20years of clinical and operational healthcare experience in managed care. Before joining InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto served as President and CEO of Aveta, Inc., from 2008 until its sale in 2012. While at Aveta, Inc., he received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in June 2012 as also published in

Dr. Shinto has in the past worked for NAMM California where he was the Chief Medical Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company where he served both as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer and Corporate Vice President of Medical Management for MedPartners among many other organizations. Dr. Shinto is a seasoned leader in the field of healthcare and has authored several articles on health care and clinical medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides who is currently the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc. has more than 20years of healthcare experience dealing with government programs, and the managed care industry. Kokkinides served as Chief Operating Officer of InnovaCare, Chief Operating Officer of Aveta, Vice President of Clinical Operations and Chief Operating Officer of Centerlight Healthcare. Before rejoining InnovaCare in June 2015, she was the COO of Touchstone Health and Corporate Deputy President for Care Management and Disease Management at Americhoice.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Penelope Kokkinides attributed her success as a leader and entrepreneur to staying updated on current information in the industry as well as being organized and structured. She was very appreciative of the team she works with at InnovaCare.

In August last year, InnovaCare announced its participation in the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. According to the InnovaCare president, Dr. Shinto, this would help the company to build stronger patient- provider relationships within its network. “This announcement signifies our organization’s commitment to move the healthcare industry forward’” said Dr. Shinto.

Brian Torchin Finds His Healthcare Employment Solution

Brian Torchin grew up in Plainfield, New York, where he attended Plainview – Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School. After graduating high school, he went on to attend college at the University of Delaware, where he gained an interest in sports medicine. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. He finished his medical studies at New York Chiropractic College DC from 1992 – 1995 and began practicing chiropractic medicine.

Chiropractic medicine has become a long term career for Brian Torchin and he currently, resides in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. During the first few years, Brian had discovered how hard it could be to find work in the medical world. This difficulty was due mostly because medical facilities do not post many of their job openings publicly. Brian Torchin came up with an ingenious way to rectify this issue for all medical providers to enable them to find good sustainable jobs in all medical work fields.

Torchin follows the motto of building long-term relationships with his clients and works to give his employees and customers definitive solutions while being respectful of his clients’ wishes. Torchin, founded Healthcare-Recruitment-Counselors, a firm that offers career consultation and services that help employment seekers search for work. Brian Torchin has an extremely busy schedule yet manages to continue his Chiropractic practice, write and publish articles for the firms blog, and is able to provide the same quality solutions and answers to any questions for his clients and employees. With the success of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors he has been able to also expand the medical field use of Chiropractic medicine.