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Thor Havlorssen Uses His Voice to Help Others

Thor Halvorssen is a man that lives on a vampire schedule. From the late night emails to Wickr messages, it is clear that he is not the average man. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation. This 39 year old man launched the HRF in 2005 and has since watched it grow exponentially. He is part Venezuelan and part Norwegian and was raised in Caracas. He speaks American English and is the descendant of many head of state people. His grandfather was the consul of the Norwegian king during World War 2 and his mother is related to Venezuela’s first president. He is also related to “The Liberator,” a military leader who fought for Latin America’s freedom from Spain.

Thor feels that human rights should not be a concern for people. He feels that individual liberty should never be a topic of discussion. He has exposed government corruption during his career as a drug czar for Venezuela. Unfortunately, a Caracas prison tortured his father and his mother was shot during a anti-Chavez demonstration. Thor does not waste his time, he loves people and wants to help humanity.

According to, the people who Thor loves the most are the people who despise authorities. Thor decided to have Vaclav Havel work as the chairman of HRF until his death in 2011. After his death, he was replaced with Garry Kasparov, a Russian chess master and extreme political activist. In 2012, Mr. Kasparove was violently punched by Russian police and was sentenced to two years of prison time for singing a song banned by the government.

Thor Halvorssen has seen so much pain and trauma in his life but he continues to push on. He continues to help people and voice his opinion on what is right and wrong. He will never give up on using his voice to express his concerns and reach for his dreams.