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Juan OG, Jay Z Celebrate Birthday To Tune Of More Than $100,000

Juan OG Perez, president of Roc Nation Sports, had an expensive night on the town with Jay Z to celebrate Perez’s birthday.

According to reports, the bills from visits to three NYC clubs and restaurants skyrocketed to more than $100,000 as Juan OG, Jay Z and executives from Roc Nation hit the city in the winter of 2018.

Juan OG and Jay Z are good friends. They celebrated the birthday with lavish drinking episodes, which included the purchase of 40 bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne for more than $90,000. Jay Z owns the distillery that makes the champagne and this buy occurred when there were only six people in party.

It was reported that bottles were handed out to other patrons at the Playroom nightclub.

The server at the Playroom posted an image of the final bill on Snapchat and was on the recieving end of a $11,000 tip.

Other pricy outings included a $13,000 bill for dinner at Zuma in Midtown and $9,000 for drinks at Made in Mexico in Inwood. Jay Z skipped the NBA All-Star game to treat his friend Juan OG to a robust birthday celebration.

Juan OG is president of the sports division of Roc Nation. The sports affiliate represents the interest of several professional athletes and also runs a full-service boxing promotional company. Roc Nation Sports was started in 2013.

Roc Nation was started by Jay Z in 2008 and is considered one of the priemiere companies in the entertainment industry, represenging artists from Rhianna to sports figures like Kevin Durant.

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