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John Goullet Propels Diversant to Success with Excellent Leadership

John Goullet is a recognized entrepreneur and a leading IT tech staffing expert. He has a remarkable wealth of experience in both IT consultancy and IT staffing. John Goullet started off his career as a consultant but made a transition into staffing in 1994. He, however, did not entirely lose his consultancy profession and working on both sides gave John a broad perspective of the Sector. With his sharpened understanding of the market trends, Goullet Founded Info Technologies. Info Technologies provided IT staffing solution to companies across the United States. With Goullet at the helm of the leadership at Info Technologies, the company was worth 30 million dollars in just five short years in the industry.

John Goullet, driven by his visionary mind, saw the advantages of partnering up with people which he shared visions with. To this end, John Goullet merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. giving birth to Diversant LLC. With this merger, John assumed the role of Principal. As the firm’s principal, Goullet is responsible for coming up with groundbreaking strategies to help Diversant LLC face and handle the challenges in the dynamic IT sector. Goullet is also responsible for ensuring that services to his mid-market and Fortune 500 clients are always top notch. Under his leadership, Diversant has taken up the IT industry’s top experts to be part of the creative team behind its remarkable performance.

Goullet, in an interview with Ideamensch, said that he is thrilled by the fact that technology is ever evolving and growing, an increasing part of GDP and that the demand for technologists is growing every day. This is one of the secrets at Diversant LLC; they ensure that they are always competent to deliver top candidates to their clients. Speaking on his productivity as an entrepreneur, Goullet said that his productive paranoia contributes to his performance. Feeling that competitors are right up his heels gives Goullet the drive to run the company even further.

John Goullet displays exceptional expertise in his leadership. The evidence lies in the drastic growth of Diversant LLC even in the toughest economic times. He is an enthusiastic IT professional who encourages his staff to be creative, ethical and disciplined.

Scottsdale Internet Entrepreneur Jason Hope Turn Attention Towards Tech

Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope has recently turned his attention towards the technology which will someday connect nearly every object we use. The so-called Internet of Things promises to expand the global network’s reach to nearly every appliance, vehicle and building system there is. Jason Hope believes this transition will carry with it innumerable benefits, but he also cautions that there will be significant new risks as more crucial infrastructure becomes vulnerable to security breaches.

A Futurist Philanthropist

Hope has always been interested in the future and the role technology plays in bringing about innovations that shape people’s lives for the better. Hope’s early success as a tech entrepreneur put him in a position to give back to the same scientific community which allowed him to become a millionaire in the first place. In 2010, he pledged $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, a high-tech research company that specializes in studying the aging process at the biological level. This turned out to be an important contribution to the foundation and helped to fuel many breakthroughs in the biotechnology of rejuvinative therapy over the ensuing years. Hope frequently cites this contribution as one of his proudest moments in business and as a direction in which he hopes his career will continue.

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But more recently, he has turned his attention to the white-hot sector broadly referred to as the Internet of Things. Hope sees this emerging industry – the interconnection of smart devices and the automation of previously dumb devices, such as thermostats – as the defining new market of the next ten to twenty years. He envisions a world in which total interconnectivity virtually eliminates inefficiency and permanently frees all people from menial labor.

Hope sees the Internet of Things as being an all-pervasive system of interconnected gadgets which will enable data collection and optimization on a level never before dreamed of. He contends that this will extend from manufacturing to homes to every facet of business. Already, cities like Songdo, South Korea, are being outfitted with sensors, actuators and data collection devices to create an all-encompassing smart environment. These incredible new systems will allow for the constant collection of data and tweaking of things such as building energy expenditure based on optimization of hosts of parameters. Hope sees the Internet of Things as the clear path to a better future and is dedicated to bringing it to pass.

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