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Turning Heads At New York Fashion Week, Academy of Art University

Within the world of fashion there are a great many events that are designed to spotlight up and coming designers and show off their designs. The New York Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated events of this type. The Academy of Art University in California held its 21st runway showcase on the 9th of September, 2017. This season showcased ten BFA and MFA graduates as they debuted two menswear collections and five womenswear collections. Two of the graduates collaborated on their designs.

The cultural differences between the graduates is one of the things that helped them to create some outstanding designs this year. All of their hard work and efforts throughout the year all come down to a fifteen minute spot on the runway.

The Academy of Art University, which was formerly known as Academy of Art College, was founded by Richard S. Stephens in the year 1929 as a school for advertising, Stephens having been a magazine editor and painter. The Academy of Art University offers undergraduate as well as graduate courses for their students.

The Academy of Art University offers a wide range of courses, Acting, Advertising, Animation & Visual Effects, Architecture, Art Education, Art History, Communications & Media Technology, Fashion, Fine Art, Game Development, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Jewelry & Metal Arts, Motion Picture & Television, Music & Sound Production, Photography and Web Design & New Media.

One of the best features of the Academy of Art University is that they have fantastic financial aid options available as well as outstanding online curriculum since 2002. Each year the University puts on several fashion shows for its students to show off their talents and the knowledge they have learned.

The University also operates the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum, a museum with some of the most valuable and rare automobiles in the world. About half of the automobiles are owned by the university itself while the others are owned by the Stephens family itself.

It is clear that the Academy of Art University is dedicated to educating its students as well as its faculty on the most current techniques and technologies. Nearly all graduates from the Academy of Art University go on to have successful careers within their given realm.

French Wine Routes That the Traveling Vinyard Most Prefers

If you happen to live in France or just vacationing there, there are a countless number of countrysides that produce wine with the most richest in taste. Almost the whole of France has beautiful and rich soil and a comfortable climate that is absolutely perfect for growing a grape vineyard. The French have been producing wine for centuries and are professionals for getting the right styles down packed for making a wide variety of different consumable wines taste purely golden. The Traveling Vineyard takes note of this and offers the top five best wine routes to tour in France. The first wine region is located in Champagne. Since it’s so close to Paris, a main tourist attraction, traveling there won’t take much effort and you won’t have to spend days driving on a rural dirt road to get there. The best winemakers to visit while touring there are Tribaut, Fallet Dart and Aspasie. The Traveling Vineyard also raves that the region of Bordeaux offers a neat wine cruise down a nearby river and the region’s wineries are open to the public on most days. Exclusively, the Traveling Vineyard has a virtual wine route so everyone interested can experience what France has to offer without traveling all the way there to see first-hand.

Way back in 2001, Traveling Vineyard launched its in-home wine tasting concept across the United States. The concept is that they wanted to attract people into wine by offering free tasting and hoping to gain new appreciated customers. The Traveling Vineyard creates a fun new way to enjoy wine tasting without it being stuffy. People that chose to sell their wine are named Wine Guides. They are offered a wine success kit that has a variety of wine tasting glasses and bottles. Traveling Vineyard hope to change the way people experience wine tasting for the better.

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