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Light-emitting diode (LED) is the modern, most energy-efficient, and quickly developing lighting technology. Quality LED light bulbs are longer lasting and produce better quality light compared to other types of lighting. LED bulbs can also be customized to emit different light colors. These include green, blue, and red LEDs. LEDs produce light in definite directions reducing the need for diffusers and reflectors. This feature enables LEDs to be used in task lighting and recessed downlights. Other lighting types must be reflected in the desirable directions, and there are chances that the light may not be fully reflected from the light source.

LEDs discharge off little heat as compared to other incandescent bulbs that emit most of their energy as heat instead of light. LEDs are also safer than these bright lights that are combustion prone. LEDs are also manufactured from epoxy lenses but not glass. They are more resistant to breakage. It is important to note that LEDs are also easier to install. Several strings of LEDs can be joined without overloading power sockets.

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