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Darius Fisher is Honored with an Award

With technology constantly becoming more relevant in a business, many businesses now rely on a positive online reputation in order to not only keep business booming, but to also keep business afloat. For businesses that are looking to not only keep an excellent online presence, but also look for a way to eliminate negative online content, Status Labs is to business to use. This digital reputation management firm uses many innovative solutions to create and to continue a positive online reputation. Each service that is provided to the customer is unique and is completely tailored to the wish of the customer. With over 1,500 clients in 35 countries around the world, this loyalty of the customers speaks enough volume as to the quality of the work that is provided. Using digital marketing and PR strategies, this company can turn any negative comments into something that is positive and will bring in more customers and revenue to the business.

The current co-founder and President of Status Labs is Darius Fisher who has recently won an award for his devotion with Status Labs. Darius Fisher has been awarded with the title as Business Development Individual of the Year of 2016. This PR World Awards program recognizes the individual each year who has shown the most success with PR development. As Darius Fisher as shown achievements with many industries all around the world, he was the perfect individual to nominate for his dedication to the job as well as his passion for helping others.

As a leader, Darius Fisher is a unique boss as he uses incentives and creativity to motivate his employees. As each employee who works at Status Labs is a marketing and PR professional, Mr. Fisher knows that potential and the quality of the work that each employee can provide. Darius Fisher is also a boss that encourages team building and for there to be a high level of trust among the members of his team. To rely on each other and to trust each other is important when providing high quality services that must be provided in a limited amount of time.

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