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The Political Insights from the End Citizens United

The End Citizens United came into being in 2010 after the necessary decision by the Supreme Court that “corporations are people.” It was evident that billionaires had a massive effect on America’s elections due to the power that money gave them. A need was therefore created for the representation of the ordinary Americans.

To this effect, small groups of people can stand on behalf of others and let their voices be heard by the powerful politicians. Through unity, the billionaire politicians would then be rendered powerless.

The End Citizens United supports leaders who lack the financial support as well as who refuse donations from super PACs (Political Action Committees) and the PACs. Sponsored by the grassroots donors, the End Citizens United can make the dreams of candidates such as Beto O’Rourke right. More about of End Citizens United at Ballotpedia

The End Citizens United have a fourfold mission to elect pro-reform aspirants, keep money conversations and the influence of money over politics on the national stage, pass pro-reform by-laws all over the states, as well as making use of the grassroots campaigns to spearhead political influence against coinage in politics.

End Citizens’ United mission has therefore led to their support of Beto O’Rourke who has vowed to run a campaign free of funding and donations from PAC (Political Action Committee). The PAC is a committee specifically in existence to give gifts and financing to election aspirants.

A lot of problems being experienced in America are as a result of the use of money politics. Candidates supported by PAC do not put into consideration the needs of the Americans.

For instance, the opponent of Boke, Ted Cruz, played a significant role in forcing of the government shutdown which left many American employees unemployed and unpaid temporarily.

End Citizens United, therefore, invests all its resources in protecting the Americans from such selfish candidates. To this effect, they use their resources to fund and call for campaigns.

End Citizens involvement in an elections’ aspirant helps the aspirant acquire the attention and the votes from the unavailable audience due to their influence and trust impacted on the American people. End Citizens sees to it that the interests of all insignificant in the community are heard and action taken.



End Citizens United is working Hard For Campaign Finance Reform

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court made a ruling in the the case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that stunned many who believed in campaign finance reform. The court ruled that free speech rights did not just apply to individuals. The court ruled that corporations also have the right to free speech, and this means that corporations have the right to donate unlimited amounts to elect the political candidates of their choice. These donations can now be made with virtually no transparency. Read more about End Citizens United on Crunchbase

This ruling by the court swept away many years of campaign finance reform legislation. However, there were groups that expressed their outrage and opposition to the ruling of the court. One organizations was formed whose purpose was to enact new campaign finance reform legislation with the ultimate goal being the overturning of the decision of the Supreme Court. This organization was End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that works on two different levels. First of all, the group works to see candidates defeated who are roadblocks to implementing campaign finance reform legislation. The End Citizens group provides both endorsements and funds to candidates who will run for office in opposition to those who back big money in political campaigns.

End Citizens United also works on the positive side as well. The group endorses and supports incumbents who have a proven track record of campaign finance transparency. The End Citizens group provides assistance to incumbents who promote cleaning up the campaign finance laws.

In this election cycle, End Citizens United has identified some candidates that wholeheartedly support their agenda. One of those candidates is Representative Beto O’Rourke. Congressman O’Rourke is running for the United States Senate in the state of Texas against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz who has long been opposed to campaign finance reform legislation.

Due in part to the endorsement of End Citizens United, Congressman O’Rourke is starting to gain ground in the polls against Senator Cruz. This November, the mid-term elections will tell if the End Citizens group endorsements helped to carry the day for their slate of candidates. Learn more: 


George Soros Explores The Global Political Landscape

The global political landscape is the preserve of politicians and a few wealthy political donors who have taken it upon themselves to help engage in the political process. One area of concern for many people who believe the democratic process should be protected at all times is how much influence major political donors have at any time, which has led to the establishment of PAC’s such as the “End Citizens United” group that has developed a growing grassroots following; George Soros is often cited as a major political donor who wields a large amount of influence on the U.S. Democratic Party and a range of global groups looking to highlight the problems of human rights abuses and democratic causes across the planet. Unknown to many is the fact George Soros is a supporter of the “End Citizens United” PAC after being left with the feeling the amount of influence that could be bought through politics was “odious”. Read more about George’s life story at

Politico reports the power George Soros gained through politics allowed him to pledge more than $27 million to the U.S. Presidential campaign of Senator John Kerry in 2004, the main reason given for the support provided for Kerry was the opposition to the invasion of Iraq ordered by incumbent President George W. Bush. Initially, Soros stated the 2004 election campaign was an exception and would rarely be repeated by him as he hoped the rise of right wing extremism had been extinguished with the election of the first African American President in Barrack Obama. In 2015 and 2016, George Soros rose again as a political donor in his bid to make sure the people of the U.S. were protected from what has been described as the “alt right”, which Soros believes had already played a key role in the “Brexit” decision in the U.K. and the misinformation provided about the refugee issue facing the European Union. Read his profile at Business Insider.

The donations made by George Soros have always been of a high level as he is estimated to have given some $13 billion to his own charitable network, the Open Society Foundations. During the 2016 election cycle in the U.S., George Soros provided more than $25 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton and the many different groups dedicated to helping her become the first female U.S. President. Soros was not limited in his political giving to simply backing Clinton, but instead found himself supporting Democrat and liberal candidates standing for election to state and local level positions of office within the U.S. criminal justice system; criminal justice has been a major concern for George Soros for a number of years as he feels a lack of minority candidates for local roles has led to a system favoring rich white males over all other genders, races, and religions.


Betsy DeVos is an American businesswoman and also 11th United States Secretary of Education who has been on the front-line as a philanthropist, and in politics, she has contributed to campaigns. Betsy was born on 8th of January 1958 and brought up in Holland, Michigan. Politically, she has served as Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan for five years from 1992 to 1997, and on the same she has worked with Michigan Republican Party as Chairwoman for four years that is from 1996-2000 and then she got reelected on the same seat in 2003. She remained an icon to reckon following the footsteps of his father, Edgar Prince who is also renowned as a billionaire industrialist of Dutch ancestry she has been a vocal individual to the society.

Betsy has involved herself with helping others in the community. Therefore, she is a philanthropist; Betsy has a way of giving back to the society, personally in 2004 during the Bush re-election, she raised more than $ 150000.In the period that Bush was in power DeVos has spent as the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. DeVos has been actively participating releasing more than $17 million to committees and political candidates from the year 1989 to date.

It’s equally important to note that still in the matters dealing with charity, Dick and Devos launched a foundation in 1989 called The Dick & Betsey DeVos Foundation. In 2015 DBDVfoundation.Org made a contribution of $11.6 million in charitable contribution this thus left the organization in its peak of celebration because it was named 24th by Forbes on its list of America’s top givers, having been contributed a total amount of $139 million. The organization has literary has been focused on Christian organization as since 1999 to 2014 nearly half of the money has been spent on Christian groups.

Read more:

Betsy Devos has always pushed to the limits making every end to meet and resolving the issues as quick as possible despite drawbacks accompanied. Being humble and helpful to the society are the virtues that led Betsy success. She is truly an icon to reckon. Visit her website:

Nevertheless, success comes through a lot effort and passion for aspiring to succeed in your set ambitions and goals.

Charles Koch May Be The First Republican Donor To Back Hillary Clinton

Political activist Charles Koch has always been a conservative even though he says he is a libertarian at times. Koch was recently interviewed by ABC News, and he said Hillary Clinton would make a better president than any of the Republican candidates including Donald Trump. That revelation is not good news for the Republican Party. The Republican establishment depends on Charles and David Koch’s support. Koch didn’t say he would support Clinton if she becomes the Democratic candidate, but the fact that Koch thinks she is the best candidate speaks volumes. The Republican Party is fragmented, and Donald Trump may not bring it together in July. If 80-year-old Koch is not onboard, there’s a good chance other big donors are going to keep their checkbooks closed.

Charles and David Koch own, Koch Industries, the largest private corporation in the United States. The brothers are worth more than $34 billion apiece, and they are not afraid to donate to causes that are near and dear to them. Charles has been giving money to conservative universities for years, and his donations to conservative think tanks are well-documented. During the interview, Koch said the rhetoric he heard from both Parties was not in sync with his political viewpoint, but he did say Bill Clinton was a better president than George Bush. Another Clinton in the White House didn’t sound like the worst possible scenario going forward, according to Mr. Koch.

Even though Charles Koch has known Trump for years, he believes the former reality star is not presidential material. David Koch travels in the same social circles as Trump, but Charles lives in Kansas and doesn’t have the same relationship with Trump as his brother. That’s not to say that David is going to support Trump either. Both of the Koch brothers are disappointed with the Republican Party and may not donate to any campaign this year.

Koch put his main objection with the Republican Party in simple words during the interview. Koch basically said that the candidates must act like Ronald Reagan and make the U.S. better rather than fighting and tearing opponents apart. This year has been a bloodbath in terms of personal attacks. The personal attacks are sending the wrong message to the people. Candidates are role models, and they should act as positive role models. The Democrats have done a better job, sticking to the issues, according to Koch.

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