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The Political Insights from the End Citizens United

The End Citizens United came into being in 2010 after the necessary decision by the Supreme Court that “corporations are people.” It was evident that billionaires had a massive effect on America’s elections due to the power that money gave them. A need was therefore created for the representation of the ordinary Americans.

To this effect, small groups of people can stand on behalf of others and let their voices be heard by the powerful politicians. Through unity, the billionaire politicians would then be rendered powerless.

The End Citizens United supports leaders who lack the financial support as well as who refuse donations from super PACs (Political Action Committees) and the PACs. Sponsored by the grassroots donors, the End Citizens United can make the dreams of candidates such as Beto O’Rourke right. More about of End Citizens United at Ballotpedia

The End Citizens United have a fourfold mission to elect pro-reform aspirants, keep money conversations and the influence of money over politics on the national stage, pass pro-reform by-laws all over the states, as well as making use of the grassroots campaigns to spearhead political influence against coinage in politics.

End Citizens’ United mission has therefore led to their support of Beto O’Rourke who has vowed to run a campaign free of funding and donations from PAC (Political Action Committee). The PAC is a committee specifically in existence to give gifts and financing to election aspirants.

A lot of problems being experienced in America are as a result of the use of money politics. Candidates supported by PAC do not put into consideration the needs of the Americans.

For instance, the opponent of Boke, Ted Cruz, played a significant role in forcing of the government shutdown which left many American employees unemployed and unpaid temporarily.

End Citizens United, therefore, invests all its resources in protecting the Americans from such selfish candidates. To this effect, they use their resources to fund and call for campaigns.

End Citizens involvement in an elections’ aspirant helps the aspirant acquire the attention and the votes from the unavailable audience due to their influence and trust impacted on the American people. End Citizens sees to it that the interests of all insignificant in the community are heard and action taken.



End Citizens United is working Hard For Campaign Finance Reform

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court made a ruling in the the case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that stunned many who believed in campaign finance reform. The court ruled that free speech rights did not just apply to individuals. The court ruled that corporations also have the right to free speech, and this means that corporations have the right to donate unlimited amounts to elect the political candidates of their choice. These donations can now be made with virtually no transparency. Read more about End Citizens United on Crunchbase

This ruling by the court swept away many years of campaign finance reform legislation. However, there were groups that expressed their outrage and opposition to the ruling of the court. One organizations was formed whose purpose was to enact new campaign finance reform legislation with the ultimate goal being the overturning of the decision of the Supreme Court. This organization was End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that works on two different levels. First of all, the group works to see candidates defeated who are roadblocks to implementing campaign finance reform legislation. The End Citizens group provides both endorsements and funds to candidates who will run for office in opposition to those who back big money in political campaigns.

End Citizens United also works on the positive side as well. The group endorses and supports incumbents who have a proven track record of campaign finance transparency. The End Citizens group provides assistance to incumbents who promote cleaning up the campaign finance laws.

In this election cycle, End Citizens United has identified some candidates that wholeheartedly support their agenda. One of those candidates is Representative Beto O’Rourke. Congressman O’Rourke is running for the United States Senate in the state of Texas against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz who has long been opposed to campaign finance reform legislation.

Due in part to the endorsement of End Citizens United, Congressman O’Rourke is starting to gain ground in the polls against Senator Cruz. This November, the mid-term elections will tell if the End Citizens group endorsements helped to carry the day for their slate of candidates. Learn more: 


Betsy DeVos and Resoluteness

Betsy DeVos never ever deviates. She’s not someone who loses sight of the objective that’s in front of her. She’s also someone who possesses the rare ability to concentrate on the same exact thing for years and years at a time. Politics have been a driving force in DeVos’ existence practically since the start. Philanthropy and charity have been driving forces in her world for a long stretch of her life, too. She in the past was called “Elisabeth Prince.” Prince was her maiden name prior to her marriage to Dick DeVos. Her husband is a sedulous man who has a temperament that’s not too different from her own. He comes from a family that grasps entrepreneurship more than most. His father brought the Amway Corporation to light for everyone around the United States. The Amway Corporation is a marketing business that’s been an All-American tradition for years. Dick DeVos had the honor of heading the corporation for about a decade in the nineties and the beginning of the 2000s. His wife was able to witness his experience with the enormous company, too.


People regularly call Mrs. DeVos the Education Secretary for the United States. That’s because that’s precisely who she is right now. President Donald Trump felt pure confidence in his decision to pick her for the job. She’s been the Secretary of Education for the country for as long as he’s been in office. That wasn’t when her educational journey commenced, however. That actually couldn’t be more distant from reality. DeVos has had a strong interest in the American educational trajectory for decades. She’s been giving her assistance to schools all over America for many years. People who work for charter schools are often highly familiar with DeVos and with her educational mission.


DeVos doesn’t appreciate the concept of greed. Greed is a quality that’s totally foreign to her. It’s a state of mind that’s 100 percent foreign to her husband as well. People can confirm that by taking a quick look at the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation and all that it’s offered the public over the years. Dick and Betsy make donations with the guidance of the group. It’s a charity group that caters to cultural matters of all varieties. It responds to poverty matters all around the United States, too.


DeVos has a working rapport with President Trump. She knows that he’s a person who likes to express his feelings about the country and planet. He knows that she’s the same type of person. They have communication techniques, however, that are nothing alike. President Trump has always been rather forward. DeVos, on the other hand, has always been someone who likes to stay a bit more private.


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