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Rocketship Education: Transforming the Educational System

Rocketship Education is a network of educational institutions that was established in 2007 specializing in the development of the student’s potential so that they can use it to their advantage. The school began as a community school that later expanded, and it is now building new branches, putting the total number of schools across the United States at 18. Rocketship Education has 12 schools in the state of California, three schools in the state of Tennessee, one school in the state of Wisconsin, and two schools located in the American capital. Rocketship Education orders its teachers not to follow the traditional learning style, but they are encouraged to create and introduce new methods of learning, to ensure that the students would have a great time learning and developing their talents.

Rocketship Education promotes itself as a huge family – including the students, the parents, the teachers, the school personnel, and even the community. To ensure that the performance of their students is not affected by problems at home, Rocketship Education requires their teachers to visit the homes of their students and observe how they act inside their house. Rocketship Education wanted to make sure that their students are in good hands, even if they are at home. By immersing to the family of their students, the teachers can develop their teaching methods that would help the student become better in his or her academics.

Rocketship Education is also promoting their five-point principle that will help the students become better citizens in the future. These aspects are authentic, interactivity, tenacity, perseverance, and innovation. The students at Rocketship Education know that if they master these five principles, they will become part of the responsible population who are thinking about solutions rather than being a problem.

It is truly wonderful if someone sent their kid to a Rocketship Education school. While studying, the child can learn so much, and their love for music, arts, or sports can be enhanced through training. Rocketship Education schools have transformed the way an average American family looks at quality education. The school is proud of their teaching habits, and they stated that some professionals had been produced thanks to their unique way of teaching.