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QNET Is Using Positive Thoughts To Help Change The World

As one of the biggest and most successful direct selling businesses out of Asia, QNET is trying to help people from all around the world with business start ups without costing them an arm and a leg to get going.

The model they use for business can be used by nearly everybody to start up their own business from nothing and build it into something great. The products they give us as an Independent Representative are some of the best wellness and health products within the industry and can help change the lives of the people using them. Not to mention the business opportunity of building your own business.

QNET is partnered with the RYTHM Foundation for the Positive Thoughts Project in hopes to get us to leave positive comments on specific post located on Facebook. For every 1000th positive comment that is received by QNET, they will donate water units to places such as Malaysia and Taarana. This is an amazing movement as it gives us the ability to make small but positive contributions to people around the world.

They are still accepting comments for the project though initially it was intended to last 4 weeks, with a goal of gaining 500 positive comments within the first 2 weeks. For every 1000 positive comments the RYTHM Foundation receives, QNET will donate a HomePure RED system to help school children.

Every comment will push the goal a little closer to providing fresh and clean water to those who are in need. In order to help RYTHM and QNET, start posting those positive thoughts now to help them reach their goal. This project can be shared with anyone interested, especially friends and family.