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Roberto Santiago and his Exploration with Manaíra Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago, a leading entrepreneur in Brazil, is credited with the development of Manaíra Shopping Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the country. It is located in João Pessoa, Paraíba and considered to be a great attraction and landmark of the city. Santiago is considered to be a visionary by many of the Brazilians as he founded the shopping mall 1989 – it was not considered to be a lucrative business then. His innovative strategies and marketing ideas helped the mall to grab the attention from various sections of João Pessoa. Santiago also ensured that the mall is going through at least five major expansion plans to contain the growing demand for more commercial and retail space with respect to the visitor influx year-after-year.


Santiago wanted his shopping mall giving a comprehensive experience of shopping, entertainment, and fun along with a number of various services. The ever increasing quality-shopping demands from the Brazilians also helped him to introduce new additions to the shopping mall by keeping the growing expectations. Santiago added options and features to make the shopping mall a perfect destination for both family and youngsters. Currently, the building is offering a total area of 135,000 square meters with a parking space of capacity more than 3,000 vehicles. It has an air-conditioned concert hall named Domus Hall located on the top of the building with a capacity of 8,000 people. It hosts mainly art exhibitions, receptions, host fairs, theater performances, music events, and more.


Manaíra Shopping has an eleven hall multiplex run by Cinepolis, and that offers a unique movie watching experience with Stadium seating system, VIP cinema options, and more. The mall has a Game Station covering an area of 1,800 square meters, and it offers more than 200 different varieties of gaming machines. It also has Gold Strike – a bowling recreation area inside the mall with six fully electronic tracks. The mall also hosts a Strike Bar along with a themed bar that offers large verities of drinks and cocktails and ideal place for office meetings and family functions. The shopping mall has a fitness club from Smart Fit, and that offers high-value fitness programs at affordable prices. It also has children play area called Pirlimpimpim, and that is helpful for the parents to leave the children in the playground and continue to shopping.


The mall has hundreds of retail stores and food courts that offer local as well as exotic cuisines. Many international fast food chain outlets such as Amore di latte, Burger King, Bonaparte, Camarão & Cia, Capital Steak House, Douglas Burger, Mc Donalds, and more operate inside the mall. The mall also provides various services including banking, public defender, sewing, job, driver’s license, barber shop, police register, cell phone, and more. Santiago also opened another shopping mall in the city in 2013 – Mangeira Shopping. Both the malls enhanced the business prospects of the city and opened more choices for the citizens. Santiago completed his graduation in Business Administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa before foraying to the retail industry.