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Handy is a Professional Cleaning Company That Outshines the Rest

Spring cleaning is a ritual most people go through to prepare their homes for the summer months ahead. Cleaning a home can be a big chore that can also be very time consuming. A thorough cleaning could include scrubbing floors, washing windows, cleaning carpets and airing out furniture. This is on top of the regular dusting, mopping and sweeping done to keep a house in good order. In addition to all of the actual cleaning people do during this time of year, they often use this time to sort through the items stored in their closets to get rid of old, broken or unused items. The entire process of spring cleaning could take as long as a week for someone to complete. An easier way to achieve the same results is to hire a professional cleaning service like Handy.

The company began as an Internet based service in 2012, quickly growing into a million dollar industry within a few years. This company has been doing so well, it recently obtained more than 50 million dollars in funding from investors. The CEOs of this fast growing company have taken their profits and used them to expand the regions their services cover, which now includes most of the west coast. Not only does Handy offer cleaning services, but they also offer handyman services.

The secret to the overwhelming success of Handy has had is in their ability to offer on-demand services. This means people can contact the company to have professional cleaning personnel come to their home when needed. In addition to the on-demand service, Handy also offers people a convenient mobile app they can use to access all of the services the company offers. They can also use the app to schedule appointments. Customers have been so pleased with the results Handy provides that 80 percent of the company’s revenue comes from repeat business.

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